Revision history for Mac-PropertyList-SAX

0.01    2006-06-18T17:25
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2006-06-19T11:01
        Minor changes, including copy-and-paste error fixes and actually
        including the plist files for the tests in the MANIFEST so the whole
        package gets built.

0.03    2006-06-19T11:16
        DOCTYPE declarations in test files were pointing to local paths that do
        not exist on a non-Macintosh system; I changed these local paths to This points out a
        (perhaps unfortunate) consequence of using a real XML parser: it (at
        least by default) needs access to the DTDs, which are usually on the

0.04    2006-07-10T12:35
        Itty-bitty little changes, including fixing VERSION in pod, removing an
        unused state enumeration, and fixing tabs and dates in Changes.

0.05    2006-07-20T12:14
        Added pod-coverage test for higher Kwalitee; removed test on XML
        version 0.9, which is not supported by some XML parsers (removing a
        test doesn't seem right, but I can't guarantee that the parser I get
        will support XML 0.9, since I'm using XML::SAX::ParserFactory).

0.06    2007-03-26T22:00
        Updated META.yml to 1.2 spec; fixed version discrepancy between pm and
        META.yml; added license 'perl' to META.yml.

0.07    2007-03-27T22:49
        Implement create_from_hash and create_from_array (generically as
        create_from_ref) recursively, providing functionality that
        Mac::PropertyList did not have.

0.08    2007-03-27T23:00
        Fix incorrect Changes date; include missing test for create_from_ref.

0.09    2007-03-27T23:40
        I don't really like releasing *this* much ... removed forgotten and
        unnecessary stringification overload of Mac::PropertyList::Scalar that
        caused PAUSE-indexer errors.

0.50    2007-04-06T18:46
        Fixed various small bugs, improved quality of plist-generation code,
        reduced code duplication, updated tests, reformatted code, matched
        Mac::PropertyList behavior better, updated exports, clarified POD, and
        marked as 0.50 (signifiying a beta considered stable, nearly ready for

0.60    2007-04-06T22:18
        Changed behavior with respect to Mac::PropertyList -- leading and
        trailing whitespace in values is no longer stripped. Updated t/write.t
        to test this as a side-effect of successive deserialization and
        reserialization. This behavior may need to be revisited, since certain
        datatypes like "integer" may benefit from whitespace modifications. As
        a result of these modifications, this module no longer depends on
        Text::Trim. See CAVEATS in the POD for more details.

0.61    2007-04-07T12:55
        Finally fixed the lack of LICENSE; updated old code like 'use vars' to
        use newer Perl idioms; inlined functions that due to recent refactoring
        were being called only once; reformatted code. Fixed dependency lists,
        which were incorrect because I was modifying META.yml (generated)
        instead of Makefile.PL. No behavioral changes.

0.62    2007-08-18T11:21
        Fixed typographical errors; unified tabbing in Changes; subclassed
        Mac::PropertyList:: types to allow setting useful overloads for them.

0.63    2007-08-24T22:50
        Oops. Version 0.62 could break things that check ->isa on
        Mac::PropertyList objects, and the new objects weren't being used
        consistently anyway. I think I've got it now.

0.64    2007-11-24T19:34
        No functionality changes. Switched to Module::Install for installation;
        fixed a typo; made POD more concise.

0.70    2007-12-06T12:11
        Rewrote POD for clarity and conciseness; added some function aliases;
        potentially improved performance by ceasing to naively read in entire
        file before starting a parse; made boolean objects descendants of
        Object::MultiType (a new dependency) for ease of use in a boolean
        context while maintaining backward compatibility and stringification;
        removed dependence on unnecessary module UNIVERSAL::isa. Added
        t/overload.t, which checks boolean and stringification overloads.

0.80    2008-07-19T02:06
        Removed globally-pollutive dependency on; addressed
        roundtripping of XML entities (thanks to Jon Connell) and added tests.

0.81    2008-07-19T09:35
        Removed false dependency on in Makefile.PL.

0.82    2008-08-21T15:14
        create_from_ref() entity serialization was addressed in 0.80, but
        plist_as_string() still output invalid XML. Thanks goes again to Jon Connell.

0.83    2008-09-26T09:56
        XML::SAX::ParserFactory might not return an XML-capable parser, so
        start depending on XML::SAX::Expat and let the user change that
        dependency at runtime with an environment variable if necessary.

0.84    2008-11-23T11:54
        Require LWP for test, since XML::Parser needs to fetch entity
        definitions from the web.

0.85    2010-12-04T11:10
        Integrate bug fix from Bion Pohl / Thanks !

0.86    2017-06-24T13:23-07:00
        Delegate binary plist handling to Mac::PropertyList, resolving RT