Revision history for JavaScript-XRay

1.22   6/29/2008
        - perlcritic updates
            - fixed Use character classes for literal metachars instead of escapes
            - fixed "local" variable not initialized
            - bin/jsxray passes all my perl critic tests
        - update README from pod

1.21    6/28/2008
        - fixed t/pod.t and t/pod_coverage.t to require instead of
          use to see if they were present. (fixed CPANT errors)
        - perlcritic updates
            - added IFRAME_DEFAULT_HEIGHT constant of 200
            - removed trailing whitespace
            - fixed regexps with /x modifier to use {} instead fo //
            - fixed useless interpolation of strings - changed "" to ''
        - added use strict/use warnings to 00-load.t
        - added use strict/use warnings to 01-basic.t
        - moved repository to git - thanks rjbs

1.2     11/5/2006
        - Added Senta McAdoo's dynamic form to update functions
        - Updated Makefile.PL to include LICENSE for CPANTS
        - added examples directory with the jsxray command line

1.1     7/3/2006
        - Fixed inline code and added tests to cover all cases.  I just 
          needed to use URI->abs_uri
        - New mailing list for JavaScript::XRay development

        - Added reference to the new mailing list in the pod

1.02    6/26/2006
        - Fixed jsxray inline methods to try fetching if absolute url first.

1.01    6/26/2006
        - Fixed regression bug (fixed syntax on 3 arg open)

1.0     6/26/2006
        - Just wanted to make sure folks got the latest version for YAPC

0.99_5  6/24/2006
        - Used 'perlcritic' to start to apply PBP to the source.
            - moved all pod into the __END__ block
            - fixed regexes to add the m prefix and x suffix to most
            - changed all open statements to use the 3 argument open 

0.99_4  6/22/2006
        - Don't insert newlines when adding javascript code.

0.99_3  6/23/2006
        - Fixed broken code in jsxray.  Method call should have been 
          'inline_methods' and not 'set_inline_methods'
        - Fix documentation of jsxay to change switch 'filter' to 'match'

0.99_2  6/23/2006
        - Added EXED_FILES => [ 'bin/jsxray' ] to the Makefile.PL to install
        - Fix documentation of jsxay to change switch 'filter' to 'match'

0.99_1  6/22/2006
        - Wanted to get this code out there before I write more tests.
        - Renamed the 'filter' switch to 'match'
        - Cleaned up the whole switches setting interface to make things a 
          bit more clear.
        - Fixed a bug where javascript was attempting to log before the DOM 
          was ready (couldn't find the logging IFrame yet).  Setup a queue
          to log messages until IFrame was found.
        - Streamlined the documentation.
        - New 'abs_uri' attribute to aid in inlining relative src javascript
        - Now handles both both relative and absolute URI (http and files)
          to inline external javascript
        - New command line script 'jsxray' to filter HTML on your local 
          disk (ie save a page and filter it to see how it works)
        - New verbose attribute so you can see whats going on.
        - Additional required modules
            - URI
            - Pod::Usage
            - Getopt::Long
            - File::Spec::Functions
            - File::Basename

0.97    6/15/2006
        - Major restructuring of the code
            - Refactored sub 'filter' into smaller functions
            - use a regex to find functions instead of spliting lines
            - Now looks for script blocks with 'src' attributes and will
              only inline fully qualified ones with now (via LWP::Simple)
              <script type="JavaScript" src="">
        - New depedancy on LWP::Simple
        - New "INLINING EXTERNAL JAVASCRIPT" pod section
        - Few more documentation tweaks

0.96    6/7/2006
        - Fix spelling of Acknowledgements
        - Now have 100% test coverage
        - Include use Carp (had croak call without use Carp qw(croak)
        - Included Carp as a required module

0.95    6/5/2006
        - Bunch fixed typos and spelling errors fixed.
        - Forgot to update the MANIFEST with the filename of
          the new test file so its in there this time
0.94    6/5/2006
        - Bunch of documentation cleanups
          - Fix synopsis rendering with perldoc -t and regenerate README
          - Fix internal see L</"Switches"> links
          - Clarify uncomment switch with after example
          - Cleanup Switches section
        - First basic tests... It's a start :)

0.93    6/4/2006
        - Add a catalyst switch example in the synopsis
        - warning about leaving it wide open in a production environment.
        - method documentation cleanup.

0.92    6/4/2006
        - Fix Synopsis example so it actually does something (and won't
          throw an error)

0.91    6/4/2006
        - Few documentation tweaks, remove "Your" from the description

0.9     6/4/2006
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.