2018-01-08: Version 1.02
            [Bug fixes]
            - clean namespace inside import, fix for Path::Tiny

2017-12-29: Version 1.01
            No changes. Stable version.
2016-11-08: Version 0.9091
            - Change bridge error respose. Bridges will return 403 Forbidden (Konstantin Yakunin)
            - attr can be ether scalar, undef or CODEref but not HASHREF or ARRAYREF (Nikolay Mishin)
            - POD (Nikolay Mishin)

2015-08-10: Version 0.9071
            [Bug Fixes]

            - Bridges will correctly return 401 (instead of 500) when non existing location is accessed (Konstantin Yakunin)
            - Undefined value warning fixed. (Ben Hengst)
            - Correct handle errors on deployment and silence STDERR in Stack Trace tests (Konstantin Yakunin)

            [New Features]
            - New attributes request_obj and response_obj used to specify the name of the request and response classes. (Ben Hengst)

2015-04-02: Version 0.9051
            [Bug Fixes]

            - Stringify 500 errors avoiding the JSON-ification of returned structures and blessed objects. (basiliscos)
            - Increate the level of Test::Bulder in Kelp::Test, providing more relevant messages upon error. (basiliscos)
            - POD typos corrected
            [New Features]
            - Add json_content method to Kelp::Test, allowing for the testing of the returned JSON structure.
            - Abstract the initialization of the Config and Routes modules
            - More POD and examples added (roy-tate, Christian Froemmel, Perlover)

2014-12-14: Version 0.9021

            [Bug Fixes]

            - POD fixes

            [New features]

            - Session now accepts hashref, which also allows for the destruction
              of the enitire session.
            - Add "include" function to config files, making it possible to include
              other file into the configuration.

2014-08-08: Version 0.9015

            [Bug Fixes]

            - Fix a typo causing a fatal error in Routes::Controller
            - Fix debug and error keywords in Kelp::Less
            - Remove an explicit return undef, per Perl::Critic

            [New Features and Improvements]

            - Allow for route methods outside of base class
              It is now possible to add a route that lives outside of the base class
              by prefixing it with '+'. This works for both Perl and camelized

            - Add config keyword to Kelp::Less

            - Virtualize the logger instantiation
              Add a _logger function in Module::Logger, which creates the logger
              instance, making it easier to subclass the Logger module.
              Add a Logger::Simple module, which dumps everything to STDERR
              This module is convenient to use during development with Kelp::Less.

            - Update bin/Kelp
              * bin/Kelp --less <name> will now create a psgi file with the specified name
                (previously it would always create app.psgi).
              * Existing files will not be overwritten, unless --force specified.

            - Simplify Less application boilerplate
              Add a Config subclass with simplified configuration that will be used by
              default by any Kelp::Less application. This configuration will not load
              any modules or middleware, leaving it up to the user to manually load
              any modules needed.
              Additionally, bin/Kelp --less <name> will now only generate the psgi
              application, and not any other folders, views, templates etc.

            - Downgrade confess to croak and croak to die
              Kelp::Response used confess and croak excessively. Both changed to die,
              so that the user can control how much stack trace they want via the
              'long_error' attribute or the KELP_LONG_ERROR env variable.

2014-07-12: Version 0.9012

            [New features]
            - Add access to the application instance from the config files
            - Kelp.pm methods 'requiest' and 'response' renamed to 'build_request' and 'build_response', in order
              to minimize cofusion. NOTE: If your application is overriding any of those, make sure to rename them too.
            - Replace explicit UTF-8 encoding with $app->charset
            - Rename pattern attribute 'via' to 'method'. 'via' will still work as a shortcut to 'method', so
              this will not break backwards compatibility.

            - POD fixes

            - Using Pod::Markdown::Github to generate README.md from Kelp.pm

2014-05-30: Version 0.9001

            [Bug Fixes:]
            - Curly braces get stripped from pattern checks
            - Remove HTTP_X headers from Kelp::Request (security hole)

            [New features]
            - Allow for extending Kelp::Routes and using custom routers (Maurice Aubrey)
            - Create Kelp::Routes::Controller, which reblesses the web app into a controller class (Maurice Aubrey)
            - Set env KELP_CONFIG_WARN to warn for missing config files
            - Set rendered to true when redirecting (Julio Fraire)
            - Add request_ok method to Kelp::Test
            - Config module optionally registers _cfg method, to help manipulate the configuration.
            - Add a cookie jar to Kelp::Test

2014-03-31: Version 0.4602
            Replace $json->property with $json->get_utf8 in order to maintain compatibility across different JSON implementations

2014-03-27: Version 0.4601
            If no placeholders in route, param array should be empty (Maurice Aubrey)
            Move route cache to a CHI-like interface, in order to allow for custom cache modules
            Don't double encode JSON repsonse (Ruslan Zakirov)

2014-03-02: Version 0.4570
            Allow attributes to set undef values
            do not append default template extension if ext() is undef
            Added POD
            Added tests

2013-11-19: Version 0.4560
            Allow for fully qualified Kelp module names
            Config merge sigils will now only work for ARRAY
            POD and typo fixes

2013-11-11: Version 0.4550
            Flip nginx env vars.
            Change param to accept no JSON content or non-hash JSON
            Make Kelp::Test::request only load the PSGI app once
            POD and comments typo fixes

2013-08-14: Version 0.4501
            Minor fixes
            Add render_binary
            Add missing header_like
            POD changes

2013-07-05: Version 0.4011
            Removed modules_disable and middleware_disable, and added the ability to add and remove elements in an array by adding a '+' or '-' in front of the key name.

2013-07-02: Version 0.4001
            Added modules_disable and middleware_disable arrays in config
            Added a REMOTE_USER fallback for nginx
            Added loaded_modules attribute to Kelp
            Fixed utf8 encoding for OSX
            Added a session convenience method
            PSGI creation remodeled to leverage the StackTrace middleware
            Introduced render_error method in Kelp::Response, which will look for error templates (404, 500, etc)

2013-06-13: Version 0.3101
            Remove dependency of Template, replace it with Template::Tiny.
            Reason being that Template does not pass its tests under Perl 5.18.
            Use Kelp::Module::Template::Toolkit (available on CPAN) if your code
            depends on Template.

2013-05-25: Version 0.3001
            Fix typo in test paths
            Bridges accessed directly will now return 401 - Unathorized
            Introduce "panic" and "finalize" methods
            Add "long_error" attribute
            Rename "before_render" to "before_finalize"
            Change all _croak statements to return panic, improving the natural flow of the route logic

2013-05-14: Version 0.2191
            Add arguments to load_module
            Fix tests and small issues

2013-05-05: Version 0.2190
            Add property for partial rendering
            Address an issue with nginx and headers
            Add more pod

2013-05-02: Version 0.2182
            Fix issue with content-type params
            Set explicit utf8 encoding for module Template
            Replace wizardly Perl code with Class::Inspector

2013-04-20: Version 0.2181
            Fix test failing under Perl 5.10

2013-04-19: Version 0.218
            Add auto load class when adding a route.

2013-04-17: Version 0.217
            Fix Github issue #1
            Revamp the Template module to allow for more standard subclassing
            Remove Config::Hash from test units

2013-04-16: Version 0.21
            Allow for using templates w/o extension.
            Allow for subclassing the templates module.
            Implement testing of a Less app, via the psgi attribute.

2013-04-13: Version 0.2
            Complete rewrite of the Config module, allow for subclassing of it.
            Write more tests.
            Write more POD.

2013-04-12: Version 0.1
            First upload to CPAN