Revision history for Perl extension MOSES::MOBY.

	* Bug fix: primitives with 'false' perl values
	  were not serialized properly.

    * Fix to script. typos
      found in script(thanks Hong-Jie Dai).

    * updated the xpath statement in the testing
      service script. Change should persist until
      the XML generated by MOSES for analysis events

    Fix to script. typo
    found in script.

    - Bug fix: when 
      polling async services, didn't actually
      poll correctly if you had multiple query
      IDs for a single service invocation ID.
      The first queryID was polled and when
      it completed, the script assumed all of
      the invocations were completed.
    - (thx to Pieter Neerincx)
        * Moved the POST request out of the foreach
          $queryID loop.
        * Added the name of the element "analysis_event"
          to $xpath.
        * Moved the sleep(20) out of the &_check_status
        * Added a diagnostic message for the die
          statement when we cant find our event id.
        * Moved some messages for "verbose" info in
          &_check_status, so the script always reports
          the job status whether a job has completed
          or not.
        * I also added $queryID to the verbose messaging
          so the script reports which job that status
          message corresponded to...

0.92 Oct 13, 2009
    *** Notes for this release ***
        The service template has been updated.
        The update mainly affects async service
        implementations. The easiest thing to do
        is to backup your async service 
        implementations and re-generate them.
        Only do this if you had problems with 
        erratic service behaviour in the past!
    - Bug fix: Can't use string ("<moby:MOBY
      xmlns:moby="http://ww") as a HASH ref while 
      "strict refs" in use ... when testing CGI 
    - Bug fix: when namespace checking in our
      service implementation, if no namespace
      is passed, our code produces warnings ...
      added check to ensure that namespace is
      defined before checking. 
    - when testing async services, added a line
      to print out the LSAE event message if it
      exists and if the script is running under
      verbose settings.
    - Bug fix: Central->_createServiceFromXML had
      Category as category
    - added some code to the that aides
      in updating a services LSAE event states.
	- Updated the Makefile.PL to handle some missing 
	- bug fix: fixed the unsuccessful stat on filename
	  warning in
	- updated the categories in
	- updated Makefile.PL to reflect dependency upgrades
	  and versioning
	- bug fix: when sending data with newlines on
	  a WinOS, \r was causing problems with the
	  incoming message.
	- bug fix: was truncating
	  the message sent to an async POST service.
	- bug fix: when datatypes contained a dash, they
	  were inadvertently converted to underscore,
	  resulting in incorrect typing 

	- The tag MOBY was missing in the async cgi
	  response for 'results'.
	- updated some documentation

	- Added support for Asynchronous POST services.
	  moses-service-tester, moses-generate-services,
	  and moses-install all have been updated.
	- fixed a string append bug where '+' was used
	  instead of '.'
	- added support for Asynchronous moby services
	  * added async option to
	  * added async option to
	  * created an async dispatcher template
	    AsyncMobyServer.cgi in the shared folder
	  * created an async template skeleton module
	    for async modules.
	  * added another service table for async services  
	- added a missing use statement for DateTime in
	- swapped IO::Scalar with IO::String (for performance
	- applied patch to (thanks to Kenny Billiau).
	  patch caches file paths once found instead of looking
	  repeatedly for them.
	- MOSES::MOBY::Cache::Registries::init used to do a file
	  read each time a new Registries object was instantiated.
	  Not the case anymore.
	- fixed bug: 
	    Services that consume/output primitives didn't have the
	    proper 'use' statements. 

.86 Sun May 11 
	- fixed a bug in one of the test cases.
.85 Fri May 9 7:52:35 2008
	- fixed a bug in that created xrefs 
	and called non-existent method isSimpleXref.
	- added namespace checking for inputs. It is
	inserted into impl code that is generated, but
	is commented out.
	- added $VERSION to every module. As a result,
	some of the modules have large increments in
	version numbers with little changes to back up
	the jump. Sorry.
	- added support for 'cgi' category moby services
	- updated the makefile to correctly identify the
	version of IO::Prompt to use so that users dont
	have to downgrade when they accidently install
	the wrong version (i.e. 0.99.4)
	- added a new -R option to the generate-* scripts.
	This option allows you to specify a registry URL
	to use when generating moses scripts.

.84 Tue Dec 11 7:52:35 2007
	- updated the default moby url to be the 
	  new ucalgary one because the one hosted 
        at icapture died
	- made the default 'SAX' parser XML::LibXML.
	  This isn't really a SAX parser, but it 
        seems to be the only reliable option

.82 Tue Sept 4 10:21:26 2007
	- updated the documentation to make
        certain things more clear.
      - fixed a bug that caused dos line breaks
        to appear in generated code
      - created a new script that adds/removes
        user defined registries from the file
      - modified MOSES::MOBY::Cache::Registries
        and added 2 subs, one for adding 
        registries and the other for removing

.81  Wed Aug 22 10:21:26 2007
	- found errors in the MOSES/
	  pod doc and fixed them
.80  Mon Jul 30 10:21:26 2007
	- original version