===== ChangeLog of Mail::Box version 2.*

Limitations to be fixed:
 - when lines are over 997 chars, then the transfer-encoding should
   automatically change from 'none' into 'quoted-printable' or 'base64'

version 2.120: Wed 21 Sep 16:41:23 CEST 2016

	- revert change of parts(), because it breaks code/the tests.
	  rt.cpan.org#118016 [Tom Callaway]

version 2.119: Mon Sep 19 22:49:50 CEST 2016

	- Mail::Message::parts() did not return the $msg itself when
	  there are multiparts. [Peter Gunn]
	- Cygwin is not windows.  rt.cpan.org#115286
	- include examples in the man-pages

	- require perl 5.8.5
	- ::MailDir scans faster with tainting off
	- larger Mail::Message::build() example in SYNOPSIS [Andrew Beverley]
	- $msg->build options file and files now exactly the same.
	- indicate what ::Field::attributes() may return dupplicated
	  keys.  rt.cpan.org #114589 [Randy Diffenderfer]

version 2.118: Thu Feb 26 12:52:42 CET 2015

	- imap: reconstruction of foldername from url should be kept
	  in folderdir.
	  rt.cpan.org#82983 [Rotkraut]
	- ::Body::Scalar::file() did not construct ::FastScalar correctly
	  [Andrew Beverley]
	- fix attribute continuations
	  rt.cpan.org#90342 [Claus Jeppesen]

	- accept blanks in some Content-* fields
	  rt.cpan.org#99183 [Randy Diffenderfer]

version 2.117: Sun Aug 24 15:19:01 CEST 2014

	- missed a line from the patch of
	  rt.cpan.org#98225 [Andrew Beverley]

version 2.116: Sat Aug 23 11:27:16 CEST 2014

	- add Mail::Transport::SMTP->new(esmtp_options) and
	  rt.cpan.org#97630 [Andrew Beverley]
	- add Mail::Transport::SMTP->new(from)
	  rt.cpan.org#97636 [Andrew Beverley]
	- ::Field::Date parse support for numeric months (format used
	  by some broken clients/Yahoo auto-responder)
	  rt.cpan.org#98255 [Andrew Beverley]

version 2.115: Wed May 28 15:27:48 CEST 2014

	- All regression tests pass on Windows!
	  [Markus Spann]

version 2.114: Thu May  8 10:49:17 CEST 2014

	- check for Test::Pod on Windows [cpantesters]
	- do not break PATH in test.pl on Windows [Markus Spann]
	- fix ::Locker::POSIX "read-only" error in Perl >5.18.2 [Jim In Aus]

version 2.113: Wed Apr 16 14:07:37 CEST 2014

	- revert change which replaced IO::File by open($fh), because it
	  does not support tell in Perl 5.10  [Scott Smedley]

version 2.112: Fri Mar 14 13:18:57 CET 2014

	- do not attempt POSIX lock on Windows [Christian Walde]

	- ::Field::Date do not attempt to restore TZ with undef.
	  [Andrew Beverley]
	- many regression test fixes for Windows [Christian Walde]

	- Mail::Transport::SMTP uses Net::SMTP which sometimes needs
	  Net::STMPS being installed. [Scott Smedley]

version 2.111: Fri Jan 24 11:21:30 CET 2014

	- do not explicitly clean-up head and body during DESTROY of a
	  message, because those may be reused in other messages.
	  Fix for rebuild bug, reported by [Andrew Beverley]
	- open files in ::Body::File with :raw, not to corrupt line-
	  endings on Windows. rt.cpan.org#92374 [Joseph Strom]

	- add dispositionFilename to replacement text of deleted parts
	  [Mark Nienberg]
	- change documentation syntax

version 2.110: Sun Jan  5 18:50:59 CET 2014

	- ::Field::Date must compute in UTC [Andrew Beverley]
	- ::Field::Date negated -0600 timestamp [Andrew Beverley]
	- ::Field::Attribute should allow blanks around the '='
	  rt.cpan.org#90035 [Max Bowsher]
	- ::dispositionFilename() should use a study()d header
	  rt.cpan.org#90342 [Claus Jeppesen]
	- begin :html in ::Box-Index

	- add Mail::Message::Construct::Rebuild::removeExtraAlternativeText()
	  Implemented by [Andrew Beverley]

version 2.109: Mon Aug 19 12:55:30 CEST 2013

	- ::Field::Date format may lack leading 0 in the hour.
	  rt.cpan.org#86716 [Andrew Beverley]
	- ::Field::Date format, rare time formats use dots in time, not
	  colon.  It is illegal, but safe to support.
	  rt.cpan.org#86864 [Andrew Beverley]
	- ::MBox, pass non-default subfolder extension to siblings.
	  rt.cpan.org#87912 [James Wright]

	- spell fixes rt.cpan.org#86450 [Salvatore Bonaccorso]

version 2.108: Tue Jun 25 09:21:59 CEST 2013

	- Mail::Box::Locker::FcntlLock cannot set l_pid, read only

	- use Devel::GlobalDestruction
	  rt.cpan.org#80611 [Ribasushi]

	- imap4: support TLS
	  rt.cpan.org#82990 [Rolf Krahl]

version 2.107: Wed Nov 28 12:25:59 CET 2012


	- unset $ENV{PERLIO} in test.pl and open more files explicitly
	  as ":raw"
	  [Thomas Krichel]

	- script/mailbox2html contained a few errors like '$ENV{}' (vars
	  inside single quotes)  [John Delacour]

	- ::POP3s should use ::POP3::Message (without 's') [Gabriel Reyes]

	- folder->new(message_type) documentation was mistaken about the


	- add $date to Mail::Transport::IMAP4::appendMessage()
	  rt.cpan.org#79680 [Daniel Westermann-Clark]

	- remove Mail::Transport::Dbx from the optional extensions: too
	  old. [John Delacour]

version 2.106: Wed Aug 15 23:49:44 CEST 2012


	- $field->study did not handle trailing new-lines correctly.

	- perl 5.16 complains about overload +0, which should have
	  been 0+    rt.cpan.org@77997 [Toby Inkster]

	- resolved warning in test tests/30encode/90body.t


	- new method $part->partNumber()

version 2.105: Mon May  7 09:09:23 CEST 2012


	- warn when transfer-encoding is done without explicit charset.
	  This flags hard to find bugs in message construction.
	  Original bug discovered by [Andrew Beverely]


	- added tests/30encode/50charset.t

	- add overloading to ::Field::Attribute objects, used in study()

	- $body->decoded is now optimized when a conversion is needed
	  between charsets which are aliases of each other, or spelled

version 2.104: Mon Apr 23 16:51:29 CEST 2012


	- ::Body::decoded() seems to work only for plain/text.  Not ok.

version 2.103: Fri Apr 20 10:01:35 CEST 2012


	- time() calculation in ::Field::Date had time-zone effect

	- email address phrase parsing should decode (=???=) in
	  ::Field::Full (study)
	  Detected by [Andrew Beverley]
	- replace 'length' by 'defined' to check whether a maildir message
	  has flags.
	  Reported by [Steven Preston]

	- $msg->decoded did not behave as $msg->body->decoded. Repaired.

	- rebuild did not handle removal of all parts of a multipart
	  correctly.  Reported by [Andrew Beverley]

	- decoding some encoded headers with study()

	- fix "skip tests" logic during installation.


	- add contentId() to body objects.
	  [Gordon Haveland]

	- skip empty alternatives of multiparts.
	  Detected by [Andrew Beverley]

	- no 'undefined' warning in ::Field::Date when a date does
	  not have a day-of-week or timezone.

version 2.102: Wed Jan  4 09:31:51 CET 2012


	- regex which matched attributes dumped core on hugh attributes.
	  rt.cpan.org#69414 [Yanyan Yang]

	- document generation fixes.


	- correct synopsis of ::Thread::Manager

	- ::Thread::Node::threadToString uses study() on subject

version 2.101: Thu Aug 25 10:16:03 CEST 2011


	- multipart's-part content-type could remove some attributes
	  rt.cpan.org#69516 [Yanyan Yang]

	- filenames in content-disposition fields are sometimes charset
	  encoded (not supported by the RFCs)  Decode them.
	  [Thomas Karcher]

	- example how to use $msg->moveTo() was wrong. [Flash]


	- use the Net::Domain::hostfqdn() for the creation of unique
	  message-ids if libnet is installed.
	  rt.cpan.org#69803 [Christoph 'Mehdorn' Weber]

version 2.099: Thu Jul  7 16:02:38 CEST 2011


	- body() of structured studied fields failed.


	- add overloading of comparison to Mail::Message::Field::Address
	  objects.  Triggered by [Andrew Beverley]

	- implement study on date fields.

version 2.098: Thu Mar 17 09:01:36 CET 2011


	- accept mbox message separators from the 60's, because mozilla
	  uses 1-1-1965 as default separator when importing mail.
	  rt.cpan.org#65572 [Willi Mann]

	- accept mbox message separators from the upcoming 20's

	- Mail::Transport::POP3 has use_ssl setting too late [Mark Delany]

	- Mail::Transport::IMAP4 folder create produced "use of
	  undefined". rt.cpan.org#66001 [Willi Mann]

	- Error message when stringifying a studied empty field.
	  rt.cpan.org#66381 [Florian]

	- do not split headers for encoded components which contain
	  blanks (which is illegal) reported by [Florian]


	- maildir: do not remove :2, from the filename if there are
	  no flags. [Mikolaj Kucharski]

version 2.097: Wed Jan 26 16:11:41 CET 2011


	- override Mail::Transport::Sendmail destinations included
	  original destinations.
	  rt.cpan.org#64266 [Andrew Beverley]


	- added examples/strip-spam-markup.pl by [Gary Funck]

	- do not hardcode perl version in test.pl, hopefully resolving many
	  cpantesters complaints.

	- randomize boundary string to avoid (undemonstrated) security risks
	  with boundary guessing.

