Revision history for LWP-Authen-OAuth2

0.09	2014-08-25T10:59:11+0200
    - squashed some warnings (Leon Wright)
    - Strava Service Provider (Leon Wright)

0.08	2014-06-27T00:00:00
    - NEW MAINTAINER: domm
    - inverted Changelog (newest entry on top)
    - Allow additional arguments to be passed to the save_tokens
      callback (Chris)
    - Fixed copying required/optional params in
      collect_action_params (Alexander Dutton)
    - Added overridable methods for returing authz and token endpoints
      (Alexander Dutton)

0.07    20131128 - 7:47 AM PST
        - Property acknowledge domm

0.06    20131128 - 7:47 AM PST
        - Add Module::Load dependency
        - Catch that the Google service provider was missing
        - Make syntax errors in a service provider less confusing to debug.

0.05    20130720 - 12:38 PM PDT
        - There was another (why don't I get to see these???)

0.04    20130717 - 6:34 PM PDT
        - Fix 2 minor POD formatting mistakes.

0.03    20130715 - 7:26 PM PDT
        - Find more dependencies.
        - Rename flow to client_type in many places.
        - Rename *_more_* to *_optional_* in ServiceProvider.
        - Rename *_defaults to *_init to be more descriptive.
        - Another documentation pass.

0.02    20130712 - 2:54 PM PDT
        *sigh*  My machine was not running all of the tests that module
        starter installed.  Other environments did, and therefore failed.
        Removed or fixed those.  (Really, I do not want to have end user
        documentation in subclasses of parent methods that they were
        supposed to override.)

0.01    20130711 - 3:13 PM PDT
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world with much
        documentation and no useful tests.