Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::DE::Sentence.

0.07    2003-04-25 
                Removed some bugs from the documentation.

0.06	2001-09-25
		README - File really added

		the output for the functional test was changed to "ok 2\n" (\n had been left in 0.05)

0.05	2001-09-24
		remove chr(150), which is a dash in evil window character setting as leading character, too
		of course, every good webmaster would use a –, but a good webmaster would'nt use windows, too :-)

		README - File added

		instead of a simple using locale,
		I use the POSIX module and try to set locale de_DE for the time of the routine get_sentences

		the methods
		set_acronyms, add_acronyms, get_acronyms, set_file_extensions, get_file_extensions, add_file_extensions are implemented now

		the test is a functional one, now

		abbreviations before an empty line are sentence endings now

		Thanks a lot to Andreas Marcel Riechert

0.04	2001-09-23
		fix "Selbst der 100. Punkt ist kein ..."
		expect that numbers ending on 00 are ordinal ones,
		except 1900,2000,2100 which ones are surely year numbers

		fix <<bla bla.>> sagte er

		used POSIX [:lower:] to find lowercase words internal

		words of only vocals are abbreviations, too.

		first published in CPAN

0.01  Fri Aug 31 17:13:33 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-XA Lingua::DE::Sentence