	- manual pages produced with new version of OODoc, producing more
	  condensed output.

version 2.096: Tue Nov  9 10:04:25 CET 2010


	- allow dot in username for pop/imap (probably used by someone)
	  [Jim Cromie]


	- spelling fixes
	  rt.cpan.org#59061 [Salvatore Bonaccorso]

	- implement Mail::Box::POP3s [Jim Cromie]
	- do not run test-scripts with -T, because modern TAP::Harness
	  uses PERL5LIB which is disabled by the flag.

version 2.095: Fri Jul  2 11:17:35 CEST 2010


	- permit additional colons in maildir filenames.
	  rt.cpan.org #58534 [Stefan Kangas]

	- maildir messages in the 'new' queue will not get ":2,", as in
	  mutt. rt.cpan.org#58550 [Stefan Kangas]

	- fix handling of messages with empty bodys. Had mild consequences
	  to multipart preamble and prelude processing.
	  rt.cpan.org#58544 [Stefan Kangas]


	- spelling fixes
	  rt.cpan.org#56678 [Salvatore Bonaccorso]

version 2.094: Tue Apr  6 11:17:15 CEST 2010


	- parse address phrase with line fold in ::Full:Addresses
	  rt.cpan.org#55309 [Diomidis Spinellis]

	- handle empty preambles and postludes in multiparts even
	  very strict, because the may be signed.
	  rt.cpan.org#54529 [John Gardiner Myers]


	- fix documentation on use of Mail::Message::Head::build()
	  and a few more minor documentation errors.  [Kiss Gabor]

	- $msg->reply fallback to From address, not only Reply-To

	- add example/unpack.pl

	- added install configuration choice "none". Also control
	  via environment variables.

	- spelling fixes.
	  rt.cpan.org#53127 [Salvatore Bonaccorso]

version 2.093: Thu Dec 24 17:02:06 CET 2009


version 2.093: Thu Dec 24 17:02:06 CET 2009


version 2.093: Thu Dec 24 17:02:06 CET 2009


	- rewrite of Mail::Message::Full:decode(), because original
	  trick for blank removal kept on biting me.  Now implemented
	  without trick.
	  rt.cpan.org#52600 [Dmitry Bigunyak]

	- make text/plain default when a body is created, as promised
	  by the documentation.
	  rt.cpan.org#52278 [Dmitry Bigunyak]

	- add toplevel() to ::Body::Multipart and ::Body::Nested to
	  support reply() called on message parts.

	- fix tests-script to make MIME::Entity cleanup the msg-* files
	  in the tests/ directory.


	- rewrite of SYNOPSIS for Mail::Message::Field::Addresses
	  rt.cpan.org#43703 [Dmitry Bigunyak]

	- added Mail::Box::Locker::FcntlLock, contributed by Jim In Aus
	  rt.cpan.org#48568 [Jim in Aus]

	- support additional headers to a reply message.

	- added explanation of character-set "PERL" for a ::Body
	  (suggested by [Dmitry Bigunyak])

version 2.092: Fri Nov 20 16:13:46 CET 2009


	- do not set all signal handlers to "exit(0)"
	  rt.cpan.org#50433 [Slaven Rezic]

	- do not enforce the use of /usr/bin/perl in the test-scripts,
	  but use the perl which is selected via the path.

version 2.091: Sun Sep  6 23:54:17 CEST 2009


	- Another fix to thread detection start where first message
	  is not found.  rt.cpan.org#40347 [Florian]

	- translate '_' to blank when charset not known.
	  rt.cpan.org#41661 [Florian]

	- no "undef" for field Content-Length with empty message bodies.
	  [Daniel Richard G.]

	- Mail::Message::Body::eol() with parameter sometimes did not
	  return a body but a character.
	  rt.cpan.org#49334 [Brian McCauley]

	- Mail::Message::Body::eol() should add \n to last texts line
	  if it is missing.
	  rt.cpan.org#49362 [Brian McCauley]


	- better "From " message separator line generated when converting
	  messages for Mbox storage. Written by [Daniel Richard G.]

version 2.090: Tue Jun  2 11:56:28 CEST 2009


	- second attempt to use Encode to do base64/qp encoding in
	  Mail::Message::Field::Full,  This time with test script.
	  [Alexander Averyanov]

	- Mail::Box::Locker::POSIX lock did always succeed.
	  rt.cpan.org#46003 [Rainer Schöpf] via Debian#528364

	- Maildir accept lower-case flags
	  rt.cpan.org#42182 [Hardaker]

	- Message parser needlessly required read access to folders.
	  rt.cpan.org #46388 [Mike Ekberg]

version 2.089: Mon Apr 20 21:00:34 CEST 2009


	- do not restart parser after folder write, which could end-up in
	  empy folders if mode=='w' [Reinier Post]

	- fix takemail script for Mbox.
	  rt.cpan.org#44439 [Reinier Post]

	- alternative option names for 'file' in various lockers, needed
	  to be able to use them in the multi-locker.  Needed by [Mark Hedges]

	- use Encode to do base64/qp encoding in Mail::Message::Field::Full,
	  which handles multibyte characters correctly.  Patch by
	  [Alexander Averyanov]

version 2.088: Thu Mar 19 08:54:31 CET 2009


	- ::Parser::Perl should call binmode() as method on the file-
	  handle to work. [Ashwini Singh]

	- pre-created locker object cannot be passed to Mail::Box::open()
	  because its creation requires a Mail::Box object. [Mark Hedges]

	- recover from illegal phrases in email addresses, for studied
	  fields in Mail::Message::Field::Addresses [Robert Bruccole]

	- require Date::Format, introduced in 2.082 [cpantesters]


	- specify encoding type of character-set (q or b) with
	  Mail::Message::Field::Address objects.
	  Requested by [Alexander Averyanov]

	- default mail box locker object should use the same logging
	  settings as the mail box itself.  Spotted by [Mark Hedges]

	- the existence of Mail/Makefile.PL was an accident.

version 2.087: Tue Feb  3 12:41:10 CET 2009


	- more character-decoding errors in field study.
	  rt.cpan.org#41661 [Florian]

	- username in folder URL must get decoded as well, to allow
	  '@' signs and colons in the usernames.
	  rt.cpan.org#41976 [Matt S Trout]

	- accept unknown flags for Maildir.
	  rt.cpan.org#42182 [Wes Hardaker]


	- add DIGEST-MD5 and LOGIN to the AUTO search list of IMAP4.
	  Triggered by rt.cpan.org#42136 [Alexander Thoukydides]

	- add warnings on two spots that message labels may get lost
	  when moving them to an other folder type.

	- use external file for body after 100kB, not 10kB.  Should
	  improve on performance.

version 2.086: Thu Dec 11 11:55:32 CET 2008


	- require Encode 2.26 (there are so many distributions which
	  older versions of Encode which contain serious flaws)


	- sort optional module names in Makefile.PL

version 2.085: Thu Dec 11 11:25:52 CET 2008


	- message disappeared when ::Manager::moveMessages() had to move
	  messages to the folder it already was in.
	  rt.cpan.org#40198 [Florian]

	- leave encodings in unknown charsets untouched, in stead of
	  croacking in studied header fields (M::M::Field::Full).
	  rt.cpan.org#40353 [Florian]

	- thread detection with missing messages croaks in multiple ways:.
	  rt.cpan.org#40347 [Florian]

	- if character-set is unknown, then still returned un-decoded
	  body for decoding(). [IIM1468]

	- encoding into binary transfer-encoding failed. [IIM1473]


	- updated README, as suggested by [Anton Berezin]

	- understand unicode-1-1-utf-[78] charset

	- documention improvements on study() [Florian]

version 2.084: Fri Sep 26 16:44:51 CEST 2008


	- no questions asked about Mail::Box::Parser::C; it is not
	  really maintained as it should... but probably still works
	  in most cases.


	- change in TAP::Harness shows missing TAP::Parser::Aggregator
	  in test.pl rt.cpan.org#39264 [Jerrad Pierce]

	- removed (@) prototype on Mail::Internet::new replacement,
	  because it produces a warning on 5.10

version 2.083: Tue Sep  2 09:41:19 CEST 2008


	- FIX CHARACTER-SET HANDLING.  When a new body is created,
	  it will get charset 'PERL', which means: Perl internal
	  representation.  Also the decoded() body is of that.	As part
	  of a message, the body with be translated into real utf-8.

	  This change will make Mail::Box slower, but correct!  Check
	  your applications!   Use $msg->decoded when you process the

	- removed $msg->decoded option 'keep', because decoded object
	  depends on temporary decoding parameters.


	- use File::Temp, not POSIX::tmpnam, to work around Windows
	  bug.  rt.cpan.org#35747 [Ron Murray]

	- Mail::Message::contentType could produce "use of undefined"
	  error message [Patrick Heesom]

	- Fix listing IMAP folders. rt.cpan.org#36458 [Jonathan Kamens]

	- do not set charset on non-text parts.

	- no complaints for IMAP4 object without explicit folder
	  name.  rt.cpan.org#37801 [Slaven Rezic]

	- remove SpamAssassion question from installation: SAv2 is the
	  only supported, but most people will not install that.


	- doc-patch, where  "my Type @array" is not permitted
	  anymore [Mike Andrews]

	- do not coerce parts via messages into parts.

version 2.082: Mon Apr 28 09:30:33 CEST 2008


	- fix work-around for Mail::Message::Field::toDate() on Windows.
	  Reported by rt.cpan.org#35155 [Kemal Ates]

	- use Data::Format::strftime to replace POSIX's version, for
	  weird Windows timezone. rt.cpan.org#35155 [Ron Murray]

version 2.081: Mon Feb 25 22:21:30 CET 2008


	- another fix for the case of two "Content-Type" lines, hit
	  by a recent, now frequently appearing, spam message.

version 2.080: Tue Jan 15 09:03:21 CET 2008


	- write() bodies raw, not converting LF to CRLF on
	  Windows [Daniel Schättgen]

	- Mail::Message::Field::Full "study()" header fields, hang on
	  parsing an attribute with '[]', rt.cpan.org#31912 [Jason HE]

	- various IMAP4 improvements by [David Golden]

	- Windows does not like to move files when they are still opened
	  by a process, as MBOX mode 'replace' does.  Simple work-around
	  after suggestion by [Jonathan Kamens]

	- Double "Content-Type" in message headers caused confusion.
	  [Anne van Bemmelen]

version 2.079: Wed Nov 28 10:46:06 CET 2007


	- requires Mail::IMAPClient 3.00
	- requires MailTools 2.01


	- Mail::Message::Field::Full "study()" header fields, hang on
	  parsing an attribute with missing trailing quote.
	  rt.cpan.org#31017 [Jason HE]


	- Without a '1' message in an MH folder, Mbox thought it was his,
	  during auto-detection.  Now, the check is more thorough.
	  [Gregor Herrmann] and [Celejar], Debian ticket #442912

version 2.078: Fri Nov  9 15:13:06 CET 2007


	- mis-spelled NTLM a few times as NTML [Zsolt Kecskemeti]

	- TAP::Harness 3.00 changed interface a little.  Patch
	  by [Andy Armstrong]

version 2.076: Wed Oct 24 16:55:10 CEST 2007


	- stop when message coersion is called but not possible.

