Revision history for MQUL

2.001000  2015-06-17 11:17:15+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Feature: added support for the $and keyword in queries

2.000001  2015-02-19 00:36:41+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Bugfix: functions generating dynamic attributes are only called if
		  there are actually any values to call them on. If there aren't any,
		  the dynamically calculated attribute will hold an undefined value.

2.000000  2015-02-02 00:45:54+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Changed the way dynamically calculated attributes work, now they
		  are defined in a third parameter to doc_matches(), which allows
		  for greater flexibility, and also calculating attributes from other
		  calculated attributes. See "DYNAMICALLY CALCULATED ATTRIBUTES" under
		- More dynamic functions added, such as $diff, $sum, $product, etc.

1.000000  2015-01-19 22:27:07+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Added support for the dot notation in queries, to query sub-fields,
		  even in dynamically calculated functions
		- Bumped version to 1.0.0

0.004000	2013-12-19 01:08:11 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Added support for dynamically calculated "fake attributes",
		  such as min(attr1, attr2, attr3), that can be queried as if
		  they were true attributes of the document. See MongoDB::Reference.

0.003000	2011-08-14 23:49:28 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Added support for comparing MongoDB::OID objects and MorboDB::OID
		  objects (MorboDB is an in-memory database mostly-compatible
		  with MongoDB, available via CPAN)

0.002000	2011-08-12 01:39:48 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Fixed bug when checking for equality (or regex matching) of false
		  values like 0 or the empty string

0.001001	2011-06-08 14:34:21 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Minor documentation fixes and improvements

0.001000	2011-06-07 22:52:06 Asia/Jerusalem
		- Initial commit