See also the git repository.

 * 0.10 - two srand-based tests problematic on Windows systems are now
   author-only. switch to Module::Build.
 * 0.09 - some example script changes, repo meta fixes, etc.
 * 0.06 - add utility percentize, weights2str, weights_from routines to
   assist with corpus parsing. Remove upper limit of 128 on weights.
 * 0.05 - set_patterns no longer clobbers (for easier updates of
   multiple subpatterns). get_patterns to diagnose what the
   patterns are. set_filter utility subroutine generator. eg/
   example scripts added.
 * 0.04 - srand learnings related to tests.
 * 0.03 - fixed various bugs in Subpattern ->walk. Subpatterns now close
   over what they point to at time of object creation instead of at walk
   or ->render time.
 * 0.02 - Subpattern calls ->render on objects; this allows subpatterns
   to be not just simple strings. croak/confess instead of die
   especially if deep in some ->render or ->walk tree. Add ->walk so
   the parse tree can be walked through with (and possibly modified by)
   a callback.
 * 0.01 - released on a mostly unsuspecting world.