l18n version update
   l18n compare tool
   Config::Tree join & split keys
 ! update configs when update cpan installation 
 ! EOL problem in UTF files
 ' typos as reported by
 ] optimise CPAN appearance
 ] installer, no .svn files
 ] fixed module type :)
 ] grmpfl, repair Meta.yml
 ] with META.yml again
 ] included Module::Install again
 ? deleted xt which only can fail
 ^ just released as stable on CPAN
 ~ see all file in file dialogs even under linux and mac
 [ fixing layout of search dialog
 ~ suspend interface caching due coding problems in cache files
 " ignore backup localisation files while creating l18n menus
 + added spanish localisation (thanks to enriquee nell)
 [ less clutter in menu labels
 / moved dev to linux
 + select content - just quotings
 [ add toggle script comment to selected text context menu
 ! repaired some POD's
 ~ move selection moves now wordwise when part of line selected
 ' 2 doc typo in
 ~ move selection moves now only complete lines when selected none or several
 ! old l18n key in romana.conf
 + insert rectangular selections
 + move line tabwise left and right with <ctrl>+<alt>+<left|right>
 ~ brace nav is caret pos aware (jumps from inside to inside or outside to outside)
 ~ toggle # comment with <ctrl>+<alt>+<k>
 ] automatically hides incomplete translations in enduser releases
 ! closed unnamed docs appeared in file history
 ! proper titelbar and tabbar visual updates while rename file
 ! folding and marker setting with left click on margin works again
  + selecting right to left and right click deletes (clear) selection (left to right just cuts)
  ] hardening the feature of previous version
  ] config reload when changing current l18n works again
  " improved english l18n (mostly by enrico)++
 ! lang selection menu works again
 ! wrong literals in default commandlist
 ~ correcting toggle select
 ~ changing command ID select-toggle > select-toggle-simple
 ~ changing command ID select-content > select-toggle-content,
 ] introduce command node type sub
 ] remove old unused command ID
 ] splashscreen closes on right time
 ! forgot last_edit pos after restart
 ! correcting prev_related_brace when jump to previous closinf brace of same depths
 ! crash while editing after closing doc
 ~ jump from doc end to doc end (auto wrap) when navigating in related braces
 [ move edit_line submenu 2 up
 ' update and fix keymap
 ! left click on selection does copy in output panel too
 ! missing komma and bad arrows in default command list
 ! while brace navigation caret cant hidden in folded lines
 + note selection works also in output panel
 + copy selection in output panel with <enter>
 + left click on selection does copy in output panel too
 ~ leaving notepad with F12
 ~ moving zoom keybinding to strl+shift to allow type ~ again
 ~ # is written sharp in keymap to prevent quoting a la /#
 ] init commandline module
 ' keymap shows marker keybinding back to f2
 ! note selection really appends
 ! fixed statusbar context menu
 ! fixed eol switch
 ! template menu updates again after saving active template file
 + toggle select with ctrl+y
 + zoom in, out and back with <ctrl>+<alt>+<+>,<ctrl>+<alt>+<-> and <ctrl>+<alt>+<0>
 ~ marker keybinding back to f2
 [ adding zoom and select menu 
 ! fixed goto_prev_marker_in_doc
 ~ reorder tool menu
 ~ moved keybinding of marker to f4 and notepad to f12
 ' updated keymap
 ' typos in en l18n
 ! insert on cursor
 ! copy quoted string works again
 + new menu item tool-brace-completion
 + new tool: insert time/date
 ~ doc attr config_file now saved by session files
 ~ esc in searchbar closes bar, use ctrl+f to just leave
 ' improved docs: this version, all functions, TestReleases, README
 [ moved document-auto-indention and document-brace-indention into tools menu
 ] outsource all visual stuff inside the editpanel to Kephra::App::EditPanel::Indicator
 ! only recent l18n file open with *
 ! Kephra::Config::path_matches works as always intended, matches subpathes not just eq
 ~ refined editpanel mouse control
 [ start
 ! open toolbar file works again
 ! templates works again
 + left click on selection does copy
 + middle click inserts selection
 ~ middle click on searchbar finds next / goto last edit
 ! acme unselect selected half document
 + acme like mouse control: cut (left+middle) and paste (left+right)
 + acme like mouse control: search (middle) or goto last edit (if no text selected)
 ~ color picker understands now comma seperated decimal values too
 " switch position of last 2 tool menu item
 " new command ID: tool insert date time
 ' improved docs: navigation and this version
 + bug and request tracker links in help menu
 ~ search in all current block for last_perl_var
 ? implemented 7 tests for t/04_config_data_tree.t
 ? uncommented 17 tests for t/02_config.t
 ' pod fixed by kristian++
 + insert_last_perl_var
 ~ replace to nothing again
 ? added t/04_config_data_tree.t
 " advanced czech localisation
 " added keyword default to perl lexer def 
 ' updated keymap
 ' updated navigation
 [ added tool-perl-copy-string and tool-perl-insert-last-var to tool menu
 ! doc lang selection
 ^ rerelease as CPAN stable version
 ] xp mode for boot sequence
 " tool-output-selection-hex now on key alt+shift+f5

