Revision history for JavaScript-Writer

- Fix those tests broken by Test::More 0.96. Need to explicitly stringify overloaded objects.

- Introduce in testing to verify the generated javascript code are 
  correct in syntax.
- var() method now can turn a CODEref inside an array or hash into function().
- When writting a hash with var() method, the output of keys are sorted.
- Require self 0.32.

- Scalar references now generates barewords in jsvascripts:

    js->alert(\ "foo")

  Now generates


- append() method now distinguished whether it's been called from
  inside JavaScript::Writer or not. This avoids function
  name conflictions. Specifically for jQuery(e).append().

- end() method that asserts the end of call chain is removed.
  This is a burden rather then a helper.

- Introduce a new wave of js writter with the spiffy "js" function.
- Add "let" method that let you do multiple variable assignment.
- No v-string in "use" for no warning in perl 5.10

- Add as_html() method
- Let new() be an instance method too.
- Extends the use of "var" method so it can tie a javascript variable with a
  perl variable.

- Add if...elsif...else
- As an experiment, write a basic Perl6 version under lib6, corresponding
  tests are under t6/. It require pugs to run them. Try

- Add a 'while' writter.

- Add a var declartion writer, which supports simple values (scalar,
  array, hash), as well as function assignments.

- Add function name and arguments to function writer.

- Fix messy POD :(

0.0.2  Tue Aug 28 00:17:13 CST 2007
- Featured "call chain", let it be joyful like jquery.
- overload "<<" and stringify as syntatic sugar
- use AUTOLOAD to call functions like perl
- Directly use JSON::Syck instead.
- Add an "object" method that let you call function
  on objects other then "window"
- Add a "function" method that let you write function
  definition with perl sub.

0.0.1  Sun Aug 19 20:59:58 2007
       Initial release.