Revision history for TreeTagger

0.01    2010-09-11
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

        Fixed installation issues (essentially removed Build.PL dependencies).
0.02    2011-02-02
        Slight revision of the documentation (fixed an error in the Synopsis
        and made a few cosmetic changes).
0.03    2011-03-24
        Fixed a bug which prevented the use of abbreviation files with default
0.04    2012-05-26
        Added unicode support thanks to a patch submitted by Tara Andrews
0.05    2012-08-27
        Fixed a bug in t\utf8.t which prevented build and install when the
        utf8 tokenizer script wasn't available (thanks Alberto Simoes!).
0.06    2013-01-07
        Applied a patch provided by Alberto Simoes (thanks again!) in order
        for the module's Build.PL to detect files where
        Lingua::TreeTagger::Installer puts them.

0.07    2014-11-03
        Fixed to match Moose's new enum definition syntax,
        as kindly suggested by Zoffix Znet and Hiroyuki Yamanaka.

0.08    2015-11-04
        Modified test files to reflect the fact that utf8 parameters are now
        standard, made xml serialization more robust, fixed issues in tests
        and POD (patches kindly contributed by Alberto Simoes).
0.09    2017-09-07
        Removed old code that required at least one non-ut8 parameter file to 
0.10    2017-09-07
        Fix an issue with pm files version numbers.