	- fix test, to work with MIME::Entity changes.


	- new Mail::Message::contentType()

	- avoid use of '-r $filename; -f _' in Mail::Box::Mbox, where
	  "filetest 'access'" is active: it has a bug, not setting '_'

version 2.075: Tue Sep 25 11:31:40 CEST 2007


	- Replace Test::Harness by TAP::Harness to run tests, which
	  is cleaner and faster.


	- recursively opening folders with manager involved, retriggers
	  autodetect each time, sometimes coming up with an unexpected
	  folder type. [Celejar]

	- Mail::Box::Locker::POSIX should not include POSIX.pm, but
	  requires Errno.pm [cpan-testers, perl 5.10]

version 2.074: Fri Sep 21 10:21:12 CEST 2007


	- two errors in Mail::Message::Field::Full when the fields
	  are empty.  Reported by [bas@debian.org]

	- manuals produced with new OODoc.

	- Mail::Message::Construct::Rebuild::recursiveRebuildPart()
	  contained superfluous for(1) loop.

	- a rebuilt message will still be a message, not returned
	  as undef.

	- Message with two Content-Type conflicting definitions
	  could confuse the parser [Tim Chan]

version 2.073: Thu Jul 19 09:43:57 CEST 2007


	- field attributes which contained a '\' where considered
	  empty.  Reported by [Ricardo Signes]

	- remove escape from field attributes, instead of adding it.

	- Mail::Box::Manager should put protocol information in the
	  generated unique folder-name in case of IMAP4.  Was already
	  done for POP3.  Reported by [Jonathan Kamens ]


	- remove old notes about "being beta code" from Mail::Box-Overview
	  [Ricardo Signes]

	- Conversions between Mail::Message objects and Email::Simple/
	  Email::Abstract implemented by [Ricardo Signes]

version 2.072: Thu Jun 14 11:53:31 CEST 2007


	- since release 2.070, the pure pod manual pages like
	  Mail::Box-Cookbook where empty because of a flaw in oodist.


	- add tests/02dist/10pod.t to test PODs

	- added MailTools man-pages to HTML

	- MailTools is now under control of OODoc, which means that
	  the VERSION is not in the "raw" coding files. Which on its
	  turn means that MIME::Entity is complaining about missing
	  version numbers in those files.  Only applicable to the
	  development situation on the authors disk.  Work-around
	  in Makefile.PL

version 2.071: Fri May 25 16:00:06 CEST 2007


	- CSS should be named 'oodoc.css' [Michael Bolien]

	- Makefile.PL did not user UNIVERSAL::VERSION to compare
	  version numbers of installed packages. [Andreas Koenig]

	- Mail::Message::Body overloaded == and != should use refaddr.

version 2.070: Sun Mar 25 17:11:29 CEST 2007


	- test rebuild() not to add text alternative for html if it
	  already exists.

	- converted pod/html generation to use OODoc 0.99
	  Reordered the published packages on the website.

	- added missing "markers" file to html-package [Michael Bolien]

	- removed mkdist, mkdoc, README.oodoc

version 2.069: Wed Dec 13 14:43:55 CET 2006


	- Message rebuild with nested message failed.  Fixed by
	  [Mat Johns]

	- $head->clone with specific fields was broken, once
	  solved showed bug in $head->grepNames without names.
	  Both fixed thanks to [jih].

	- 2 fixes in IMAP4 authentication, by [Max Campos].


	- Example strip-attachtment did not use dispositionFilename()
	  available since 2.049 [Richard Eichhor]

	- Installation procedure does not need to check for Term::ReadKey

version 2.068: Tue Sep 26 13:21:54 CEST 2006


	- Mail::Box::Parser overruled global trace-level default
	  Problem discovered by [Uwe Menges]

	- own transporter provided for Mail::Box::IMAP4 was not stored.
	  Problem discovered by [Bill Martin]


	- Docs produced with newest version of OODoc.

version 2.067: Mon Sep 18 10:36:23 CEST 2006


	- Mail::Message::TransfEnc::QuotedPrint must pass the whole
	  message body at once, not line by line, because "=\r\n" is
	  otherwise not detected.

	- Produce manuals with new OODoc version, which fixes the layout
	  of option-tables by exploiting a fix in the just released
	  podlators 2.0.5.

	- Update copyright date in POD.

version 2.066: Sat Jul 29 13:28:09 CEST 2006


	- Empty header field crashed Mail::Message::Field::Fast.

	- block usage of foreachLine on multiparts and nested with
	  useful explanation.  Problem reported by [Claus Jeppesen]

	- Test::Harness published private function which we need to
	  group tests into new public name. [Marek Rouchal]

	- SpamAssassin versions >= 3.0 are not supported by the wrapper.
	  Discovered by [David Saulnier]

	- Mail::Box::Thread::Manager thumbled over empty message-ids.
	  Now, message-ids are only accepted if they resemble valid
	  ids... [Yuval Kogman]

	- Mail::Message::Field::attribute should use non-backtracking
	  match to avoid crashes of Perl at extremely long fields.
	  [John Gardiner Myers]

	- Mail::Message::Field::attribute fix \\ escaping mistakes
	  [John Gardiner Myers]

	IMAP4 Fixes and improvements by [Scott Bronson].
	Patches reworked by MarkOv

	- Mail::Transport::IMAP4 unpack of remote capabilities wrong
	  Reported by [Scott Bronson]

	- IMAP4 top folder name '=' should be '/'.

	- IMAP4 create folder

	- Reworked IMAP4 folder selection

	- Do not list folder as one of its subfolders

	- IMAP4 message head not read correctly

	- avoid query unselectable folders for the number of messages.


	- Improved OODoc improves quality of POD output w.r.t. option lists

version 2.065: Mon Mar 27 15:03:21 CEST 2006


	- CPANTs found missing 'use strict' in Mail/Message/Field/URIs.pm

	- produce warnings when the folder gets locked twice.

	- A few error messages didn't start with a capital.

	- translated some carp/confess uses in ::Construct:: to use
	  $self->log() i.s.o. carp/croak.

	- Added Mail::Box::Locker::Mutt. and t/55lockers/50mutt.t

	- Depends on HTML::FormatText, not HTML::Format.

	- Problem with mbox test, since the empty line definition
	  changed.  Reported by the maintainers of 2 linux distributions
	  and FreeBSD.

	- Fixed tests/Tools.pm unpacking mbox into maildir and mh, both
	  to leave-out the trailing blank line.

version 2.064: Tue Feb 28 12:39:57 CET 2006


	- redesigned everything what has to do with Content-Length and
	  - now only added for Mbox folders
	  - only for the whole message, not for each part in multipart

	- corrected behavior of boundaries in multiparts to be
	  compliant with the RFCs.  Parts without trailing newline
	  are now correctly supported.  Thanks to [John Gardiner Myers]
	  for the initial patch.

	- $msg->moveTo called wrong copyTo.  Fixed by [Ken Guyton]

	- use pragma "filetest 'access'", to support ACL environments.
	  Reported via Debian by Rainer Schöpf.

	- MH index files didn't work.  Multiple fixes, including some
	  around append() to MH folders.  Reported by [Simon von Janowsky]

	- Fixed infinit loop encoding lines in Mail::Message::Field::Full
	  [Tuomas Salo]

	- Mail::Message::Field::Full::encode lines could become 2 chars
	  too long: RFC says 76 max.

version 2.063: Tue Nov 1 09:13:14 CET 2005


	- Some problems with new releases of Test::Builder

	- installation option 'a' (all) did not work since 2.058

	- installation option 'skiptests' did not work


	- Mail::Message->rebuild option extraRules renamed to extra_rules
	  for consistency.

	- $body->description field.

	- installation option control via environment variables

version 2.062: Thu Aug 25 14:07:13 CEST 2005


	- New Test::Builder (not delivered with perl yet) changed
	  implementation which made tests fail.


	- Mail::Message::Head->build() skips undefs.

version 2.061: Wed Jun 22 19:39:09 CEST 2005


	- Finally, after many hours hunting, I was able to figure-out that
	  a bug in Perl's "require" caused the "foundIn() not implemented
	  in Mail::Box::IMAP4" problem (for instance when running the
	  tests).  Reported by [many people, nice work-around by Niko Tyni]

	- Mail::Message::Construct::Read added missing Message-ID without
	  angle brackets.  Patch by [gjmyers]

	- Mail::Transport::Sendmail options to trySend() were ignored.
	  [Andriy Gapon]

	- Mail::Message::timestamp() didn't trigger load of lazy message.
	  [found by Eric Dorland]

	- Many IMAP4 fixes and bug-reports by [Raul Dias]

	- Mail::Message::Field::Full translated '0' content into 'undef'
	  [found by Eugene L Schulman]

	- test.pl didn't return <false> on a critical failure.  Patched
	  by [Tiko Tyni]  Now installation attempt should stop on a
	  sincere problem.

	- test fixes, where newer Test::Harness passes around 'lib'
	  differently. Patched by [Tiko Tyni]

	- On request of [rt.cpan.org@plan9.de], Mail::Box::File::appendMessage
	  explicitly states that it by default doesn't lock the folder. The
	  writing is unsafe!

	- [Tiko Tyni] provided different solutions to fix the taint warnings
	  with the tests, which appears with perl 5.8.7.  IO::File changed
	  its behavior, which is now circumvented in the tests..

version 2.060: Tue Mar 15 22:02:34 CET 2005


	- Mail::Transport::IMAP4 crash on getFlags(). Reported by [Tom Allison]

	- Mail::Transport::IMAP4 authenticate now uses server's
	  reported capabilities.  On the path paved by [Tom Allison]

	- Fixes installation issue with IMAP4 (I hope)  Reported by
	  various people.

