Revision history for Perl extension MP3::Find.

0.07  7 Jun 2011
    - fixed tests that were failing due to a bad test plan

0.06  11 Jul 2006
    - deprecated the create_db, update_db, and sync_db methods
    - databases can be selected by a custom DSN or an already open database handle

0.05  28 Apr 2006
    - mp3find searches in ID3v2 tags if MP3::Tag is available
    - using Sort::Key for sorting of results (if available)

0.04  2 Apr 2006
    - BUGFIX: fixed tests that were failing because the test mp3 was not included
    - added "status_callback" option to DB backend constructor

0.03  27 Mar 2006
    - added "exclude_path" option to filesystem backend
    - added "sync_db" method to the DB backend
    - added support for searching by ID3v2 tag (using MP3::Tag)

0.02  1 Feb 2006
    - doc updates to MP3::Find (thanks to Mike Slass for the suggestion)
    - added a test suite for the DB backend
    - DB management functions are now in the DB backend
    - rewrote (and documented) mp3db to use the new DB backend functions

0.01  29 Jan 2006
    - first CPAN release