 ' update credits
 + copy surrounding quoted string with <strg>+<alt>+<C>
 " getting default settings of new files when opening empty files
 [ moving insert templates into tools menu
 ! file history menu works again
 ! crash when open empty files
 + marker function do also from context menu pos
 + folding per context menu on mouse position (idea my murphy++)
 " item view-editpanel-fold-toggle-level in markermargin_contextmenu was missing
 " searchbar autofocus no longer default
 ! cripple statusbarbar coding field to make it save for now
 ! update of module::install to 1.0
 ! bug in makefile
 ! utf labels now work on windows too (linux did it automaticlly right)
 ! release tool now does tgz with the right rights
 ! fold all nodes works now even if caret is in area without folding
 ! fixed function and cursor visibility of toggle recursive code folding
 ! remerged forgotten win default settings
 + refresh autosaved configs after cpan update
 ~ changed folding keybinding 
   ~ fold here: ctrl+plus, level: alt+plus, recursively: alt+shift+plus
 ~ xml formater keybinding is now Ctrl[+Shift]+I
 ! unified logic behind both transparency settings - 0 = no transparency
 + safety belt for window modes on esc key
 [ +key code for hide tab bar at ctrl+alt+t
 ! new docs show correct codepage
 + fullscreen mode
 + max editpanel mode (disables all bars)
 + transparent mode
 + you can combine stay on top and transparent mode with Ctrl+Alt+F11
 [ new menu: view > main window; 
 [ move cmd view-window-stay-on-top there
 [ created commands view-window-fullscreen, view-window-transparent, view-editpanel-maximize
 " changed default font of output panel to arial , 10 px
 ] finer event freeze and thaw
 ! delete unnecessary ecaping of vars in title content definition
 ! save copy as ... works again
 ! fixed eventhandling in Kephra::Document::Data::evaluate_attributes
 ! fixed test suite
 + writes files also in missing dirs
 ! new Kephra::Dialog API fix
 ! redo comment function calls in commands.conf to older less flexible but working way
 + romanian localisation
 " bad config: invisible main menu
 ! old API uses
 + add support for latin 1 coding (codepage property)
 ! reload and and insert file works again
 + autorecognition via encode::guess
 + read and write utf
 + save and restore textfold state in sessions and file history
 ~ change sibling to level fold
 + file history is now a session, restore file with all saved property
 + switch menubar visibility
 ] localize some of last temp var
 ] simplify Dialog API
 [ new icons for search abr ops, marker, script run, color picker
 ] starting dater due freezing text change event
 ] event group doc_change_went smaller: docchanges now faster due less events fired
 ! right linenumber margin size when starting with autosaved.conf as current doc
 [ update menu view > contextmenus and make 2 new calls vor it (markermargin searchbar)
 ~ statusbar contextmenus have own switch, interactive means switch leftclick
 ~ changed markermargin contextmenu acording the order of margins
 " search date has own config file
 " new dir for config data files: search.yml and notepad_content.txt
 ~ expanded markermargin contextmenu
 " repaired some issues in l18n and default global configs (due tools/
 ! folding works again
 ! global marker prev|next now can jump back to current doc if there more marker
 + goto next and previous marker in all docs
 ~ global marker goto is now in search bar
 ~ not appending empty selection on notepad text
 ! fix marker save in session
 + set bookmarks directly by mouse middleclick
 + save marked lines in the session file
 [ switched move left and right in document > change menu
 [ changed marker key binding to standard compliance
 ] refined add/restore in Kephra::File::Session
 " move search data file into global/sub dir
 [ contextmenu on markermargin
 [ + marker menu
 + output selection in dec and hex
 [ output menu
 [ file close submenu has icon
 ! file history works again
 + set search dialo transparency unter dialog > search > transparency
 + notepad has line move
 ! fixed cursor pos on line move
 + new tool: output the %ENV 
 [ marker nav in searchbar
 * marker functions
 + set marker by mouse
 [ bookmarks have now individual icons (jenne++)
 ] missing helpstring for menu entry causes no more warning
 ~ autoconverts of EOL are now visible
 " minor bit in german tab status field help
 [ config access only through API
 [ cleaned
 ! bookmarks work again
 ! fixed property handling for the different file defaults
 " different default setting for new und open files
 " new icons from jenne++
 + color picker
 + statusbar has context help while mouse hover
 ] reformat to one API module
 ! tab info char in wrong tab
 ! encodings menu visible, also in the statusbar
 ~ current dir is now always synched with current file
 ! wrong titlebar content after some close doc events
 ] rest of renaming plugin -> panel for notepad and output
 ] rename -> marker
 ! splashscreen works again
 + can assign icons to menus
 [ rearranged file menu
 ! crash while folding
 [ added encoding menu
 [ splitter are now without live update, has lot less flicker
 ' updated german help-forum link
 ~ linenr margin width autosize works now per doc
 ] separated fold functions in own module
 ! change font works again on all edit tabs
 ! most visual settings work global again
 ! dont loose caret while find and defold
 + loading stautsbar from config
 + status field codepage
 " added keys app > statusbar > file and app > statusbar > node
 ] refactor Kephra::API::EventTable -> Kephra::EventTable
 ] refactor Kephra::API::CommandList -> Kephra::CommandList
 ] refactor Notepad, Output: Kephra::Plugin::* -> Kephra::App::Panel::*
 ] refactor Menu, ToolBar: Kephra::App::* -> Kephra::*
 ! all event react on selection correct again

