Revision history for MIDI-Tweaks

1.01	2017-04-24

	Fix test 89.
	Move development to GitHub.

1.00	2017-04-20

	Revamp. Fix test failures for Perl 5.26+. 

0.07    2008-08-04 22:27
	sanity: Detect double and open notes.
	midi-dump: Use more controller names.
	Use float number for non-int tempo.

0.06    2008-07-27 22:58
	midi-dump: Many tests for different sigs and changes.

0.05    2008-07-13 23:23
	Add midi-dump utility.

0.04    2008-07-13 16:43
	Add MIDI::Tweaks::is_channel_event.
	Add MIDI::Tweaks::Opus::change_tempo.
	Add MIDI::Tweaks::Opus::change_pitch.
	Add MIDI::Track::change_pitch.
	Add MIDI::Track::channel.
	Replace write_to_file with write_to_handle.
	Report track numbers and channels starting with one, not zero.
	Improve program logic and docs.
	Provide usefull tool, midi-tweak.

0.03    2008-07-02 14:21
	Improve program logic and docs.
	Make less obfuscated by using better variable names.

0.02    2008-06-25 16:47
	Removed the use of "package MIDI::Track" since that is
	prohibited by the CPAN indexer.

0.01    2008-06-25 10:27
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.