2012-06-01  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	Fix deprecated defined(@array) for Perl 5.16

Fri Sep 28 21:20:57 CEST 2007   Johan Vromans <jv@span.org>

	Changed LICENSE to include GPL.

Mon Sep 18 21:56:05 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@grenoble.hp.com>

. Description:

	Fixed computation of %F and %D when no '/' in file name.
	Thanks to Philip Coombes <philip.coombes@aethos.co.uk> for
	reporting the bug.

	Fixed OO example of lock to emphasize check on returned value.
	Thanks to Rob McMillin <rlm@pricegrabber.com> for suggesting it.

	Now warns when no lockfile is found during unlocking.

Tue Aug 15 20:41:53 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@grenoble.hp.com>

. Description:

	Updated version number, grrr...

Tue Aug 15 20:40:49 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@grenoble.hp.com>

. Description:

	Fixed non-working "-wfunc => undef" due to misuse of defined().
	Many thanks to David Coppit <david@coppit.org> for spotting it
	and providing the right fix.

	Check for stale lock while we wait for it.

	Untaint pid before running kill() for -T scripts.

Thu Mar  2 23:35:15 MET 2000   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@grenoble.hp.com>

. Description:

	Allow "undef" in -efunc and -wfunc to suppress logging.

	Documented how to force warn() despite Log::Agent being there.

Tue Jan  4 22:18:52 MET 2000   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@grenoble.hp.com>

. Description:

	track where lock was issued in the code

	logerr and logwarn are autoloaded, need to check something real

	forbid re-lock of a file we already locked

	force $\ to be undef prior to writing the PID to lockfile

	added simple.t and user.t to the MANIFEST

Tue May 12 09:34:55 MET 1998  Raphael_Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@grenoble.hp.com>
. Description:

	Revision history for Perl extension LockFile::Simple

	0.1  Fri May  8 16:36:11 1998
		- original version; created by h2xs 1.18