0.4.2 testing release: new tabbar
 ~ event driven stuff works again
 ~ smaller tab width in notepad
 ! open autoconfig file works again
 ! reload global configs works again
 ! file changed notify works again
 [ reduce clutter while boot and shut down
 ] changed all constants to &Wx::... syntax
 ~ session save now docs in visual order
 ~ search findings even visible when hidden in folded line
 ! sessions save does work again
 ! tabs and other doc settings work again
 ! file save works again
 ! reload file works without flaws
 ! sessions do load again
 ] 2 level tab number translation
 ~ moved motto from info box into localisation
 ~ visibility of tabbar can be set again
 ! move tabs by mouse has no side effects
 ! move tabs by keyboard works again
 ' added doc/Roadmap file
 ~ doubleclick on panel splitter now reacts properly
 ! Bookmarks work again
 + tabs are moveable by mouse now and still change in right order
 " english l18n synced with defaults
 ] extended/reformed Kephra::Document::Data a bit
 ! new tabbar works suddenly, ahm finally
 ! file save works again
 ! toolbar icon respond properly
 " default l18n nsync again 
 ! folding works again
 ~ note-selection gets key binding: shift+f4
 " new key     : app > tabbar > movable_tabs
 " new key     : app > tabbar > close_button
 " new key     : app > tabbar > tablist_button
 " removed key : app > tabbar > visible
 ] shwitched Wx::NoteBook > Wx::AuiNoteBook
 ] win distro updates to Wx 0.93
 ] displays Scintilla version correct for newest Wx
 ! bug with output panel
 ] new stc ref handling
 ] rewrite of whole Kephra::Document namespace
 ! new docs ain't readonly
 + display @INC pathes
 + open online doc and native lang forum URL in default browser
 + recognizes now tab mode of opened file
 + conf_key tab_use_new and tab_use_open (default auto)
 ~ renamed fold margin label
 ~ doc property bracelight is now view option
 ~ tool-run-doc => tool-interpreter-run-doc (stop also)
 + file > defaultsettings > EOL_new can now be 'OS' => 
   new files have lineendings according the OS you currently run
 - no menu icons under mac
 ~ rearrange main app layout (right panel goes from toolbar to statusbar)
 ] define event groups
 ] new module Kephra::Document::Property for by user changeable doc property
 ! fixed autwrap on text search: finding next
 + rearranged context menu of tab status bar cell, can change tab width there now
 ] patches from Andreas Kaschner++:
 ! fixes in 02_config.t,,, Default/
 + convert spaces to its HTML entity
 [ moving folding menu to fold margin in view menu
 ] convert all ISO 8859-1 enteties except whitespace
 + fold all (alt+shift+plus)
 + fold recursively (alt+shift+minus)
 + these calls now on right click on fold margin
 ~ changed key binding for fold: fold => alt+minus, fold siblings => alt+plus
 ~ fold mouse binding: left => here, midd => recursive, right => siblings, l+f => all
 ~ editpanel autofocus is now off per default
 [ unfolding when goto a hidden line
 ] convert more entities
 " some locale strings were translated to wrong language
 + 2 new converter HTML entities to char and back
 + second fold marker style set editpanel > margin > fold > style to arrows or boxes
 + can set text margin to width of 3 px
 + note selection
 ~ config key app > panel > notepad > content renamed to content_file
 [ folding functions now in menu visible
 ! when text margin set 0 menu shows it now
 + optional flagline shows where text is folded
 + option for keeping caret visible while folding
 ! fold siblings works now also in the first line
 + key binding for fold ops: fold => alt+plus, fold siblings => alt+shift+plus
 ! fixed commandlist cache logic, refreshes now if needed

0.4.1 testing release: folding
 [ unfolds all if hides folding margin
 [ less intrusive default color for folding markers
 [ less intrusive default color for line number
 * code folding support
 + fold sibling nodes
 [ editpanel context menus don't open over margin anymore
 + commandlist cache
 [ moved menu view_bars one position down
 ] commandlist and localisation modules nor hold their data internal (was global)
 " editpanel > margin > fold  is now a node that holds forecolor, back and visible
 ! typo in Config::Default::GlobalSettings
 ! crash: typo in event resigning of Dialog::Search
 ! crash: old api call in file::session
 ! crash if hide main toolbar by next event
 [ uncomment foldmargin view option 
 [ darker (yellow) caret line (was nearly unvisible)
 ] new commandlist leaf: keycode
 ] rehashed parts of Kephra::API::CommandList
 + autoplugging localisation system
 + added key editpanel > auto > focus
 ~ changed name convention for icons no more underscore => new-names.xpm
 ' updated roadmap in POD
 " panel icons were missing in default commandlist
 + intial norsk localisation
 + new submodule Kephra::Config::Localisation, refactoring
 - removed stupid restrictions not to open emty files
 ~ open binary files (only_text = 0)is now default, problems with utf files
 ~ activate UTF8 for Config::General when locale file requires
 ] open localisation files function moved into Config::Localisation
 ! typo in localisation column, not cloumn
 ] moving codepage setting from hard wired to config set
 ~ moving File::_age into File::IO
 ! output panel didn't worked
 [ cleaner search dialog
 ! updating in localisation default config
 + select interpreter with config key app > panel > output > interpreter_path
 + file missing dialog
 - remove dangerous <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Q> keybinding ( triggeres when want create @)
 [ find item history realtime update now works in search dialog
 [ cleaner search dialog
 ] rebuild notify dialog
 ] renewed parts of search module
 ! comboboxes in search dialog process enter
 ! crash on moving tabs
 ! keep calm when just a unnamed doc is unsaved
 ' updating key layout docs 
 ~ close all key binding changed <Alt>+<Q> => <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Q>
 ~ close app key binding changed <Alt>+<F4> => <Ctrl>+<Q>
 ! UTF problems on files with syntaxmode none
 ' updating key layout docs 
 ! quoting doc name in output panel eval
 ! crash while delete all bookmarks

