Log::File::Rolling HISTORY

0.101  2016-03-21

* Fix test failure if you don't have Test::Fork installed.

0.100  2016-03-07

* Forked by Doug Hoyte from Michael Jacob's Log::Dispatch::File::Rolling,
  which in turn was based on code from Eric Cholet and Mark Pfeiffer
  (see POD for exact lineage).

* Applied my current symlink patch (rt #95900)

* Fixed long-standing bug where an unformatted log filename
  (with the % characters) would be created alongside your logs.

* Allows you to choose between logging in localtime versus UTC with
  the timezone parameter. The default is UTC ("gmtime").

* Got rid log Log4Perl dependency. Uses normal strftime format
  instead of Log::Log4perl::DateFormat's home-brewed version.

* Optimisation: Caches filenames so they are generated at most
  once per second.

* Got rid of Log::Dispatch::* dependencies. Now just directly opens
  the files.

* Removed a lot of (IMHO not hugely useful) functionality such as
  automatic creation of formats, PIDs in formats, and a lot of the
  stuff Log::Dispatch included. For things like log levels, please
  see Log::Defer.

* Code formatting (unix instead of DOS lines, spaces instead of tabs)

Log::Dispatch::File::Rolling HISTORY

    1.09    Dependency change of 1.08 was missing from the Makefile.PL.

    1.08    Fixed dependency on Log::Dispatch::File. The change in 1.07 only
            works with 2.37 or later. For older versions of
            Log::Dispatch::File use 1.06.

    1.07    Fixed rt.cpan.org bug #89001. Seems Log::Dispatch::File changed
            its initialization procedure---and we are inheriting from it.

    1.06    Fixed a subtle bug that prevented us from locking the logfile
            after a fork if no PID was used in the filename.

            Also disabled forced double opening of the logfile at startup.
            It was in place because I didn't trust Log::Dispatch::File to
            really open the file at the right moment.

            Thanks to Peter Lobsinger for the patch. Please always wrap
            non-standard Test::* modules in eval and make your testfile
            clean up after itself... ;)

    1.05    Updated packaging for newer standards. No changes to the coding.

    1.04    Got a bug report where the file handle got closed in
            mid-execution somehow. Added a additional check to re-open it
            instead of writing to a closed handle.

    1.03    Changed the syntax of the '$' format character because I noticed
            some problems while making Log::Dispatch::File::Alerts. You need
            to change your configuration!

    1.02    No code change, just updated Makefile.PL to include correct
            author information and prerequisites.

    1.01    Someone once said "Never feed them after midnight!"---Ok, let's
            append: "Never submit any code after midnight..."

            Now it is working, I also included 4 tests.

    1.00    Initial coding

    0.99    Original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options