Revision history for Perl CPAN module Lingua::En::Fathom

1.22 1 Nov 2018
    Added prerequsitie module Lingua::En::Sentence to build files
    Updated main.t

1.21 31 Oct 2018
    Updated main.t
1.20 31 Oct 2018
    Renamed github repo to 'Readability'
    Used Lingua::EN::Sentence instead of a regexp to get a more accurate sentence count 

1.19 15 Sep 2016
    Set github as repository

1.18 7 Apr 2015
    removed indirect object notation for 'new' method
    Fix for #102898, no minimum version set for warnings in Build.PL, to support very old versions of Perl
1.17 20 Mar 2015
    Added prerequiste moudule to Build.PL

1.16 20 Mar 2015
    Removed tests that depended on Lingua::EN::Syllable results. Any changes to this
    required module will break test results.
    Added Build.PL

1.15 6 Aug 2011
    Removed use of diagnostic pragma in main.t, seems to cause errors for CPAN testers

1.14 31 May 2011
    Changed main.t to use 'like' instead of 'if' when testing for floating
    point numbers. This means tests are independent of machine precision

1.13 30 May 2011
    Added more tests to main.t
    Upgraded all tests to use Test::More module
    Thanks to Kirk Kimmel for theses changes
1.12 13 Apr 2008
    Minor fixes
1.11 08 Apr 2007
    Fixed bug in generation of META.yml

1.10 07 Apr 2007
    Improved documentation

1.09 11 Jul 2005
    Improved documentation
    Updated distribution to current CPAN requirements 

1.08 13 Feb 2004
    Improved documentation

1.07 02 Apr 2002
    Improved documentation
    Added more abbreviations to _analyse_words

1.06 04 Jan 2002
    Fixed error in calculation of Fog index, thanks to Trevor Jenkins
    Added method to get num_complex_words

1.05 19 May 2001
    Renamed _analyse_line subroutine to _analyse_words
    Moved duplicated code from analyse_file & analyse_block to analyse_line subroutine
    Extended list of allowable abbreviations, such as "Pty. Ltd., etc."
    Added method to get syllables_per_word
    Added method to get words_per_sentence

1.04 23 Feb 2001
    _initialize now resets readability indices and num_paragraphs
    Sentence count is no longer tricked by quotes before a full stop
    Optional argument on analyse_block and analyse_file to allow stats to accumulate

1.03 07 Jan 2001:
    Added documentation of 'report' method

1.02 15 Mar 2000:
    Added paragraph count
    Fixed error in test 2 of test script (word count was 38, not 39)

1.01 12 Mar 2000:
    Added stricter test for hyphenated words
    Added more statistics to report
    Accounted for name prefixes (Mr., Dr. etc ) in sentences
    Improved documentation

    Changed Fog index calculation to use percentage of complex words
    instead of total number of complex words. Thanks to Steve Grantz

    Allowed for sentences ending in '?' and '!' as well
    as '.' Thanks to Steve Grantz for spotting this limitation.

1.00 23 Jan 2000: First Release