0.4 stable release
 ' finished end user docs
 ~ background color for brace highlighting
 ' more docs translation
 ! a Config::Global sub required a gone module
 ! internal doc propert reset didn't delete file name
 ! file > open > each_once works again
 ~ hide config dialog
 ' update docs
 ! change doc
 ! move tab right crashed
 ~ in searchbar input now works ctrl+
 ! fixed Config::load_defaults
 [ forward calls from doc to doc::Internal via glob
 ! invalid Doc::name call in
 + define output colors by config
 ~ new config option: interpreter for notpad eval
 ~ added '&' as default wordchar
 ! output used removed Doc API
 ! output restores cwd
 ! 0 div in indent guid highlighting
 ! restore doc attribute from doc nr 0 correctly
 ! umlaut problem no longer
 ! clean up all lexer words
 ] massive refactoring of Kephra::Document namespace
 ! restart timer when canceled app shutdown
 ] sane doc nr validation
 ! false trigger of file changed notify dialog
 ! wrong win titel when open file
 ! fix default global settings hash
 ! output panel can run scripts again
 + perl eval of notepad
 + define find and replace item in notepad
 ! enable right tool button after doc change
 ! cleanup doc internal mess
 ! fix stting of current syntaxmode
 [ search finding better visible
 ! safer conf file parser init
 ! didn't remember changed syntaxstyle of opened file
 ! proper file dialog filter for config files
 + exit without save
 ] rewritten parts of
 ] made localisation configs saner
 ! goto line dialog showed 1 line less than current
 ! fixing default localisation
 ] founding Kephra::Log
 ] adapt makefile becaue no longer need Log::Dispatch
 ! wount crash when not find splashscreen image file
 ! reload settings when save active config file works again
 ~ rename file > "Instert ..." into "insert from ..."
 ! searchbar input works again (they changes standart behavior when press enter)
 ! fix event table data structure
 ! repair (beginnings of) czech localisation
 - append option in output panel 
 ] changed session.conf to yaml due sorting problems with current (2.4) C::G
 ] switch to Module::install 0.77
 ! reload configs works again
 + 3 close unsaved functions
 ' extend POD
 [ save notepad with when resize
 [ rearrange file menu
 ] copy configs unto userconfig when configs are old
 ] current filepath is known to interpreter when run script
 ! copied config files where readonly
 ! could not write autosaved file sessions when no file was there
 ! changed_notify_check could not handle deleted files
 ' rewritten parts of POD
 ! fix install problem hopefully
 ] Keymap Dialog had no Version number
 ! caret visible on app start
 ! tried to load non existing notepad cache
 ! fixed codepage setting
 ! fixed wordchar settings
 ! fixed and moved outside the distro
 [ changed panel layout: column division first
 ' POD fix for Panel API
 ! workaround for a Wx bug

 ! add missing panel localisation
 ! resized output panel when started closed
 + Output is resizable ans remembers its size
 + Notepad is resizable ans remembers its size
 ! Notepad knows its split staus after closed per mouse
 + output panel has now a stop function to kill hanging prozesses
 [ enhance Notepad as STC that shares some settings with main STC
 ! fix perl lexer color definition
 * notepad panel works completely
 + output panel recoveres its visibility state after restart
 ~ output panel open if run script
 ! output panel handles multiline output
 ! can run files with whitespace in name (patch by reneeb)
 * output panel works now
 ] internal file namespace cleanup
 + added View Panel Menu
 + 2 entry for Notepad and Output
 ~ renamed Module API to Panel
 [ basic visuals for output panel
 [ + goto line icon
 ~ switched to Config::General 2.4 in windistro 
 ! fixed about dialog
 ! restore curser pos in current file after restart
 ~ added __WARN__ and __DIE__ to perl lexer
 ! wordchar settings where missing
 ] Gabor: added first logging functions
 ] renamed Config::Default::Global_Settings to Config::Default::GlobalSettings
 ! Gabor: optimized config file type recogition
 ! mismatch in 2 other Default modules names
 ' documented API modules
 ' repaired some POD in main module
 [ fixed tabbar icon tooltip texts
 ] switched from YAML to YAML::Tiny (less code, less memory, all we need)
 ] new starter.exe that starts kre\wperl.exe
 ' extending's POD
 ] making DragAcceptFiles optional because not supported by GTK
 ! seperator in Config::Embedded
 ] renamed Config::Embedded -> Config::Defaults
 ] rename pre dir into kre (kephra runtime environment)
 ] externalized into single files
 ] complete new starter
 ] new Kephra::Config::init() method
 ' added POD in
 + avennue highlighter
 + BAAN highlighter
 + .bat highlighter
 + diff highlighter
 + errorlist highlighter
 + makefile highlighter
 + matlab highlighter
 + property file highlighter
 ] configs and localisation for 8 new styles
 ' removed "all rightes reserved"
 ! crash on file open
 ' this_version.txt update
 ] finished last Kephra::Config::Tree functions
 ] deleted not used Dialog::Search subs
 + reintroduce fast splashscreen
 ~ splashscreen img and app icon now as xpm too
 ] shrinking strawberry distro from 28 to 23MB
 ' POD fix
 ! toolbar appeared in wrong status bar cell

