Changelog for Lyrics::Fetcher


[*] enhanced
[+] added
[-] fixed

v0.5.2, 21/12/2010 by David Precious
[-] Clarify documentation a little, in particular for available_fetchers.
    This module needs some love.  (As do some of the fetcher modules!)

v0.5.1, 29/02/2008 by David Precious
[-] Avoid calling Lyrics::Fetcher::Cache as a fetcher module (doh)
[*] Add fetch() method to L::F::Cache in case it is called mistakenly,
    as a simple alias to L::F::Cache::get().

v0.5.0, 19/02/2008 by David Precious
[+] Added caching of already-fetched lyrics

v0.4.1, 07/06/2007 by David Precious
[-] Annoyingly I'd required Perl 5.8.7 - there's no reason for this module
    to need anything later than 5.8.0, and it should probably work on some
    older versions too.  This release should make this module easily accessible
    to more people (and to ActiveState Perl users), sometime soon I'll get a
    testing box with older Perls and test on that (anyone care to help? :))
    Also, moved Lyrics::Fetcher::AstraWeb to its own package, so that this
    fetcher manager is independent from the various fetchers.

v0.4.0, 27/05/2007 by David Precious
[+] If no specific fetcher is given to fetch(), it tries all available fetchers
    until one succeeds.  You can also give it an arrayref of fetchers to try
    (i.e. try each named fetcher in turn until one returns lyrics).
[-] AstraWeb fetcher now works again (will probably seperate fetchers from the
    base package in the next release, so fetchers can be updated without 
    updating the core Lyrics::Fetcher, and so you can pick and choose which
    fetchers you'd like to install.   Perhaps I can do a funky Makefile which
    (for interactive installs at least) asks you which fetchers you'd like, and
    adds them.)
[-] Withdrew from the package, as it doesn't seem to work any more,
    the search page we used to use seems to just redirect to
    their homepage.  When it works again I'll update the module to make it work
    and release Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricsNet seperately.
v0.3.2, 25/02/2007 by David Precious
[-] Taken over maintainership, with kind permission of previous author
[-] Fix build scripts to avoid the test failures that have been occurring
[-] Withdrew Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricsTime from the package, as it appears that is no more (not responding, last successful access by is Feb 06, so it's been out for a year :)
[-] Withdrew Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricsOnDemand from the package, as it no longer
    works - I think they've changed their site since the module was written
    (well, it was ~4 years ago!!) so it no longer works.  When I fix it, I'll
    probably re-release it in its own package, to simplify rolling out updates
    to fetchers without having to re-release the main Lyrics::Fetcher package.

As the Fetchers may need to be updated often (whenever the site they scrape
from changes) I think they should be distributed seperately from Lyrics::Fetcher,
which will not require frequent updates.

I've rolled out this version so that Lyrics::Fetcher should at least install
properly without failing tests - sometime soon I'll try to add some new features
(including the option to automatically try all available fetchers) and release
that as v0.4.0

[rather long gap in development here]

01/9/2003 by reflog
[*] enchamced make script to support dependencies

27/8/2003 by reflog
[*] test script is renewed
[-] updated the modules to represent sites' changes
[+] error reporting machanizm to the modules
[+] new sample script that shows a working app that fetches 
    lyrics from mp3 file or from a playing Xmms
[*] updated perldoc

28/7/2003 by reflog
[+] Added AstraWeb and LyricsOnDemand engines
[+] first test script

26/7/2003 by reflog
[+] Initial version