Revision history for the Perl extension Lingua::Lid.

0.04  2014-01-24

    * Makefile.PL: Improved lid library detection
    * lib/Lingua/ Use DynaLoader instead of XSLoader
    * Added support for MS Windows

0.03  2011-01-26

    * t/10_thr-lid_fstr.t, t/11_thr-errstr.t: Updated syntax to be
      compatible with Perl's threads module v1.07 (Perl v5.8.8)

0.02  2010-06-18

    * Added support for lid v3.x.x, prior versions are still supported
    * Added thread support (requires lid v3.x.x)
    * Added thread-safe replacement function Lingua::Lid::errstr() for the
      $Lingua::Lid::errstr package variable
    * Reworked $Lingua::Lid::errstr using Lingua::Lid::Errstr to be
    * Added threaded tests

0.01  2009-09-30

    * Initial version, developed using lid v2.0.2

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