0.3.9 0.4 RC 2
 ' formated and updated documentation
 ~ updated credits.txt (PCE -> Kephra)
 ~ rewritten Config::Tree functions so i could
 - remove Hash::Merge and Clone as dependencies
 + added pbp.conf according to damians perl best practices
 ] cleaned
 ! crash when open global autoconfigs
 ] cleaned bit the sub load_from() in Config::Global
 ] cleaned Config::Global a bit
 ] WxKeycodes for search dialog
 ! crash when searching with dialog
 + added replace selection into context menu over selected text in editpanel 
 ~ cleared replace selection labels
 ~ ignore in filechange notify dialog now works until next file change happens
 - removed global default conf, replaced by embedded conf
 ] search dialog is now real dialog
 ! debugged embedded global conf
 + embedded main menu settings
 ! can handle missing file session file 
 ! hang while searching after closing search dialog
 + <ctrl>+<A> works in searchbar
 + embedded toolbar settings
 + embedded context menu settings
 ] rewritten parts of Kephra::Config::File
 ! debugged embedded localisation
 + embedded commandlist
 ! prevent thread hangup due late fired timer event on shutdown
 ! added unicore utfdb to winball
 ! blockformat on width
 + context menu over statusbar info field
 - select app language menu
 ! search dialog carret keeps position
 ! crash when ask for not existing menus
 ] fixed and updated embedded configs
 ? more compile tests for modules that arent loaded on start
 ! crash on replace
 ] thrown wx icons out of the distro
 ! crash on select all
 [ put file sessions menu out of file menu on top level
 [ put goto-line into searchbar
 ] added Kephra::API::CommandList::run_cmd_by_keycode
 ~ document switch  backs works out of search bar
 ! pos1 and end works in searchbar again
 ! crash on search
 + menu item switch view of tabbar contextmenu
 ~ folding view menu
 ! fix php lexer, new constant
 ! fix xml lexer
 ! crash while open help files in winball distro

0.3.8 bugfix release, 0.4 RC 1
 + position searchbar in the middle between tabbar and edit panel
 ] hack to disabling acceleratorTable 
 ~ new wx constants
 ! runs with latest Wx (0.83) again
 ! doc attr getter was flawed
 ! empty statusbar syntaxmode field if kephra sarted with last doc with mode: "none"
 [ nicer menus due fake transparent icons for menu items with no bitmaps
 ~ take config dialog again in the toolbar
 ! old Searchbar on config reload won't go
 ! could't open first file
 ~ hiding print, expanding file menu again
 [ new splashscreen (finally one with the right name in it)
 ! doc history can handle if non doc is open
 ! didnt start with no file open
 ! fixed color of syntax mpode "none" after switiching from php
 ! rot tabs correctly while moving
 ~ change Switch doc back to <ctrl>+<shift>+<back>
 ~ redesigned file menu
 ! added missing doclist event on doc switch
 ! open all files of dir now appears in right dir
 + move tabs with <ctrl>+<shift>+<pgup|pgdn>
 ] cleaned up App::TabBar API
 + Ctrl+Shift+G works from the searchbar input
 ! more internal doc add fixes
 ~ move xml comment from <ctrl>+<b> to <ctrl>+<h>
 ! lot of internal bugs introduced due
 ! EOL status works on empty docs again
 ! doc attributes and data is now deleted correctly while closing doc

0.3.7 testing release
 ! fix naming convention in CPAN distro
 ] updated tests to ned app name
 + autonotify Dialog
 ] saner file open syntax
 ~ no autosave on unnamed files
 ~ autonify just once
 ! false autonotify on config files
 ! small fixes
 + autosave, define it under config key file > save > auto_save
 ~ StatusBar Info with dotted numers
 ~ renamed to
 + tools to make CPAN distro (make_cpan_pl)
 ' added POD documentation
 ' translated this_version.txt from de to en
 ' translated special_feature.txt from de to en
 ~ changed item order in tab contextmenu
 + new perl 5.10 keywords in
 + started Module for Plugin API : Kephra::API::Module
 + wrote Documentation of Perl main module
 ~ join lines now leaves a space between joined lines
 ~ join lines has key binding : <ctrl>+<shift>+<J>
 ! search dialog holds correct replace item when non text selected as new item
 ! fixing doc change in search bar input
 + jump to doc begin and end from searchbar input whith <ctrl>+(<home>|<end>)
 + change doc from searchbar input whith <ctrl>+(<pgup>|<pgdown>)
 ~ changed tablabel configfile marker from circumfix | | to prefix $
 ~ empty config dialog visible again
 + marking config files in tabs optionally with straight lines
 + added replace line Command to main menu
 ' wrote 'besondere_funktionen.txt'
 ] update embedded config

0.3.6 round up, bug fix and minor feature release
 + load and store a backup file session
 + close searchbar now also with <ctrl>+<Q> while in the searchbar input
 + more menuoptions to set width of textmargin
 ' updated diese_version.txt
 ! search dialog crash (uncompled API module refactor)
 + take autoautoindtion in statusbar tab-cell contextmenu
 ~ rename linebreak to line wrap
 ~ changing name in the docs
 ] upgrading windistro to PPI 1.2
 ! fixing and fine tuning blockformat and line wrap
 + blockformat <ctrl>+<shift>+<b>, menu edit > format
 + line break, menu edit > format
 [ removed ambiguity in german mainmenu navigation with keyboard 
 ! optimizing speed and undef value handling of menu data generation
 + tabbar tabs numbering optional config key: app > tabbar > number_tabs
 + tabbar filename optional without ending: app > tabbar > file_info = [first]name
 ! seach dialog icon shows again
 ! file firs names now correct when it has no file ending
 ' some more documenting in default.conf
 + firstname: new document property holds filname without ending
 + can use [$$firstname] as template variable too
 ] clean up
 ] less subconfugs
 ~ renamed 'global\sub\localisation' to 'global\sub\documentation'
 ! move document line and page wise from searchbar input
 [ use wx keycodes, less error prone
 + reload templates on save
 + move document line and page wise from searchbar input
 [ internal cleanups
 ! reload all docs switched to last doc
 ' advanced feature tour
 ' wrote german 'this version text' for release 0.4
 ' reneame 'feature.txt' to 'all_feature.txt'
 ' some preparations for czech localisation

