Revision history for Log-Deep

0.3.5   2015-07-27
        Updating for release of version 0.3.5
        Added missing file (Ivan Wills)
        Converted to Path::Tiny (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed boilerplate (Ivan Wills)
        Changed to test README.pod (Ivan Wills)

0.3.4   2015-06-27
        Updating for release of version 0.3.4
        Switched tests to Test::Warnings (Ivan Wills)
        Updated dependencies (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed accedental test (Ivan Wills)
        Updated boilerplate test (Ivan Wills)
        Removed built files (Ivan Wills)
        Removed unneeded tag (Ivan Wills)
        Added specific Test::More version for the features being used (Ivan Wills)
        Build changes (Ivan Wills)

0.3.3   2014-08-19
        Updated to latest standard (Ivan Wills)
        Removed no longer used dependency File::Slurp, and moved not required dependencies to recommends (Ivan Wills)
        Removed File::Slurp dependency (Ivan Wills)
        Cleaned up tests (Ivan Wills)
        Adding tag files (Ivan Wills)
        Updated ignores (Ivan Wills)
        Added configure requires section (Ivan Wills)
        More ignore sorting (Ivan Wills)
        Updated version number for next release (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed missing use English statement (Ivan Wills)

0.3.2   2010-08-02
        Fixed some test failures for author tests

0.3.1   2010-07-20
        Added new dependencies
        Added checks for log lines that are too long to process
        Added truncating stack trace if too large
        Fixed missing required modules
        Updated package files to latest standard
        Added more error checking code
        Refactored data handling code into seperate functions
        Trying harder to get full log lines
        Sorted out some edge cases with displaying extra data
        Forgot to release 0.3.0 :-)
        Fixed typos
        Updated/Fixed the documentation
        upped version number
        Added missing files
        Removed optional modules
        Added code to try to reduce the cpu usage of reading log files and reduce the warning messages produced
        Added File package to load tests
        Added code to try to better guarentee log messages get written to file, updated test up use that code
        Cleaned up code/build files
        Refactored out the file and line code into seperate modules and fixed the tests

0.2.0   2009-05-23
        Many stability improvements
        Improved test coverage, particularly of Log::Deep::Read
        Improved Documentation
0.1.0   2009-05-16
        Catalyst API compatibly synchronisation
0.0.6   2009-05-11
        Minor bug fix
0.0.5   2009-05-12
        Stuff happened
0.0.1   2009-05-
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.