0.09	Tue Sep 12 13:18:58 EDT 2017
	Added output filter

0.08:	Wed Apr 19 12:49:15 EDT 2017
	Use Test::File::Contents
	Only add Net::SFTP::Foreign as a testing pre-requisite if it's going
		to be tested against
	Try to fix "S_IFFIFO is not a valid Fcntl macro"
	Fix http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/17443138-226c-11e7-a074-e1beba07c9dd

0.07:	Fri Apr 14 16:29:20 EDT 2017
	Added support to redirect STDERR, so code such as this now works:
		close STDERR;
		open(STDERR, '>>', "$tmpdir/$script_name.stderr");
	Checked it works with Log::Any

0.06	Wed Apr 12 11:22:01 EDT 2017
	Added note that it doesn't currently work with Log4perl.
	Fix RT39186 (thanks to skandranon@gmx.at)
	Added hacky support for Log::Log4perl (RT121061).
	Added CI support (Travis, Coveralls, Appveyo)

0.05	8 September 2007
	Fixes to let the test-suite run ok.  Added test for STDERR.  Thanks
	to David Cantrell for finally spotting that the test-suite was quite

0.04	6 February 2004
	Changed name to Log::WarnDie to prevent confusion Tony Charles found
	himself in.

	Added support for logging any output to STDERR as well.  Added logic
	so that errors and warnings (which usually also print to STDERR) are
	not logged twice.  Also suggested by Tony Charles.

	Added documentation about which logging levels are being used.

0.03	5 February 2004
	Argh.  Mixup in parameters for "skip" in test-suite.  Adapted the
	test-suite.  No further changes.

0.02	4 February 2004
	Changed name to Log::Dispatch::WarnDie because of possible confusion
	with Log::Log4Perl module.  Spotted by Mike Chilli.

0.01	2 February 2004
	First version of Log::ForPerl