History of Lab::VISA

Lab::VISA 3.05
  * minor documentation improvements and metadata fixes

Lab::VISA 3.04
  * minor documentation improvements

Lab::VISA 3.03
  * improvements to build on 64bit Windows, documentation for Windows installation

Lab::VISA 3.02
  * remove support for VXI SERVANT ressouces (they are NI specific, and using that
    code leads to a runtime error in 64bit VISA)

Lab::VISA 3.01
  * add support for viGpibControlREN

Lab::VISA 3.00
  * fix remaining non-unicode texts

Lab::VISA 2.95
  * add support for viReadSTB 

Lab::VISA 2.90
  * Regenerate wrapper code with swig-2
  * Unify version number with other lab packages

Lab::VISA 2.07
  * Removed trailing space in path name in Makefile.PL
    (Ticket https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=62430 reported by Andreas Werner)

Lab::VISA 2.06
  Update recommended if you experience problems on Linux.

  * Fixed double free() in visa_wrap.c that was causing problems on Linux 
  * Tidied up Installation.pod

Lab::VISA 2.05
  Only small documentation fixes. No need to necessarily upgrade.
  * added this file
  * added Installation Guide for Windows with ActiveState or Strawberry Perl and Linux
  * tiny documentation fixes
  * added homepage and mailing list to META.yml

Lab::VISA 2.04

Lab::VISA 2.03
  Bugfix version. Please upgrade.