0.3.5 bug fix and feature release
 ] moved icon path from \config\icon to \config\interface\icon\
 ~ changed File Menu order
 ! current pathes now contain volume name
 - auto brace join
 ] beginnings of Modules and its handling
 ! cursor in searchbar's edit field now holds its position whilse writing
 ~ insert templates
 * Template Menu
 ] config nodes file > session and file history
 ] new config node file > templates
 ] renamed Edit::Changes in Edit::History
 ] cleaned up file session directory handling
 ] cleaned up path splitting
 [ cleaned Kephra::App namespace
 ! document editing commands did crash
 ! refresh of find item history in searchbar
 ! chrash when context menu calls
 * history File menu
 + custom title bar
 + multiple events on GUI element
 ! redo button 
 ! better tabbar context menu (still some flaws)
 + nonreactive toolbars (disable events)
 ! reload config file when saving it in editor
 ! searchbar fixes
 ! exit dialog entitles also unnamed files

0.3.4 bug fix release

[LOST due crash]
 + switch syntaxhighlight when left click on third status pane
 ~ correct refresh while rename file
 [ file rename got shortcut <ctrl>+<alt>+<shift>+<S>
 + find next and prev in searchbar now also with F3 and shift+F3
 ~ perl sigils and namespaceseparator now word chars
 ! searched first when setting find item with strg+F3
 ! crash while call replace with confirmation
 ~ doclist menu shows untitled
 ~ less events on doc change fired
 ! correct window title while open file or session reload if current doc is last
 ! state of find menu items
 ! crash when saving a file that was in a recently deleted dir
 [ proper searchdialog replace input update
 [ put config dialog call into main menu
 [ searchbar find input size now changeable due config file
 ] config node "file > current > session" renamed to "file > session"
 ] config node "file > filter" renamed to "file > group"
 ! dynamic doc list menu is updating again
 ~ config dialog cleanup
 ~ extracting
 ~ proper searchbar find input update
 ~ proper searchdialog find input update
 ~ doc edit commands much faster now, they use event freeze
 [ exit dialog shows file names again
 ! event freeze was brokes
 ~ updated starter exe in win distro
 ~ benchmark output switchable
 ~ search range items in main and searchbar context menu
 ~ doc change items in doclist menu
 ~ merged with adams code version
 ~ cleaned eventlist freeze implementation
 ! crash while find or replace in all open docs with dialog
 ! search dialog lost icon when config in nonstandart path
 + subconfigs from nested nodes
 + ability to store single contextmenu in seperate file
 ! warnings on empty commandlist nodes
 ~ using Kephra::Config::File::load not YAML directly
 ~ simplified session files
 ] started Kephra::Config::Tree
 ' more benchmarks
 [ german localisation correctoin, spell checks
 ~ build searchbar from configs, findinput is now sizeable
 ! crash on view EOL
 ! save first time rightmost doc
 ~ some text folding preparations
 ! searchbar and search dialog dind't run
 ~ reduced code in App::Window::load_icon
 ~ dissolving depreciated lib Kepher::App::STC > Kepher::App::EditPanel
 ! DND on Seachbarbar input
 ! fix config for rename
 [ hiding error logs
 ~ edit contex menu fixed and chenged
 [ item label: Fortran -> Fortran 90
 ! change font

0.3.3 rounded up for test release
 ] new namespace for line number margin
 ] slimmed events, faster now
 ! fix toolbars visibilities
 ! fix searchbar contextmenu connector
 ! sane app gui part layout when changing language
 + configurable middle click on tabbar
 ~ correct tooltip and status help msg on tabbar
 ! repaired tabbar
 ~ lot of internal cleanup
 ] internal unified namespace App::ToolBar
 + repairing subconfs
 + nearly comlete set of embedded config (interface missing)
 + toolbar toggle buttons
 + eventsystem
 + dynamic toolbar with events
 [ removed most search dialog button flicker
 ~ faster search dialog
 ] toolbar rebuild
 - remove xrc interna
 ! crash on edit document calls
 ] Config menu rebuild
 ] Help menu rebuild
 ] Menubar completly set to new Interface text compiler
 ~ ::App::Window::create
 - most xrc files except toolbar
 ] View menu rebuild
 ] Document menu rebuild
 ] Search menu rebuild
 ] Document menu rebuild
 ] View menu rebuild
 ] moved braced nav to edit::goto modul
 ! brace nav crash
 ] Edit menu rebuild
 ! crash while text refresh
 ! set bookmark annoyance
 [ EOL checks
 ! fixed tabbar context menu
 ] new Document::SyntaxMode, Edit::Goto and Edit::Select namespaces
 ] File menu rebuild
 ] dispatch own key events
 - shorten
 ! replace all replaced with zero
 ] moved last parts of code and
 [ checkitem in syntaxmodeinfo contextmenu
 [ can_save_all now much faster
 + rename files
 ! fixed check and radio item update
 [ better goto line dialog
 ] + can_save_all Event which is set whenn there is an unsaved doc
 ! correct checkings and disabling on all menu items
 ! tab change event echo
 ! del mismatch in searchbar combobox
 [ first main menu works with a submenu
 ] PCE::Config::Stettings to PCE::Config::Global, cleaned namespace
 ! fixing search dialog find combo loosing search item while search
 [ no cursor or text deselection jump when save all files
 ] PCE::App namespace newly ordered
 ! crash on search dialog Drag'n Drop
 + searchbar contextmenu
 ! pathname mismatch with numbers
 ! opening changing and save rightmost doc
 + drag n drop in search dialog
 [ single wrong indention on tabbar contexmenu
 ] overall slimmed and cleaned up code
 ! no proper eol mode display in statusbar
 ] cleaned up statusbar internals
 ! forgotten update call for document list update
 ! statusbar showed not correct number of document lines

