Lingua::FR::Numbers Changelog

0.04 - Sat Dec 28 15:32:29 CET 2002
     - ** The interface for this module has changed **
     - Rewrote the whole module from scratch, it should now be easier to
       read and a whole lot faster.
     - Lingua::FR::Ordinate is no longer used, the ordinate_to_fr() function
       is used instead.
     - Fixed an error in a test case ('cent milliards' was mistakenly
       written as 'cent milliard'.)
     - Drop the planned support for French variants (FR_ch, etc.)

0.03 - Sun Nov 10 14:00:06 CET 2002
     - The decimal support is a bit better and hopefully more correct.
     - Fixed RT bug #1772: The ordinate output for '80' was
       'quatre-vingtsième' instead of 'quatre-vingtième'. Added tests
       to check this behavior. (thanks to Philippe Bricout for
       finding this bug)
     - Fixed an inaccuracy in doc (Philippe Brivout)

0.02 - Fri Apr 19 07:05:00 CET 2002
     - Added Lingua::FR::Numbers::Ordinate to the module
     - Added limited support for decimals

0.01 - Initial releases
     - Special case for 'soixante et onze' (is this the only one?)