1.8 2011-11-01 Fix bug with DNS timings
I had misnamed it and then written the test wrong. Which is just plain embarassing.

1.7 2011-10-31 Force version of LWP
There's a prototype mismatch with old versions of HTTP::Message->push_header (thanks Garth Webb)

1.6 2011-10-27 Finally! An update!
Upgrade to the latest version LWP::Protocol::http and add a new Client-Request-Dns-Time timing

1.5 2007-02-01 Fix buglet
Patch from Ton Voon to fix an occasion when you get a 0 Client Response Server Time (like on localhost)

1.4 2005-02-21 Docs update
Apparently Time::HiRes returns seconds not microseconds. Not sure how I missed this.

1.3 2004-04-4  Added https support
Patch from Richard Clamp

1.2 2003-10-02 Client-Request-Connect-TIme
Doh! Mislabelled in the docs

1.1 2003-09-29 Build.PL
Should really include this

1.0 2003-09-27 Initial release 
Based on conversations on the libwww mailing list and code by David Carter