0.200001  2017-02-21 17:11:43+01:00 Europe/Vienna
    - fix end_to_end.t due to different return values by Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ
      (RT#102485, GH#2)
    - require Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ 2.30000
    - add encryption support
    - add reconnect support
    - add forking support
    - retry failed publish once to reconnect e.g. on broken connection due
      to server restart
    - remove class-wide connection caching
    - disconnect on shutdown

0.141470  2014-05-27 08:39:29EDT-0400 America/New_York
    - simplify connection cache key generation
    - remove obscure hash slice syntax since _connect_cached only returns one
      arg anyway
    - fix end_to_end.t test failure with Test::Net::RabbitMQ >= 0.07
    - use Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ instead of the unmaintained Net::RabbitMQ

0.102030  2010-07-22 08:47:59 EDT
    - no real changes to the code, just the build
      e.g. switching to a META.json file from a META.yml file