	- Mail::Message::Field::toDate() now works around %z interpretation
	  as textual time-zones when there are blanks in the name.

	- Pod updage for Mail::Box::Dbx [Ralf Valerien]

	- open('|-') does a fork, so a failure should result in an exit,
	  not a return.  Found a few times in Mail::Transport::*, and
	  discovered by [Slaven Rezic]

	- $msg->send didn't pass the options correctly to the sending
	  object. Reported by [Franck Richard].

	- Mail::Transport::POP3 did only try APOP in AUTO mode. Found
	  by [Markus Spann].

	- $msg->send didn't pass the options correctly to the sending
	  object. Reported by [Franck Richard].

	- Mail::Transport::POP3 did only try APOP in AUTO mode. Found
	  by [Markus Spann].

	- scripts/mailbox2html used setLabel(), which got replaced by
	  label() a long time ago. Reported by [Alain Veylit]

	- Mail::Message::Field::Attribute used Mail::Reporter without
	  having it as base class.  Rewritten to have it that way.
	  Reported by [Russell Mosemann]

	- Removed the two uses of $& in reg-exps, which slows-down all
	  regexp matches in older Perl versions.  Patch supplied by


	- Documented Mail::Box::Manager::open(authenticate) as
	  suggested by [Tom Allison]

	- $msg->bounce() without arguments now croaks. [Slaven Rezic]

version 2.059: Tue Nov 30 19:50:42 CET 2004

	Interface changes:

	- Mail::Transport::IMAP4::flagsToLabels expects new first argument
	  'REPLACE', 'SET', or 'CLEAR'.


	- Installer didn't ask for optional Time::Hires

	- [Anthony D. Urso] fixed an endless loop in study() for
	  fields ending on blanks.

	- [Russell Mosemann] found a different problem, in about
	  the same line as the previous fix.

	- Fixed memory leak in administration of messages in folder.


	- $msg->printStructure is less strict on the format of the
	  indentation: any white-space in it is sufficient.

	- $msg->printStructure(undef) will return the structure as

	- new method Mail::Server::IMAP4::Fetch::printStructure()
	  for debugging purposes.

version 2.058: Wed Sep 22 14:44:32 CEST 2004

	Interface changes:

	- [Andy Maas] rewrote Mail::Box::FastScalar, to boost performance.
	  various bodyAsList() methods now prduce ref-arrays.  Shouldn't
	  affect user programs. Requires Mail::Box::Parser::C v3.006


	- [Jason Woodward ] had to wait much too long to get his
	  twin-POP open problem solved.  Now, only one POP connection
	  will be opened.  This may speed-up other programs as well.

	- [Mike Mimic] foudn that the new INIT block in Mail::Reporter
	  did not work well with his web-application.  Changed it into

	- [Mail Minic] Mail::Transport::Exim did not handle strings
	  as from address correctly.

	- [Anonymous via RT] Use ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt() instead
	  of own ask() in Makefile.PL, so MailBox can be installed with

	- [aa29] $head->isMultipart did not return boolean in list

	- [DH] removed INIT block from Mail::Reporter, which complains
	  in Apache.

	- [aa29] Mail::Box::MH->new failed because of initiation order

	- pop3 folders do not need (have) a name, but Mail::Box::Manager::open
	  required one.  Accidentally, sometimes that worked, because $ENV{MAIL}
	  was used as default, however, that could cause various problems.

	- {Tom Allison] found-out that imap was not autoloaded my the


	- warning message "Folder does not exist, ..." avoided when
	  folder is opened for deletion.

	- added Mail::Box::Identity::open()

	- added Mail::Box::nrMessages() for simplification

	- [Alessandro Zummo] showed me that docs about
	     "why $head->delete($field) doesn't aways work" were needed.
	  It's a nasty reference counting problem.

version 2.057: Thu Aug 26 14:31:34 CEST 2004

	Interface change:

	- Moved the new Mail::Box::IMAP4::Fetch to Mail::Server::IMAP4::Fetch,
	  which is a more logical name: part of a full server implementation.

	- Moved the unusable module Mail::Box::Search::IMAP4 over to
	  Mail::Server::IMAP4::Search... but still not implemented ;-)

	- You have to add (share => 0) to $msg->moveTo if the source message
	  can get undeleted in your program (for instance in a user

	- Mail::Reporter->report(...) will return strings without \n. Sporadic
	  locations where log() was called with trailing \n are removed.

	- Opening a folder which is already open is considered an error (was
	  warning) by the manager.


	- [Jan Martin Mathiassen] add IO::File to Mail::Box::Dir::Message

	- [Torsten Luettgert] found that field labels like '-' where not
	  beautified correctly with wellformedName.

	- Changed '.' from most preferred folder directory for the manager
	  into the least preferred.

	- $field->setWrapLength only worked for "fast" fields.  Tests in

	- [Mike Mimic] showed that constructing unstructured "full" fields
	  was broken.

	- Mail::Box::POP3::delete() will not take any action.  Deleting all
	  contained messages was not consequent.


	- [David A Golden] demonstrated the need for $head->wrap(<size>)

	- $folder->coerce($message) will only call MSGTYPE->coerce($message)
	  when not a MSGTYPE yet.

	- Mail::Box::Message::coerce() could be removed: no-op.

	- Reimplemented folder->delete(), which is not reading the messages
	  before deletion, but bluntly removes the folder in the most
	  Efficient way. You probably want the new option 'recursive'.

	- Mail::Box::new(access) now has mode 'd', which speeds up removal
	  of folders.  Used by $folder->delete().

	- Mail::Box::IMAP4 now supports deletion of a folder (untested)

	- $folder->copyTo/moveTo and $msg->copyTo can have option 'share'
	  which tries to use hardlinks i.s.o. clone() to put a message in
	  a different folder.  Only available for some M<Mail::Box::Dir>

	- Mail::Message::clone() now accepts shallow_head and shallow_body
	  arguments which avoid deep-cloning.

	- Added references to the Netzwert folder type, which got implemented,
	  but not released as GPL (yet?)

	- Increased the status of the IMAP folder client from alpha to beta.

	- New methods

	- New methods

	- Moved tests/44imap/40fetch.t to tests/60imap/10fetch.t

	- Mail::Box::nameOfSubFolder() now can be used as class method.

	- New, specialized folder manager
	     Mail::Box::Manage::User   manager with user knowledge
	  tests in tests/52manager/20user.t
	  explanation added to Mail::Box::Manager, about the two kinds
	  of managers.

	- New classes to administer folders, even when not opened
	     Mail::Box::Identity       info about (possibly unopened) folder
	     Mail::Box::Collection     info about groups of folders
	  tests in tests/52manager/30collect.t

	- New classes to implement parts of an IMAP4 server
	     Mail::Server              place-holder
	     Mail::Server::IMAP4       place-holder
	  tests in tests/60imap/20list.t

	- Split tests/10report/10errors.t into
	  tests/10reporter/10errors.t and tests/10reporter/20reports.t

	- Mail::Reporter::defaultTrace can now set a callback to catch
	  each log/trace message.  Tests in tests/10reporter/30callback.t

	- [chris] Mail::Message::Field::wellformedName() will upper-case
	  *-ID as part in the fieldname.

	- [M M] tried to user MBMbox->create and expected it to open the
	  folder at the same time.  Documentation problem: moved the
	  method from "constructors" to "internal".  Did the same for

	- Produce an error if people try to build Mail::Box::*
	  messages directly.

	- Many improvements on User::Identity module.  MailBox requires
	  version UI 0.90 now.

version 2.056: Sat Jul 31 13:28:29 CEST 2004

	Interface change:

	- [Wiggins d Anconia] explained that combining MailBox with forks
	  may cause non-unique message-ids to be created.  To solve this,
	  the $head->messageIdPrefix() had to be rewritten.  MessageIDs will
	  look differently now.  [No problems expected for existing programs]


	- [Jeff Squyres] silenced warnings by guessTimestamp() and
	  recvstamp() when no Date nor Received fields are present.

	- [August] Mail::Box->new(lock_wait) option not correctly passed
	  to Locker object.

	- [Mime Mimic] noticed that a message reply used "sender", not
	  "From" addresses when no "Reply-To" field is present. This is
	  not according RFC2822.  Sender should never be used.

	- [Jason Woodward] found a $_ localization error in POP3, which
	  could result in "Can't call method "xxx" without a package or
	  object reference" errors.

	- [Carlos Perez] SpamAssasin's message wrapper method get_header()
	  should return all field bodies with a certain name in list context.

	- [Jason Woodward] $msg->shortString was broken.

	- [Todd Richmond] discovered that un-quoted attribute values
	  consumed the semi-colon separator in Mail::Message::Field.

	- Content-Transfer-Encoding and Content-Disposition fields were
	  ignored when specified with Mail::Message->build().  Now they
	  will be applied to the create body AFTER the body is constructed
	  based on default rules.

	- [Todd Richmond] discovered that Base64 decoding should not be
	  done on per line basis, because some lines may not have mod4
	  number of characters (especially in virusses).  The RFC is not
	  clear about it, so... Mail::Message::TransferEnc::Base64 is
	  changed (again)


	- [Rich Caller] suggested to change blanks in ill-formated
	  message-ids into blanks.  Apparently, some applications are
	  doing that.

	- Mail::Message::Field::Unstructured now supportss character-set
	  encodings, by request of [Mike Mimic]

	- [Mike Mimic] made an unexpected abuse of $head->build().  It is
	  now supported that ready field objects can be passed.  A warning
	  is produced when you accidentally pass  field_name => $field_object
	  (which should be: field_name => field_content  or simply

	- [Mike Mimic] Some link errors in the front HTML documentation page.

	- Added $head->printSelected(FILE, patterns) as simple way to
	  produce field subsets.

	- Added support for label 'passed', which means that the message
	  was used for forward/bounce/resend.

	- Added Maildir message flag P='passed' (uncommon)

	- Changed flag handling implementation in Mail::Transport::IMAP4.
	  Tests are in tests/44imap/30flags.t

	- $body->dispositionFilename can be used without directory name.

	- Attachments auto-discompose as 'inline' for texts and `attachement'
	  for binaries.

