Revision history for Locale::Wolowitz

1.004001  2017-02-06 22:40:56+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
    - Re-release under the terms of the Apache License 2.0

1.004000  2017-02-01 23:51:13+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
    Thanks to Yanick Champoux for the following changes:
    - Added the loc_for() currying method to generate a localization function that
      translates to a specific language without having to specify it on every call.
    - Added the ability to translate arguments to placeholders without having to
      call loc() on the arguments as well. For example, instead of having to write
      $w->loc("I'm using %1", 'he', $w->loc('Linux', 'he')), you can now simply
      write $w->loc("I'm using %1", 'he', ['Linux']), and "Linux" will be translated
      to Hebrew as well before replacing the %1 placeholder.
    - Fixed a bug with definitions including 10 or more placeholders not being
      correctly filled out.

1.003000  2015-11-28 17:47:11+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added an options argument to the constructor with the ability to turn off
	  automatic UTF-8 decoding of JSON localization files.

1.002000  2015-03-30 19:18:26+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Locale::Wolowitz will not load dotfiles in the localization directory (thanks Bas Bloemsaat)

1.001000  2015-03-03 19:28:33+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- now using JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON
	- relaxed mode is now enabled on the JSON object, for more information read the docs
	  for Cpanel::JSON::XS, JSON::XS or JSON::PP.

1.000001  2014-04-27 21:28:13+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- $/ was undefined globally when reading JSON files, potentially modifying behavior
	  of other code in an application. Modification now localized.

1.000000  2014-04-08 19:08:18+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added the ability to load localization data directly from a hash-ref, so data can
	  come from other sources except files (think databases).
	- The path paremeter to the new() constructor is now optional, as you can call the
	  (new) methods load_path() and load_structure() manually and as much as you want,
	  merging data from call to call. Backwards compatibility is kept.
	- Now using JSON instead of JSON::Any.

0.4       2013-11-08 16:14:24 Asia/Jerusalem
	- undef strings are returned as is from loc() (thanks isync)

0.3       2012-11-22 21:08:09 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added the ability to load just on localization file
	- Added versions to prereqs
	- Added JSON recommendations to prereqs as JSON::Any doesn't require any JSON module
	- Improved documentation

0.2       2010-12-26 16:03:29 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Changed distribution name to Locale::Wolowitz
	- Fixed some documentation errors

0.1       2010-12-25 22:28:01 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Initial release