 ] more checks when loading GUI configs
 + menuitem radiogroups
 + disable menuitems
 ] unified commandlist value loading
 ! crash while change Localisation Language again
 + documents contextmenu
 ] lot of cleadup in
 [ slightly changed goto behaviour
 ] all contexmenu on gtc
 ] contexmenu-editpanel eval connector
 [ new german iso lacalisation
 ! crash when current doc setting in session file is to high
 + icons in new contex menus
 ! crash while change Localisation Language
 + contextmenu on selected text
 ] editpanel contextmenus working in minimal mode
 ] adding contextmenu gui config file
 ] info dialog cleanup
 ] added embedded emergency localisation
 ] cleaned app namespace
 ] cleaned up program name handling
 + searchbar takes eventual selection as search item
 ! open button did disappear for after cliscked
 + config key {app}{searchbar}{autofocus} sets focus to input while onmouseover
 ! cursor jump to begin when deleting bookmark
 ! deleting all bookmark
 ! crash if reload nonexisting file
 ' keymap updated
 ~ goto last edit now on <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<G>
 ! open files from command line with pce was broken since 0.3.0
 ! current doc pointer now correct even if there is only one doc
 + brace navigation with <alt>+<arrow keys>
 [ <Ctrl>+<F> now also switches focus back to editpanel
 [ button added on searchbar to call search dialog
 ] cleaned PCE::App::Event::key_down_filter
 + delete back tab, <shift>+<back> deletes now to naxt indention level
 ~ switch back now on <Ctrl>+<back>
 ] property handling while restoring file session now much slicker
 ! warning caused by checking more filenames that exist while open file
 ! fixing file session loading and restoring
 [ fix in german toolbar "Suchdialog"
 [ caret position better visible when switching to document
 ! warning in info dialog when there is no patchlevel

 ? testing release
 [ closing street holes
 + block navigation reestablished
 ! fixed blockindent
 + Bookmarks are working now
 ! fixed tab converter
 + restoring bookmarks
 ! display of selection lines now correct
 ! typo in toolbar
 ! no label for unnamed files
 + show selected lines in statusbar
 ~ shorter format::join_lines algorithm
 ! typo in searchflag refresh
 + opens whole dir when dragged onto
 ! crash when try to drag dir into edititor
 ! find and replace dialog repaired and slightly optimized
 + PCE now remembers current search and replace item
 ] rebuild some sub, renamed config keys
 + find input can now recieve dragged text
 ~ searchbar hints do work now
 ~ find input history now works
 + introduced function mark all matches
 + editpanel can now recieve dragged files
 ! repairing linenumbermargin autosize
 ! repairing english goto line menu call
 ~ building up simple but usable Searchbar with some jitters
 ! file data got lost after closing empty files
 ~ toggle searchbar visibility
 ~ start SearchBar
 ! repair exit dialog
 ~ established standart way of normalizing path slashes
 ~ better way to position context menus
 ~ Replace with confirm now on <Alt>+<Enter> on replace dialog
 ! tabbar buttons has right background color
 + toggle visibilty of tabbar icons
 + toggle visibilty of tabbar seperator line
 ~ now opens help & config files with full path
 ] simplified edit: line copy
 ! shown pathes now compatible to current OS
 ! reinsert tab seperator line
 ! toggle visibilty of tabbar works now
 ~ rename config/general -> config/global
 ! rename tablabel when change language
 ! ensure inner data current doc pointer always set correct
 + put EOL switch visibility into EOL status context menu
 ~ modulnames now all uppercase, sources cranked throug perltidy
 ~ introducing use strict 2
 ~ rewrite document namespace
 ~ Reorganising into a CPAN-compatible distribution
 ~ refaktoring the app namespace (packages, methods, config keys)
 [ introducing pce::App::TabBar
 ! no more hang up on empty docs
 ! fix tabbar consume too much height
 ! dont clear editpanel when close last writeprotected file -> pl2
 ! dont recognize protection when open first write protected file -> pl2
 + goto last edit
 ! mainframe was invisible under win when minimize and then close  -> pl2
 ~ update to wxperl 0.25
 ] pce::document::internal founded pce::document::property deleted
 [ 2 icons in tabbar
 [ 3 new icons in toolbar config dialog aktivated
 ! bugfix starting minized search dialog  -> pl2
 ] changed to sizer based searchdialog
 ] find modules renamed in search because its more than find like search menu
 ! increment search lost caret visible  -> pl2
 [ rename localisation ref
 ] new icons left of search icons

 ? full stable release
 ] info dialog now displayes patch level
 ' finish english docu
 + replace line
 ' translating doku
 ] new fresher icons, several new for coming new functions
 ] 2 more functions in the toolbar
 ] slicker help menu
 ! fixed CVS vs clash
 ' doku improvements
 ] faster splashscreen
 ] Boundary check vor app_frame
 ! Bugfix in pce::edit::format::del_trailing_spaces
... missing some
 + strg+Enter menu item document_switch_back
... missing some

 ? feature enhancement and bug fix
 * file sessions
 * on quit dialog for selecting files to save
 + open multiple files via dialog
 + history for search and replace strings
 + xp style now optional
 ] close current file with middle click on tabbar
 ! open empty files