	- Added Mail::Box::IMAP4::Fetch with tests in tests/44imap/40fetch.t
	  which provides body/bodystructure/envelope syntax conversions.

	- New $field->attributes (to list fields of all attributes) for

	- Added description of differences between MIME::Entity::build()
	  and Mail::Message::build().

	- Mail::Message::Field::Structured can now be used for general
	  structured fields with attributes, like Content-Type and

version 2.055: Sun May 16 15:41:59 CEST 2004


	- [Simon Sozens] reported that IMAPClient was always installed,
	  although claiming that it was optional.  Now it is really

	- [Josh Miller] showed Mail::Message::Construct::Reply::replyPrelude
	  failed the default situation of no explictly stated destination.

	- [Yuval Kogman] suggested to use $CRLF from Socket.pm in Mail::
	  Transport::POP3, because it correctly set the content for many

	- [Timur I. Bakeyev] spam-flag tested for "yes", but should be
	  "^yes\b", by reason of a possible "bayes" name in the same line.

	- [Timur I. Bakeyev] ::FieldGroup->attach was broken since 2.051.

	- [Timur I. Bakeyev] ::FieldGroup doc improvements.

	- [Daniel P. Berrange] found a circular reference which kept
	  folders to stay open too long in some circumstances.

	- [Roderick A. Anderson] saw complaints about fileLocation() being
	  called on message parts.  Something is fixed, which may be the

	- [Miah Gregory] destruct()ing messages in Maildir should not
	  delete the message.  No message will be automatically flagged
	  for deleting when destructed.

	- [Paul Makepeace] $msg->send(via) always used sendmail, without
	  looking at the value passed with via.

	- [Roderick A. Anderson] hit a bug in ::Body::Nested::fileLocation

	- [Kees Dekker] Mail::Box::update logged number of new messages,
	  although it did not receive that info from updateMessages.  Log
	  message removed.

	- [Kees Dekker] discovered a race-condition when writing a
	  replacement folder in Mail::Box::File.

	- The probably hundredth attempt to get $msg->send to work smoothly.

	- [Gilles] discovered that the charset setting of a body did not
	  survive encode().  Content-type fields with text/* mime-types will
	  not get charset=us-ascii added automatically.

	- [Blair Zajac] typo in Makefile.PL text, and removal of stutters
	  in the documentation.


	- [Trond Michelsen] needed a way to specify the body type for
	  messages which where read with Mail::Message->read.

	- You now can add your own spam-fighter fields to the detector
	  of Mail::Message::Head::SpamGroup.  See method 'fighter'.

	- [Roderick A. Anderson] showed that the result value of
	  $msg->timestamp needed some more explanation.

	- [Kees Dekker] Doc improvements in Mail::Box::Locker

	- Easier to start multi-lockers with selection when opening
	  a folder:
	     $f = $mgr->open($name, lock_type => ['DOTLOCK','FLOCK'])

	- [David A Golden] suggested to remove $msg->date, in favor
	  of $msg->head->date, which is consistent.  When the need arises,
	  maybe a new method $msg->date will appear returning some nice
	  date object (like a DateTime).  But probably that is never
	  needed, since there is a $msg->timestamp.

version 2.054: Fri Feb  6 21:52:54 CET 2004


	- Reverted the change made in 2.049, which automatically added
	  a new-line to a body... a Mail::Message::Body object may
	  contain binary data!

	- [Phil Hagen] found a typo in Mail::Transport::Qmail, causing
	  the display of undisclosed fields (Bcc) when using qmail.

	- [Brett Dikeman] showed that $mgr->open sometimes complained
	  with a warning when no folderdir was specified.

	- [Erik A Johnson] patched Mail::Box->coerce(message) to work
	  better with foreign messages.

	- [Erik A Johnson] found that Mail::Internet objects where converted
	  by the MIME::Entity converter and vice-versa.  This does usually
	  not cause too many problems because MIME::Entity extends

	- [David Phillips] got an undef warning in POP3 after delete(). Fixed

	- [Mike J. Vincelette] reported error in $folder->messages(0, 20)
	  The bounds were not checked correctly and slicing with 1..20
	  behaves unexpectedly in subroutine scalar context.


	- $msg->size returns a value which may be a few percent off the
	  real value (depends on the action which follows).  The warning
	  in the documentation about this has been strengthened after some
	  discussion with [Mike Mimic]

	- Mail::Transport::Exim takes exim4 binary with preference over
	  usual exim MTA, on request by [Mike Mimic]

	- [Mitar] Mail::Transport::Sendmail starts sendmail with -ti, not
	  -it, which helps exim... either the default sendmail as the
	  specialized Mail::Transport::Exim module will work now with exim.

version 2.053: Thu Dec  4 00:13:50 CET 2003


	- Installation problem with Mail::IMAPClient.

version 2.052: Wed Dec  3 21:04:45 CET 2003


	- Mail::Transport::Send did not pass the options to the various
	  trySend() methods.  Now $msg->send(to => ...) will be respected.

	- [Tim Sellar] fixed the message type default where the Content-Type
	  field is empty.

	- Corrected some typos in Mail::Box-index, and added reference to

	- 'use' line reshuffling in all test scripts, because Test::Harness
	  changed behavior.

	- [Matthew Darwin] found double 'Content-Type' fields after build()
	  From now on, you can overrule the content-type of the constructed
	  message, for instance to 'multipart/alternative' without problems.

	- A list of sorted threads could not handle threads starting at the
	  same time: only one was listed.

	- Reply on a message which lists multiple reply-to addresses
	  confused replyPrelude(). Spotted by [Nick Ing-Simmons]

	- Mail::Transport::SMTP could not handle illegal sender address.
	  Discovered by [Matthew Darwin] 

	- Mail::Message->build with data => '' failed: contains no lines
	  at all, which was not correctly handled. Reported by
	  [Matthew Darwin].

	- $msg->coerce() does not clear the deleted flag anymore.


	- Basic IMAP4 implementation.  Included for testing purpose only.

	- 'delete' is changed into a full-class label, not a special
	  case.  This simplified the code on many places.  The delete(),
	  isDeleted(), and deleted() methods on a message are now
	  simply short-cuts for $msg->label(deleted)

	- Removed most use of File::Spec from Mail::Box::MH and
	  Mail::Box::Maildir, because it consumed considerable time:
	  [Anthony D. Urso] reported 20%)
	  doing things not required to perform correctly on Unix or

	- Ignore sending messages with SMTP when no addresses are specified
	  to send the message to.

	- Warnings about lacking optional modules is nicer in Makefile.PL

	- Added large warning to Makefile.PL when people have the perl
	  version (not the XS version) of Scalar::Util installed on their
	  system.  That breaks everything! The correct version can not
	  automatically be reinstalled because the version numbers are the

	- Recent changes (bugs) in Test::Harness required an update of
	  the test process.

	- test.pl reports the version of some installed modules, to help
	  responding to error reports.

	- [Anthony D. Urso] supplied a patch to use the Received headers
	  to provide a message time-stamp.  Mail::Message::Head::Complete
	  now contains a ::timestamp() to get the user supplied date (which
	  is untrustable in case of spam) and ::recvstamp() which uses other
	  means.  The Mail::Message::timestamp() will, from now on, prefer
	  the date provided by ::recvstamp and use ::timestamp as fallback.

	  There are other sources to get a good stamp from, for instance
	  the MBOX "From " line, but that is not implemented (yet)

	- [asta] used $msg->parts, but the doc of the method was ignoring
	  the facts that the message/rfc822 and multipart "wrappers" of
	  the parts are not returned.

	- $folder->current made lazy, so only calculated when used.  When
	  no message is labeled 'current', then the first not seen is
	- New method $folder->findFirstLabeled.

	- New option Mail::Box::Manager->new(autodetect) limits the set of
	  default folder-types in the folder type autodetection attempt.
	  Requested by [Nick Ing-Simmons]

	- The HTML manual now also indexes NOTICE log messages.  Not all
	  NOTICE messages are described yet.

version 2.051: Mon Nov  3 16:16:09 CET 2003


	- [Tim Sellar] example/build.pl omission: ::Body->new(type =>
	  should be ::Body->new(mime_type =>

	- [Lutz Gehlen] bumped into a mistake in the (not finished)
	  ::Field::Full code: the class of unstructured fields was
	  composed improperly.

	- study()ing multi-line fields produced an improper field


	- [Matthew Walker] added the distiction between CommuniGatePro
	  and CommunGate software to the Mail::Message::Head::ListGroup 
	  mailinglist detector.

	- [Tim Sellar] suggested to ignore undef values in build(),
	  which will simplify the code of the user.

	- Added detector for MailScanner spam groups.

	- new Mail::Message::Head::SpamGroup::spamDetected() and

	- Mail::Message::Replace::MailInternet::read() distinguishes
	  between Mail::Message->read() and $mailinternet_object->read

version 2.050: Tue Sep 30 18:27:11 CEST 2003


	- An (unintended) change of behaviour in Text::MagicTemplate
	  (which is used to produce the POD and HTML) made all produced
	  manuals exactly the same.


	- [Matthew Walker] contributed various improvements to the ListGroup
	  detection and documentation.  Detection for Listserv software
	  was added, and rfc2918 should have been rfc2919.

	- [Matthew Walker] made test/Tools::copy_dir() skip directories.

	- Implementation of Mail::Message::Replace::MailInternet and
	  ::MailHeader, as drop-in replacements for Mail::Internet and
	  Mail::Header.  Very alpha! not tested yet!

version 2.049: Mon Sep 29 13:32:47 CEST 2003


	- [Liz Mattijsen] Makefile.PL requires IO::Handle in some

	- [Terrence Brennon] found a doc and a code mistake in

	- [Ron Savage] showed that the Text::Autoformat module produces
	  different output on different machines, caused by breaking
	  words.  Breaking now disabled the for the tests, so test
	  should result in the same everywhere.

	- Some Mail::Transport::* senders did not pass-on the Bcc field
	  to their application.  Reported by [Phil Hagen].

	- [Stefan Wolfsheimer] and [Mark Scarton] report a missing $ in
	  ::ResentGroup, which broke the "delivered-to" field in resent

	- [Jason Woodward] reported that there were still some problems
	  with $msg->forward().  Hope to have fixed them, this time.

