Revision history for Language::Dashrep

1.00    2009-May-5
        First version, released after many years of
        development and personal use by Richard Fobes,
        author of The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox.

1.10    2009-October-12
        Second version, adds new "dashrep_delete" function,
        adds "count-of-list" , "first-item-in-list" ,
        "last-item-in-list" , and "unique-value" operators.
        Also allows "/---- comment here ----/" syntax (in
        addition to "*---- comment here ----*" syntax).

2.30	2011-August
        The most current version is now kept on GitHub
        in the CPSolver account.
        Many enhancements have been made to the GitHub
        version and now those refinements are being copied
        back to CPAN.
        Primary development will continue at GitHub, and
        this CPAN version will be updated less often.
        The latest specs and documentation continue to be
        kept at

2.31    2011-November-24
        Minor enhancements, to match with GitHub version.

2.32    2011-November-30
        In top-level and linewise actions, replace newline
        and linefeed and related codes with spaces.

2.33    2011-December-26
        Minor enhancements, to match with GitHub version.