 ? feature enhancement and bug fix
 * search and replace in files
 + asm style
 + save on change doc
 + open statusmenu files via mainmenu
 [ internal sub now only have one _ prefix
 ! bug in search prev
 ! style repaint on save as bug
...yes here is inconsistancy due change

 ? feature enhancement and bugfix release
 + find in selection
 + replace all in selection
 + replace with confirm in selection
 + menu item find from start
 + recognise selection from menu calls
 + Ctrl+Enter (in search dialog) closes dialog and finds first
   (find button behaviour)
 + set max tab width via config
 [ more benchmark
 ! reload autosettings fixed
 ! status context menu changes language properly
 ! dialog saves search and replace text first time like it should
 ! minor checkbox selection fix in search dialog
 ! bug in font change
 ! line wrap bug

 ? new feature and maintain release
 * contextmenus on statusbar
 + shift+Enter in search dialog searches backward
 [  massive refracturing fore new namespace
 [  several new modules
 !  minor fixes in menu

 ? testing and maintain release
 + call replace in find dialog
 ~ DND Files now only over tabbar
 ~ close other now with ctrl+shift+Q
 ~ better search menu
 [  massive refracturing fore new namespace
 !  minor fixes in menu, statusbar, and keymap

 ? shiny little feature enhancement release
 + Drag 'n Drop Files from Explorer into the Editor

 ?  suporting porters release
 + can now called under win from anywhere
 !  small bugs in show files

 ? minor enhancement release
 + block navigation
 + open files in current directory

 ? maintaince release for linux usage
 - direct document selection with Alt+Number
 [ path for config and help can now be set freely

 ? major stable and bugfix release
 + view option: stay on top
 ] internal changes and cleanups
 ! bugfixes in menu and logic

 ~ converter take now the whole text when nothing is selected
 ]  internal cleanup

 + delete trailing spaces
 ] cleaning internals

 + 2 new options for opening files, replace new empty docs
 + single document mode
 + save last tilde files like that:
 ! Bugfix in EOL Mode, the editor produced always cr+lf
 ! 2 Bugfixes in Main menu

 ? major stable and bugfix release

 + backup autosave file, and restore ist in emergency case
 - Bookmarks
 ! bugfixes

 + save dialog on close and exit now contain cancel
 ] internal improvements
 ! bugfixes in Config

 + jumpes to the file if you open an already opened file
 ] internal improvements
 ! bugfixes in main, config, file, document, STC
 ! bugfix in General::Config

 + visual feature: switch back if you click on current a la opera
 + new option: start with an empty file
 + new option: open each file once
 + new option: open text files only
 ! bugfixes

 + autoreload for config files
 + this version texts
 ~ better menus
 ! bugfixes

 ! fix from ugly bug that eating docs, therefor HIGHLY RECOMMANDED updated
 + ask now for unsaved files to save on quit
 ~ minor optikal fixes in search dialog, save all icon, color of LLI

 * settings for each document will handled seperately and saved to the next start
   these settings are at start cursorpos, syntaxstyle, EOL Mode, Tab usage
 + intention guides
 + caret line highlighting
 + autodetect EOL Mode
 + autodetect write protection
 + direct doc selection with Alt+Number
 ~ right margin color changesd
 ~ another app icon
 ~ search menu unfolded

0.1.89: ? bugfix release
 * multiple document handling
   find, replace and bookmarks are still single document oriented

 * find and replace dialog
 + win XP look

0.1.68: autosave options, customizable Syntaxstyle autoselect
0.1.64: german localisation
0.1.60: config: many new styles, contextmenu
        file menu: insert file, edit menu: format functions, convert functions
        document menu: eol mode, styles, spaces, write protection
        Statusbar: cursorpos, eol, spaces, style
        faster file reading, several bugs
0.1.31: save and load external configs, handling close window event
        many bug fixes, color and caret settings
0.1.24: SECOND COMPLETE RELEASE (incl. PRE 0.2pre1)! new config file,
        old removed, holds now all properties, default.conf, open, load and
        save config on the fly, release history, reopen, save copy as,
        Replace, Undo History, brace comment, 3Bookmarks, find selection
        new view options: hard tabs, whitespace, 4Margins, Line Wrap

0.1.12: Fontselect and many other fixes
0.1.11: Selection Move, fixes & updates
0.1.10: indent unindent,  script comment uncomment, CSS Style, several fixes
0.1. 9: open Configfiles, goto line number, line move, fixes
0.1. 8: holds file, save before exit, fixed and updates
0.1. 7: find previous, C-style fixed, setEOLMode removed
0.1. 6: find, find next
0.1. 5: setEOLMode(removed), select and autoselect Syntaxstyle, C - Style,
0.1. 4: asks for filename if you save new file, better Perl-style
0.1. 3: Keyboard Map, Licenses, fix
0.1. 2: View Menu, View EOL, HTML-Style
0.1. 1: checkable Menuitems, english Toolbarhints, show License
0.1. 0: FIRST COMPLETE RELEASE(incl. PRE 0.2)!, smaller startexe, english Menu,
        long line indikator, colored gutter,
0.0.20: first syntaxstyle(perl), filename in tab, toggle linenumbermargin, fixes
0.0.19: pce.exe, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, clear, select all
        filename in the title, warningboxes bugfixes
0.0.18: save file, bugfix
0.0.17: new file, open & save as
0.0.15: First Public Release!: shows the editbox!

 ^ purpose
 * big new feature
 + new feature
 ~ change
 - remove
 ? tests
 ! bugfix
 [ interface
 ] internals
 " configs
 ' help/docu
 / comment