	- $msg->send now really has a default which will be loaded
	  automatically as well.

	- When you try to open the same folder twice, using the manager
	  (as you should), the second time will fail.  This is needed,
	  because there are too many complications, like locking.


	- Mail::Box::Parser::Perl used $sep =~ m/^From / to recognize the
	  MBOX separator.  Now it uses $sep eq 'From ', which is faster.

	- Mail::Message::Body::new(data) now corrects scalars values
	  which do not end on a "\n".  Convinced by [Mike Mimic]

	- Object::Realize::Later v0.14 required

	- Mail::Box::File::updateMessages() implemented, for instance for
	  $mbox->update calls.  Test in tests/40mbox/80update.t

	- Maildir subfolder names can start with a dot, as reported by
	  [Paul Simons].

	- Ability to add options to the command-line of sendmail when
	  started as MTU.  Saw this need in a script of [Adam Augustine]

	- Test-script of MIME::Entity conversion purges the M::E objects
	  after being used, otherwise trashing files are left in the tests

	- Added Mail::Message::Body(::Encode)::dispositionFilename and
	  Mail::Message::Body::write() which will help to export data
	  found in a message(-part) to the file-system.

version 2.048: Tue Aug 26 19:50:06 CEST 2003


	- [Jason Woodward] reported that reply on multiparts (with only
	  one part) failed.  For this release, forward() has been rewritten.
	  reply() may be the victim for the next release.

	- [Joe Junkin] reported a problem to send messages where the
	  body is not in a temporary file via SMTP.

	- Added required Mail::Message::Wrapper::SpamAssassin method

	- [Simon Cozens] demonstrated that converting MIME::Entity objects
	  into Mail::Message's lost content related headers.  This required
	  a small redesign on when data is copied from header to body and
	  vice versa.

	- Mail::Message::Body::Multipart;;stripSignature stripped all
	  but signatures :(

	- requires Test::Harness which defines _run_test_scripts, so
	  increased the required VERSION. [Liz Mattijsen]

	- [Steven Benson] found-out that manager objects where kept
	  alive too long.

	- [Rob Holland] reports that a '=' is valid in a Maildir filename,
	  and supplied a patch.

	- [Joe Junkin] found another spot where <$body> was used on a
	  non-GLOB.  In Mail::Transport::SMTP, this time.


	- Added Mail::Message::Head::FieldGroup as base class for

	- Reimplemented Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup to be based on
	  a MMH::FieldGroup.

	- Added Mail::Message::Head::SpamGroup to detect/produce/remove
	  sets of header fields which relate to spam detection software.
	  Tests in tests/31fgroups/30spam.t

	- Moved detection of mailinglist type in Mail::Message::Head::Listgroup
	  from method type() to from().

	- Added Mail::Report::addReport, to merge reports from one object
	  into an other, require by [Matthew Lockner]

	- [Matthew Lockner] wished to able to get parser errors back on
	  Mail::Message->read.  These errors are now copied from the parser
	  object into the message.

	- Added Habeas-SWE (Sender Warranted E-mail) as abbreviation in field
	  names which is always in caps, on request by [Ronnie Paskin]

	- Moved 20resent.t and 40list.t from tests/12head to tests/31fgroups.

	- New methods Mail::Message::Head::Complete::removeContentInfo(),
	  Mail::Message::Body::contentInfoFrom(head) and ...To(head)

	- As result of an extended discussion with [Simon Cozens], it
	  seems that object-by-object conversion between MIME::Entity
	  and Mail::Message objects will keep on producing problems.
	  Therefore a stringify-reparse strategy is used from now on.
	  Mail::Message::Convert::MimeEntity is very straight-forward
	  now, but a less efficient.

	- [Jason Woodward] convinced me to implement
	  Mail::Message::forward(include => 'ENCAPSULATE'), which adds
	  the source message as message/rfc822.  The whole forward
	  implementation has been re-implemented and re-documented.

	- [Kees Dekker] was (understandably) confused by the explanation
	  of $folder->isModified()  This has been improved.

version 2.047: Thu Aug  7 23:59:53 CEST 2003


	- For MBOX and POP3, delayed header will be read before labels()
	  or label() return the values, because only reading will cause
	  the [X-]Status fields to be parsed into labels.

	- Tests are now suitable for perl5.8.1

	- [Kees Dekker] with Solaris and perl5.8.1 showed me that
	  Mail::Box::Locker::POSIX was so broken that its tests worked
	  on other versions :(


	- Moved all questions about optional modules from test.pl to
	  Makefile.PL.  Hope for a cleaner installation.

	- On request by [Jason Woodward], POP3 received messages will
	  get their Status and X-Status fields processed.  POP3 has no
	  other means to pass-on status information, although not all
	  servers support these fields.

	- The library should now be taint-safe: all test-scripts now run
	  in taint mode!

	- The POP3 test-scripts now share common code in Tools.pm

	- New release for Mail::Box::Parser::C (as separate package)
	  which ignores message lines starting with 'From ' as
	  separators in broken MBOX folders (like mutt produces).

	- Added Mail::box::Parser::C to the list of optional modules.

	- Refolding and Mail::Message::Field::AddrGroup will produce
	  the address strings in alphabetic order, to get a reproduceable
	  result (required for 5.8.1)

	- Disabled detection of folder "changed during access", until
	  all folder types support 'update()'.

version 2.046: Thu Jul 31 12:25:47 CEST 2003


	- [Kees Dekker] found that HPUX mangles %z int textual timezone,
	  so Mail::Message::Field::toDate() has changed again.  Quite
	  complex now.

	- [Kees Dekker] fixed a missed test for undef in

	- [Kees Dekker] reported a problem in tests/42maildir/20write
	  which was caused by a missing $folder->close;

	- [Blair Zajac] & [Kees Dekker] signalled that User::Identity
	  and URI are prerequisits now.

	- [Kingpin] Wrong quotes in warnings and a typo, in

	- $msg->send was showing lines not to be disclosed by default,
	  which is wrong.

	- [Jan Stapel] reported prints of "GLOB()"s where text was
	  expected.  This was a new bug in Mail::Message::Body::File


	- [David Coppit] has a short list of improvements in handling
	  blank lines at the end of messages and message parts, which
	  will decrease the differences between a message read and then

version 2.045: Tue Jul 29 20:23:30 CEST 2003


	- A lot of files were missing from the distribution because OODoc
	  had a bug.


	- Object::Realize::Later documentation is now part of MailBox's
	  html output too.  Join the club!

version 2.044: Tue Jul 29 13:52:32 CEST 2003

	Interface changes!!

	- Mail::Message::rebuild() tags where inconsequently named.  Now
	  remove_html_alternative_to_text => removeHtmlAlternativeToText
	  text_alternative_for_html => textAlternativeForHtml

	- [Anthony D. Urso] hinted that opening a Maildir folder should
	  not automatically move messages from 'new' to 'cur'.  Added a
	  label 'accepted' to control this.
	  See Maildir::new(accept_new) which must be set to get the
	  same behavior as before.

	- Mail::Box::Maildir::updateMessages was incorrect: inconsistent
	  behavior with other updateMessages().  Removed for now.


	- Some print()s did not distriguish between GLOBs and IO::Files

	- [Martin Thurn] detected a problem with the call of
	  Mail::Box::FastScalar in Mail::Box::POP3

	- [Yuval Kojman] fixed Field::toDate() on systems without glibc.


	- Mail::Message::new(labels) did not work, but was not described

	- Moved all modules to lib/, which removes the need for a nested
	  Makefile.PL, improperly handled by new gnu-make/ExtUtils::MakeMaker

	- added UserIdentity to the HTML documentation tree.

	- added list detector Mail::Message::Head::ListGroup based on
	  information collected in Mail::ListDetector.
	  Tests in 12head/40list.t

	- added Mail::Messsage::Head::Complete::listGroup()

	- added example 'smaller.pl' to demonstrate how to get rit
	  of selected headers (and how much you gain by it)

	- added description how to reduce the size of headers by removing
	  groups of fields.

	- added method $folder->size which estimated a folder size, but
	  may be slow.

	- debugged and tested Mail::Message::Field::Addresses,
	  Mail::Message::Field::Address, and Mail::Message::Field::AddrGroup,
	  with tests in tests/14fieldu/51addr.t

	- Added Mail::Message::Field::URIs with tests in

	- MailBox now depends on the URI distribution

	- Move Mail::Box::Message::shortString and ::shortSize to

	- Simplified Mail::Message::sender().

	- Rewrote Mail::Message::Head::createReceived to work on headers
	  which are not inside a message.

	- "make test" will produce some more text, and permits skipping
	  all tests for fast installation.

version 2.043: Thu Jul 10 10:18:51 CEST 2003


	- [Greg Matheson] small doc-fix for Mail::Message::Body::Construct

	- [Wiggins d'Anconia] time generated by strftime left %z on non-gnu
	  systems.  On those systems, a work-around is made using

	- appendMessage in Mail::Box::File coerces message into the
	  correct sub-class.

	- Mail::Message::Head::Delayed is not empty.

	- Mail::Message->read will strip the status fields from the header
	  by default, for security considerations.

	- Mail::Message->bounce will not interpret status fields.


	- labelsToStatus and statusToLabels are now only implemented for
	  file based folder types, like mbox.

	- Implemented Mail::Box::Message::Destructed with a
	  Mail::Box::Message::destruct(), Mail::Message::destruct(), and
	  Mail::Message::Part::destruct(), tests/50mesage/60destruct.t
	  to forcefully free-up most memory used by a message.

	- Added Mail::Box-Index, the documentation index.

	- Extended documentation about
	  . various ways to access header field data
	  . message labels (flags)
	  . various class relations

	- Now requires Object::Realize::Later version 0.12

	- [Todd Richmond] contributed Mail::Box::FastScalar, which is
	  a replacement of IO::Scalar... but faster.  It should be a
	  separate module, but for now it has a place.
	  FastScalar is faster and does not leak, as its brother.

	- Removed last uses of IO::ScalarArray, because it seeks awfully

	- Added Mail::Message::study()
	  but it is not usuable yet.

version 2.042: Tue May 20 14:32:05 CEST 2003


	- Added message-id to the wrong side of the Reference field
	  in reply() and forward().  Fix by [Mike Mimic]

	- [Tassilo v Parseval] reported an error when HTML::FormatText
	  was not installed.

