Revision history for Perl extension Locale::MakePhrase.

0.5  Wed Mar  8 16:18:43 EST 2006
	- Re-work of when L::M die's.  It was found that a single translation could cause
	  the translation engine (and thus the application) to die.  Since people may update
	  a few hundred translations in a single sitting, finding bad translations was
	  hard.  This release changes the behaviour so that badly formed translations dont
	  cause L::M to die - rather, it now just returns a partially translated string
	  with an error keyword.
	- Re-wrote the RuleManager as it didn't correctly handled undef'ed arguments.
	  ie: it would die, when in reality undef is a valid value for an argument.
	- Vastly enhanced the numeric formatting capabilities so that numbers can be formatted
	  in many more combinations.
	- Enhanced the [_x] syntax so that now you can pass in specific run-time formatting
	  options.  This is needed because some languages format number differently depending
	  on the context of the string itself.
	- The file and directory backing-stores can now load text strings which span multiple
	  lines that are backslash-escaped.
	- Added 'println' function and 'print' overload feature.

	- Unsure what happend here, as I forgot to update the Changelog, but I think it
	  was mostly a simple code cleanup.

0.3  Mon Oct 18 15:51:11 EST 2004
	- Fixed warning when detecting Perl version.

0.2  Sat Sep  4 01:07:46 EST 2004
	- Added lots more documentation.
	- Re-implemented sub-modules so as to simplify the design.
	- Re-wrote the expression evaluation engine... so that it worked...

0.1  Tue Mar  9 08:36:32 EST 2004
	- First release the package.