0.10 -- Upgraded Evaluator to support switching the number of segments
0.09 -- Upgraded Evaluator and Splitter to handle different inputs in a more
        robust manner
0.08 -- Moved autoinstall into t/lib
0.07 -- Switched back to Math::VecStat (it's fixed now)
        Added autoinstall feature.
        Moved Test::Simple into dependency.
0.06 -- Switched dependency to Math::VecStat::Fixed because it is more
        portable than Math::VecStat.
0.05 -- Improved TextTiling performance. Added stem-caching.
0.04 -- Moved calc_stats from segmenter.pl example to Lingua::EN::Evaluator
        Added documentation to Lingua::EN::Evaluator and Lingua::EN::StopWords 
0.03 -- Pruned stopword list
        Fixed very relaxed scoring in Lingua::EN::Evaluator.
        Documentation bugfixes
0.02 -- Now works on Windows. Also fixed docs for Lingua::EN::Splitter.
0.01 -- Initial Release