Revision history for Perl extension Lyrics::Fetcher::LyricWiki

0.20  2020/10/22
    - Deprecation stub release now LyricWiki has been shut down.

0.10  2011/01/17
    - Handle changes in site (they now HTML-encode only the start
      of the <lyrics>...</lyrics> tag, e.g. "&gt;lyrics>")

0.09  2010/12/21
    - Another failing test due to song lyric wording change.

0.08  2010/04/15
    - One test was failing, as the wording of a song lyric had changed.
      TODO: improve tests further, don't fail if we're not allowed to try
      fetching lyrics etc.

0.07  2009/10/18
    - Parsing of lyrics failed on pages where LyricWiki adds adverts for
      ringtone downloads, as it seemed to break the HTML, choking
      HTML::TagParser (and not validating against the w3c checker).
      Replace previous parsing by fetching the edit page for the song, and
      simply look for the lyrics which are presented nicely in the edit box,
      between <lyrics?>...</lyrics?> tags.
      Also, the test script was utter crap.  It's a little less crap now.

0.06  2009/09/08
    - Stupid record companies forced LyricWiki (well, now) to
      discontinue making lyrics available via the API.  Fine, I'll just parse
      the lyrics from the HTML. 

0.05  2008/03/18
    - Run on prehistoric Perl 5.005, and some Kwalitee tweaks.
0.04  2008/01/14
    - Add META.yml, and POD tests

0.03  2007/06/07
    - don't require perl 5.8.7 as that's unnecessary - it should work with
      any 5.8 perl.
0.02  2007/05/29
    - documentation fixes - rushed first version out and left references to
      Lyrics::Fetcher::AZLyrics in there!
0.01  2007/05/13
	- original version