Revision history for Leyland

1.000002  2014-04-13 15:40:47+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	* Bugfix: certain attributes had the default option as scalar instead of coderef (Moo)
	* Bugfix: specified requirement for Plack was wrong, as the tests require v1.0029
	  (thanks Graham Knop)

1.000001  2014-02-25 18:28:01 Asia/Jerusalem
	* Small pod fix

1.000000  2014-02-25 18:13:44 Asia/Jerusalem
	* Moose has been replaced with Moo. As Moo is Moose compatible, Leyland apps
	  can still continue using Moose if they so wish.
	* Calling forward() with no method now only forwards to GET routes, not
	  to the first route matched.
	* The json attribute in Leyland::Context now holds a JSON object, not
	  a JSON::Any object.
	* now properly inherits Plack::Component, and has a to_app()
	  method. The handle() method has been renamed to call() appropriately.
	* Changed the way setup() and config works. The setup() method is now used
	  to set Leyland configuration options. It is expected to return a hash-ref
	  with the configuration options. Application-specific configurations are
	  still to be provided to the application class in the config attribute. This
	  attribute is not used by Leyland at all, but available for the application
	  as needed. With the setup() method now used for configuration purposes, any
	  application initializations to perform should be moved to Moo(se)'s BUILD method.
	* Added the ability to set the default return MIME for routes instead of text/html.
	* Using Devel::Declare::Magic directly as per the deprecation from Devel::Declare.
	* The leyland command line utility has been removed, you should now scaffold manually.
	* Logging now comes from Plack middlewares. Leyland::Logger is now a
	  simple wrapper around the middleware used (providing the same syntax as previous
	  versions). A default logger that prints to standard output/error is provided.
	* The location of the views directory can now be changed by providing the "view_dir"
	  configuration option.
	* Simple tests have been created.
	* Plain text exceptions are no longer returned with Dumper.
	* No more Wikipedia descriptions for HTTP status codes in exceptions.

0.001007  2011-07-04 22:50:33 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Bugfix: response object now does not get text/html content
	  type on initialization as it is not necessarily true
	- Bugfix: when running a leyland app the initial summary table prints
	  route regexes as-is since perl 5.14 changes the way regex variables
	  are printed stringwise
	- When an exception is thrown and app is running on the deployment
	  environment, if client accepts html and exception was not defined
	  an html template - leyland lets Plack's StackTrace middleware
	  handle the exception and print a nice stack trace

0.001006  2011-06-24 23:30:19 Asia/Jerusalem
	- When forwarding internally (with $c->forward), requests to pass
	  requests are now honored
	- Forcing MooseX::ClassAttribute version 0.24 as previous versions
	  seem to cause problems

0.001005  2011-06-02 23:42:27 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed bugs when loading app-specific view classes [thanks Sebastian Knapp (@giftnuss)]
	- Small documentation fixes

0.001004  2011-05-09 19:55:59 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed bug with passing requests (using $c->pass)
	- When on the development environment, Leyland let's exceptions
	  that do not define MIME templates be handled by Plack's nice
	  stacktrace middleware (which is automatically enabled on the
	  development environment)

0.001003  2011-04-22 22:29:11 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Developers can now create routes that return any media type
	  by setting "returns '*/*'" in the route declaration
	- The check for returned content's type (ascii or binary) now falls
	  back to simple match against qr!^text/! when mime type isn't found

0.001002  2011-04-22 03:00:35 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Leyland will not automatically encode('UTF-8') when output is binary
	- Some more documentation fixes

0.001001  2011-04-19 17:47:23 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added Leyland::Manual::FAQ which was missing from the initial release
	- Many fixes (mostly typos) to the manual

0.001     2011-04-19 05:28:27 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Initial release