Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::Ident.

1.00  Sun Feb 27 13:36:07 MET 2000
	- First CPAN version

1.4   Sun Nov 18 23:20:15 MET 2001
	- Maintenance release, fixing several grave bugs

1.5   Tue Dec 21 13:49:17 CET 2004
	- Fixed Makefile.PL

1.6   Sat Nov 11 18:15:19 CET 2006
	- Fixed a bug in the loading of bigrams, reported by James Shaw
	- Moved tests to t/ subdirectory
	- Added a benchmark-type test

1.7   Fri May 14 15:38:04 CEST 2010
	- Tests now work with the data files located at either ../data
	  or data.
	- The make test now always generates the data/data.*
	  files--this didn't work on Darwin and MSWin32.
	- Added calculate() method, which returns all
	  probabilities. identify () now just calls calculate() and
	  returns the most probable language.
	- When neither a trigram nor a bigram is found, use the
	  average alphabet size instead of the individual language's
	  alphabet size, as this penalizes Asian languages.