Revision history for Perl extension MP3::Daemon

+ means it still needs to be done
- means it's done

1.00  TODO
    + MP3::Daemon::Simple && MP3::Daemon::PIMP and both their
      clients will be nice to use.
    + freeze ls semantics
    + implement "playOffList" 
      [requested by Marc Lehmann]
    + make all methods that do $player->load more robust
      when they encounter bad mp3s.
    + improve error messages
      use syslog or some other logging mechanism?
      `perldoc Sys::Syslog`

0.63  Sun Feb  3 09:34:23 PST 2002
    - fixed a bug where if random playing were turned on
      and the playlist only had one song, it would lock up.
    - added latest bin/pimp

0.62  Sat Dec 29 01:49:51 PST 2001
    - forgot to include an updated Changes file :-P

0.61  Sat Dec 29 01:47:34 PST 2001
    - added support for `mp3 loop`
      which lets you change the playlist's looping behaviour.
      Valid values are "all", "single", and "off".
    - helpful information will be displayed via the
      following commands.
      mp3 -h
      mp3 --help
      mp3 help

0.60  Wed Jul 25 13:58:39 PDT 2001
    - fixed a serious bug in the randomization code that could
      cause bad things to happen.
    - added atExit() method which behaves a lot like
      the C function atexit()
      made the new() and spawn() methods use named parameters:
      socket_path => for specifying where in the filesystem to
      map the socket to, and at_exit => which is an option arg
      where one can give coderefs for the destructor to execute.
    - changed bin/mp3 to call spawn w/ the new calling conventions.
    - also made bin/mp3 tell the MP3::Daemon it spawns to delete
      the pid file that bin/mp3 made when it DESTROYs itself.
    - added a kill command to bin/mp3
    - I found out that Audio::Play::MPG123 hangs when you try to
      pause or stop when it's already stopped.  I accomodated for
      that in MP3::Daemon::Simple.
    - added THANKS, because gratitude needs to be expressed.

0.54  Mon Jul 23 09:23:34 PDT 2001
    - made bin/mp3 create a pid_file for the server process.
    - added a public service announcement to INSTALL
      regarding the proper configuration of the CPAN shell
    - minor code and doc tweaks

0.53  Wed Jul 11 12:00:07 PDT 2001
    - leave statfreq() alone when instantiating A:P:MPG123.
      let subclasses define statfreq policy, instead.
    - updated the README* files
    - made a site to describe MP3::Daemon
    - put on freshmeat

0.52  Mon Jul  9 07:26:45 PDT 2001
    - added a random play feature to MP3::Daemon::Simple
      [ requested by Sean E McSherry ]
    - added 'rand' command to bin/mp3
    - documented it
    - changed permission on socket to 0600 (instead of 0700).
      There's no need to execute it, after all.

0.51  Mon Jun  4 21:19:06 MDT 2001
    - implemented &MP3::Daemon::idle method, and
      wrote POD for it.
      [ for Patrik Tschudin ]

0.50  ( special collectors' edition release)
    - in, add $SIG{__DIE__} to the list of signals
      that gets intercepted.
    - move to 0.50, because half of it is done.
      It'll be 1.0 when MP3::Daemon::PIMP is sufficiently mature.
    - put on sourceforge

0.06  Mon Feb  5 01:15:07 MST 2001
    - fixing documentation to be more accurate
    - added a stub for MP3::Daemon::PIMP
    - added a stub for bin/pimp
      (actually it's the original undaemonized pimp)
    - write documentation on how to subclass MP3::Daemon
    - use MP3::Info in MP3::Daemon::Simple to
      augment the "ls" information
      [requested by Rene Mueller]
    - allow regular expression filter on "ls"
      [requested by Rene Mueller]
    - changed "mp3 del" to delete current track when
      no track is specified.  It used to delete the
      last track.
    - added ls -f
    - added INSTALL instructions

0.05  Fri Feb  2 09:43:02 MST 2001
    - made MP3::Daemon a base-class for others to subclass.
    - made MP3::Daemon::Simple what MP3::Daemon used to be
    - updated /bin/mp3 to use M:D:S
    - changed ./ex to default to use M:D:Pimp.
      If you want to experiment with M:D:Simple, run it as
      ./ex Simple

0.04  Tue Jan 30 04:41:16 MST 2001
    - wrote POD for bin/mp3 and
    - changed the behaviour of del such that it'll go loop back to the
      beginning if the last track is deleted.
    - fixed a bug where "mp3 play 0" would be interpreted as 
      "mp3 play" which is not the same thing.
    - changed the format of the info that info() and time()
      return to be more human-readable.
    - del can now handle negative indices
    - made pod2usage output to STDOUT.  I didn't realize
      it was going to STDERR.
    - play now knows about negative indices, too

0.03  Sun Jan 28 00:26:48 MST 2001
    - changed the behaviour of play
      only takes 0 or 1 parameter
      if parameter is a non-negative integer, play the track at that index,
      else add it to the end of the playlist and start playing it.
    - changed the behaviour of del
      no parameters deletes the last track from the playlist.
      multiple parameters deletes multiple tracks
    - ls now indicates current track with /^>/
    - added time() which tells you
      time elapsed
      time left
      time total
    - added a bunch of shortcuts in bin/mp3
    - removed debugging noise
    - del() correctly reindexes itself
    - made it so that only certain methods can be invoked
      by clients.

0.02  Tue Jan 23 20:57:31 MST 2001
    - fleshed out
    - added bin/mp3 which is the client
    - Tue Jan 23 10:03:58 MST 2001
      Got back to doing some serious work on this.
    - Using IO::Socket::UNIX for communication.
    - Made the server non-blocking.
    - added all sorts of commands
    - fixed all kinds of bugs
    - ff and rw

0.01  Thu Dec 14 05:34:11 MST 2000
    - original version;