	- [Alex Liberman] found that searching nested messages failed,
	  because they were treated as multiparts.

	- [Todd Richmond] demonstrated that multiparts contained circular
	  references, which increased memory consumption.  Not hard too


	- Implemented Mail::Box::Dbx to read Outlook Express files.  Tests
	  in tests/45dbx/*

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Head::Partial, which will contain
	  a subset of headers without knowing where to find the rest
	  of it.  ::Subset knows where to get the rest.  Tests in

	- $head->removeFields(), $head->removeFieldsExcept() and
	  $head->removeResentGroups to free up memory. This "upgrades" a
	  complete header into a partial header.

version 2.041: Thu May  8 14:05:32 CEST 2003


	- [Supriya Jagadeesh] showed that reply(include => NO) did not
	  work. Apparently, no-one used it before.

	- [Shagren] showed a patch to avoid an locale based date field
	  to be produced, where rfc2822 requires an English format.
	  As change, the locale based parts of strftime are avoided.

	- sendmail and started with extra -i flag, to avoid stop at lines
	  in message which only contain a dot.  Spotted by [Tim Sellar]

	- [Bill Moseley] detected that examples/reply.pl called an
	  non-existing quotePrelude(), which should have been replyPrelude().

	- [Dimitris Glynos] Mail::Message::Field::Full:_decoder() should
	  decode, not encode :(

	- [Dimitris Glynos] Mail::Message::Construct::reply() did not
	  use the subject of the sender to create a new answer.


	- Translated all docs to use OODoc.  Many small fixes in the docs
	  were the result.

	- Removed $folder->clone, because it implemented the same as
	  $folder->openRelatedFolder, which has a much better name to
	  describe the action performed.

	- Rewrote documentation for Mail::Box::scanFromMessages().  It now
	  also accepts a timespan as value.

	- Documented all available overloading (which is quite important).

	- Mail::Message::Construct has been taken apart in multiple
	  Mail::Message::Construct::* packages because it grew too
	  large and it simplifies including examples.

	- Added Mail::Message::Construct::Rebuild, which can modify
	  existing messages.  Very slick!

	- Mail::Message::Part's get an empty header by default.

version 2.040: Mon Apr 14 15:48:54 CEST 2003


	- Mail::Transport::Exim could not find destinations().  Move that
	  method from MT::SMTP to MT::Send.  Thanks to [Greg Matheson].

	- [Dimitris Glynos] fixed one more place where a failed login
	  for POP3 caused Mail::Box to hick-up.

	- [Dimitris Glynos] made Mail::Box care about succesfull reading
	  of messages.

	- [Shagren] reported that the CRLF changes on POP3 did break
	  POP3 under Windows.  The problem is that the IO::* modules
	  (like IO::Socket) do not implement BINMODE: you can not set
	  them in 'raw' mode.  Implemented a work-around.

	- [Steve Lewis] explained why information about a body was not
	  preserved over a clone().  He provided a patch.

	- [Todd Richmond] found-out that Content-Type lines sometimes
	  doubled.  The reason behind this was that header and body
	  shared the same field structures, which blocked the auto-
	  destruction of header lines which were obsoleted: the old
	  Content-Type line in the header was kept alive by the body.

	- [Michael D Richards] reported another corruption in construction
	  of binary attachments.  Fixed that as well.


	- [Alexander Bauer] reported a very slow Mail::Message->read
	  for large messages.  This was due to IO::ScalarArray (being
	  extremely slow in seeks), which now is replaced by IO::Scalar.

	- Do not use eval{binmode $fh}, but carefully check whether the
	  $fh can handle binmode before calling it in the parser.

	- Remove newlines from header field data which is passed as
	  objects.  When they stringify with newlines included, this
	  disturbes folding.

	- Added comments on how (not) to change the body of a bounced
	  message.  Do never do it, but if you have to then...

	- Mail::Message::Construct::reply handles nested messages and
	  binary files better to construct an answer.

version 2.039: Sun Mar 30 17:34:43 CEST 2003


	- [Phil Holden] supplied a patch to Mail::Transport::POP3 to
	  send CRLF line terminations, and improvements on handling
	  the welcome message.

	- [Mike Cudmore] found a bug which caused a call to parts() on
	  lazy nested messages.

	- [delepine@u-picardie.fr] patched conversion of Mail::Message
	  to Mail::Header in Mail::Message::Convert::MailInternet.

	- [Sebastian Willert] showed that multipart/anythings were
	  always changed into multipart/mixed things after an
	  operation on them, like attach.

	- [Dimitris Glynos] found that a log-in failure for POP3 tried
	  to establish the connection twice.

	- [Michael D Richards] reported corruption in construction of
	  binary attachments, which was caused by buildFromBody always
	  converting CRLF -> LF (on Unix).  Removed this.

	- [Christoph Dahl] reported that header field attributes with
	  blanks around the '=' where not detected.  Some flexibility

	- [Eugene Eric Kim] reported the problem where incorrect in-reply-to
	  or References fields could cause thread cycles which where not
	  usuable.  Cycles will be ignored.


	- [Marty Pauley] supplied a patch to use MIME::QuotedPrint for
	  Mail::Message::TransferEnc::QuotedPrint.  Originally, the
	  module implemented en/decoding by itself in Perl, however
	  since MIME::QP is a code module, the advantages disappeared.

	- Mail::Message::Body::Multipart's preamble and epilogue now
	  accepts strings, so you so not have to create a body for them

version 2.038: Wed Feb 26 16:20:03 CET 2003


	- It was not possible to remove POP3 messages with $msg->delete
	  noticed [Jason Woodward]

	- An empty header field could still be a cause of problems.  They
	  were removed from the header, with a warning.  Now changed the
	  warning into a notice message, and the fields are kept.  A fix
	  and test by [Marty Pauley]

	- POP3 messages where not readible when the server does not support
	  UIDLs.  Silly bug, solved by [Andreas Fitzner].
version 2.037: Sun Feb 23 14:53:50 CET 2003


	- MBOX write policy INPLACE contained serious bugs.  Upgrade
	  adviced if you use it (not the default) reported by [Michael Reece],
	  but by [Greg Matheson] before.

	- Mail::Box::Manager::decodeFolderURL() return ref hash instead of
	  hash values.  Patched by [Benjamin Pineau]

	- MB::Mbox::Message::print() did not encapsulate 'From ' lines.
	  Behavior has changed: print() will only simply print head and
	  body, and write() will encapsulate a message as required for the
	  folder.  Problem detected by [Nik Clayton]

	- For retreival of addresses, the whole field contents of an
	  address field is used, not only till the first semi-colon.

	- [Melvyn Sopacua] reported an accidental call to 'confess', which
	  was a left-over of the debugging process.  It triggered for an
	  MH index, when a field was requested which was not defined.


	- Many warning and error message have changed a little to be
	  more consistent or (in most cases) much clearer about the

	- added isModified() methods as alternative to modified(), which is
	  more consistent with other method names.

	- added isDeleted() methods as alternative to deleted(), which is
	  more consistent with other method names.

	- [Benjamin Pineau] found the cause of an enormous slow-down while
	  parsing large messages: tell() and seek() in IO::ScalarArray
	  objects.   With a small patch, everything goes smooth and fast:
	  use getpos() and setpos()....

	- Translated Mail::Message:TransferEnc::Base64 to use MIME::Base64,
	  now MIME::Base64 is a core module for 5.8.0.  The old algorithm
	  was not able to handle too long encoded lines, as [Chris
	  Kungfoohampster] discovered.

	- Testfile 40mbox/30delete.t should renamed to 40mbox/30delay.t
	  Testfile 40mbox/70inline.t should renamed to 40mbox/70inplace.t

version 2.036: Thu Feb 13 18:18:29 CET 2003


	- More attempts to protect $_ against eval's which apparently
	  change it in ./test.pl.  Hope the installation is smooth now.

	- CPAN::install can come back to a different file-system location
	  when installation is completed.  Try to restore that in test.pl.
	- [Tom Allison] discovered that a folder opened for 'a' does
	  not work with addMessage(): the messages where not read.

	- [Simon Cozens] found two problems in $msg->parts($coderef) and
	  $msg->parts('ACTIVE'|'DELETED') on non-folder messages.

	- [James Sanford] found that conversion to MIME::Entity did not
	  work for nested multiparts.  Mail::Message::Construct::lines()
	  was not context sensitive (now returns ref-array in scalar context),
	  and detection of multipart was wrong in case of nested multiparts.

	- [Karen Craven], [Tom Allison] and [Michael D Richards] where right
	  with their explanation why message-ids were created incorrectly.


	- Mail::Transport now also supports 'postfix' as alias for
	  'sendmail', thanks to a question by [Tom Allison].

	- Tests for unicode fields are moved to their own directory,
	  tests/14fieldu, which is not considered critical on failure.

	- Copyright set to 2001-2003

	- [Todd Richmond] requested to keep the folding of fields when they
	  are added to a header.  Field::setWrapLength() has been changed not
	  to re-fold already folded fields.

	- As explained by [Eric Wheeler], spam and virus filters do not like
	  the message parser to stop on broken headers.  Therefore, a new
	  option Mail::Box::new(fix_headers) is created.  This option progresses
	  into a few other classes, and should be usable with all folder types.

version 2.035: Fri Jan 24 20:41:23 CET 2003


	- Mail::Reporter::defaultTrace() now accepts names as well.
	  Recieved a fix by [David A Golden]

	- Mail::Message::Field::attribute() now returns (undef) when
	  the attribute is not defined.  Patched by [Marty Pauley]

	- [Jost Krieger] found that getline() in ::Base64 does catch
	  the read line in $_, which could be expected reading its doc.

	- message/rfc822 within delayed multiparts are now triggered

	- [Beirne Konarski] found out that eval{} in test.pl sometimes
	  modified $_, which broke installations.

	- Headers from body where lost in multipart. Reported by [Nik Clayton].


	- {Greg Matheson] contributed Mail::Transport::Exim, to send
	  email using an external exim client.

	- Added Mail::Transport::new(executable) which offers you a
	  way to explicitly specify where the transfer agent is located.

	- Changed Mail::Transport::SMTP::init(debug) option into
	  smtp_debug, to show that it is not Mail::Box which is being
	  traced, but the low level SMTP drivers only.

