Revision history for MMS-Mail-Provider-UK02

0.08	06-Jul-2006 / 19:17
	Added improved video attachment recognition
0.07	13-Mar-2006 / 14:37
	Changed phone number retrieval based on patch submitted from C May
0.06    13-Jan-2006 / 17:50
        Updated dependancies to include version numbers for MMS classes
0.05	09-Jan-2006 / 16:05
	Improved pod
	Modified to use new MMS::Mail::Message::Parsed interface
	Updated README
0.04	29-Sep-2005 / 11:25
	Improved pod by adding formatting codes
0.03	26-Sep-2005 / 10:30
	Modified retrieve_phone_number to use header_from property instead of from to relect removal of this property from MMS::Message::Parsed class
	Added a $skiptext variable to not include mime parts of type text/plain that include $skiptext
        Modified class to use body_text instead of defunct text
	Modified class to populate header_subject
0.02    22-Sep-2005 / 15:00
        Uses correct retrieve_phone_number method rather than calling devel version _retrieve_phone_number
0.01    17-Sep-2005 / 16:10
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.