	- Added some example options to examples/send.pl, which showed
	  some inconveniences of Mail::Message::send(), which have been

	- [David A Golden] wrote Mail::Classification based on Mail::Box,
	  which is a learning spam filter.  References added to README.FAQ

	- Doc-fix in Mail::Message::from/to/cc/bcc() by [Greg Matheson].

	- Renamed Mail::Message::Field*::folded_body() and ::unfolded_body()
	  to ::foldedBody() and ::unfoldedBody(), to be consequent with
	  the method naming of Mail::Box.

	- Mail::Message::TransferEnc::Base64::_decode_from_lines() does
	  not warn anymore in case of a line which only contains padding.
	  Found by [David A Golden]

	- Mail::Messsage::Field::stripCFWS() now understands escaped quotes
	  and parenthesis.  Parenthesis within quotes are not seen as comment

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Field::Full with many tests in
	  tests/11field/40full.t.  Implements RFC2047.

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Field::Attribute with many tests in
	  tests/11field/41attr.t   It implements field attribute understanding
	  as defined in RFC2822 and RFC2045, with the extensions about
	  parameter encoding and continuations as defined in RFC2231.

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Field::Unstructured, as first
	  category of fields.  Tests in test/11field/42unstr.t

	- Added Maildir quotas to the long wishlist.  Suggested by
	  [Brian Grossman]

	- On request by [David A Golden], Mail::Reporter now returns
	  Scalar::Util::dualvar values where the use may wish to know
	  the numeric value as well as the string representation of an
	  error level.  Tests added in tests/10report/10errors.

	- Modified examples/grep.pl you unix-grep syntax

	- Mail::Box::Search now takes nested messages under the flag of
	  multiparts (search or not to search, that's the question)

	- Mail::Message->build and buildFromBody now accept a pre-filled

	- Mail::Message->build accepts a new option 'files', which is
	  an abbreviation for multiple 'file' options.

	- Mail::Message::TransferEnc::decode() now als decodes chars above
	  127 and tab.  Escape characters are still not decoded for safety
	  reasons.  On request by [Marty Pauley]

version 2.034: Thu Jan  2 15:08:56 CET 2003


	- When a message is added to a folder, it shall be flagged as
	  modified, otherwise the message is not written when the folder
	  closes.  Problem discovered by [Greg Matheson].

	- Mail::Message->read() did not inspect the status fields.
	  Spotted by [Simon von Janowsky]

	- When an empty field is folded, at least a new-line must be

	- Mail::Box::File::appendMessage() doesn't need to open the folder
	  locked: appending should be a safe action. Reported by [Greg Matheson].

	- multipart->lines accidentally did not include the headers of the
	  parts.  Spotted by [Constantin Khatsckevich]


	- Resent Groups in the header now also support Delivered-To.

	- Renamed some toString() methods to the more consistent name string(),
	  without breaking backwards compatibility.

version 2.033: Thu Dec 12 11:23:42 CET 2002


	- [Greg Matheson] found a truncate() difference between Windows and
	  UNIX: fewer errors for the Windows test.

	- [Greg Matheson] solved problem with mbox write-replace related to
	  \n -> CRLF translations vice versa.  The number of problems for
	  Mail::Box on Windows decreased even furter.

	- Some improvements of the tests.pl scripts, related to the
	  installation of optional modules when Term::ReadKey is not

	- Mail::Message::Part::parent() 4th try to solve... on some places,
	  the body was returned, in other places the surrounding message.
	  This was partially caused by the confusion created by the name
	  of the method.  Therefore, the method is renamed to "container"
	  which returns a Mail::Message::Body::Multipart or ::Nested.

	- appendMessage requires access => 'a' to the folder. [Greg Matheson]

	- Parts of multiparts which do not contain any header lines were
	  stopping the parser to look for more parts: all the rest was put
	  in the epilogue of the multipart.  Detected by [Melvyn Sopacua]

	- Mail::Message::Part's can contain empty bodies.  Spotted by
	  [Melvyn Sopacua]

	- Hopefully, the installation of option modules has smoothened
	  a little.

	- Mail::Box::File::appendMessage() didn't check success for
	  opening a folder. Reported by [Melvyn Sopacua]

	- default for $mgr->appendMessage was to create an MH, not an mbox


	- tests/55locking/20flock excluded for Windows: no flock implemented.

	- Added examples/strip-attachments.pl by [Pjotr Prins]

	- Mail::Reporter::AUTOLOAD will produce a class name in the error
	  message if a class method failed...  The blank is not very

	- "create" is now a valid option for Mail::Box::(Mbox|MH|Maildir)::new,
	  which required some changes in the Mail::Box::Manager as well.

version 2.032: Fri Nov 29 19:59:47 CET 2002


	- Enforce Text::FormatPS version 2.01, because the output format
	  has changed.  Scripts adapted to the new layout.  [Blair Zajac]

	- Required Term::ReadKey for installation. [Greg Matheson]

	- Silly problem with lock-filenames... detected by [Blair Zajac]

	- $part->toplevel did not return a message, but a body.  Detected
	  by [Pjotr Prins]

	- $part->delete did not seem to have an effect... silly bug caused
	  this problem, which was spotted by [Pjotr Prins].


	- Removed dependency from Term::ReadKey.

	- $msg->printStructure shows parts which are flagged to be deleted.

version 2.031: Mon Nov 25 14:50:23 CET 2002


	- Mail::Box::Locker::new(file) has now comparible meaning for DotLock
	  and flock locking methods.

	- Removed Mail::Box::Locker::POSIX from Windows options: not all fcntls


	- MBOX handling of the parser much simplified.

	- [Blair Zajac] is still nitpicking about close()...

	- $Mail::Message::crlf_platform added as central resource for all
	  modules which have to know.

	- Mail::Message::Body::File::size() compensates for "superfluous" CRs
	  in the file's line-endings.

	- Messages in test-scripts are compared by a special function which
	  permits differences in Content-Length for platforms with CRLF
	- Message sizes in thread-dumps within test-scripts are ignored by
	  a special function, but only on CRLF platforms like Windows.

	- Some code has moved from Mail::Box::Parser::Perl into
	  Mail::Box::Parser Cannot break existing code.

	- Quite some code has moved from Mail::Box::File to Mail::Box::Mbox.
	  Cannot break existing code.

	- Added Mail::Box::Search::IMAP as place-holder for a dedicated (remote)
	  search implementation using the IMAP protocol features.

	- Added Mail::Transport::IMAP, Mail::Box::IMAP, and
	  Mail::Box::IMAP::Message with some pseudo-code how IMAP folders
	  could be handled.

	- Improved the docs on ::POP3

	- Mail::Box::POP3 now refuses addMessage() and addMessages() with nice
	  errors.   When someone implements the writing extensions to POP3, this
	  may change.  update() still has to be implemented

	- Multipart message will also have a Content-Length in the header.

	- Mail::Message::Convert::MailInternet requires Mail::Message
	  [Adam Byrtek 'alpha']

	- New version of tests/POP3/server, which can be used to test
	  the POP3 client against some weird POP3 servers. [Liz Mattijsen]

	- Upgraded Mail::Box::write() to allow mid-life writes of files.

	- Removed option Mail::Box::write(keep_deleted), because it is

	- Replaced all uses of FileHandle by IO::File.

	- test scripts ask for optional packages to be installed.  The user
	  will be asked per package... more info about it has been added,
	  for instance the option Mail::SpamAssassin.

version 2.029: Mon Nov  4 21:06:30 CET 2002


	- Empty header lines where printed without trailing new-line.  This
	  was spotted by [Blair Zajac] soon after the release which broke
	  it: do not use 2.028

	- Some extra checks for the return-code of close(), added as wished
	  for by [Blair Zajac]

version 2.028: Mon Nov 4 15:08:57 CET 2002


	- [Greg Matheson] decovered a small bug in the 10field test-script.
	  After being corrected, it showed a mistake in MM::Field with folding
	  very long words in field bodies. This bug was corrected.

	- Fixed a parser bug in MBOX, which showed an error when closing
	  a folder without explicit write before it.  Reported by
	  [David A Golden]

	- [Blair Zajac] reported that the multipart boundary was not
	  added to the Content-Type field.

	- [Sebastian Krahmer] adviced me to put a very strong warning against
	  the use of mailx (Mail::Transport::Mailx), which is accepted because
	  the funarability has been proven: mailx is exploitable insecure.

	- [Shagren] hit a POP3 server which does not add a blank at the end
	  of each message.  The last line of his message body was removed
	  because Mail::Transport::POP3 did not anticipate that.


	- In joint forces with [Greg Matheson], some small improvements have
	  been made in the mailbox parser for Windows...  But it is still
	  far from perfect.

version 2.027: Sat Oct 26 08:52:32 CEST 2002


	- Lazy Mail::Box::Dir::Message::print() (mbox and mh messages)
	  used File::Copy's copy(), which cannot handle IO::Lines file
	  objects as destination.  Replaced by own implementation.
	  [Tony Bowden] reported this problem, and fix my patch as well.

	- Mail::Box::find() was not able to get the id of the first
	  lazy-loaded message.

	- The empty line which preceeds a separator in mbox folders
	  was accidenitally included in the body of the message before
	  it (this was quite hard to fix) [Albert Schueller]

	- Mail::Message::Body::Multipart::foreachComponent(), used by many
	  multipart methods, created Mail::Message i.s.o. Mail::Message::Part
	  objects.  This is not right: especially encode() and decode()
	  where frustrated by it.   Same for nested messages.  Signalled by
	  [Mike Cudmore]


	- Mail::Transfer::POP3 implemented by [Liz Mattijsen].

	- [Shagren] found the first reason to modify Mail::Transfer::POP3
	  a little.

	- Mail::Box::POP3 and Mail::Box::POP3::Message should be working
	  now.  Mo Tests are included.

	- Reorganized the tests.  This is needed, because the number of
	  testscripts grew too long for Windows!  Besides, I need more
	  control over installation of optional packages.

	- All folder-types now have a type() method.

	- All folder-types now have a url() method, which result van be
	  used to specify a complex folder name to the Mail::Box::Manager.

	- [David Favor] asked to show the filename when an illegal header
	  is detected by the parser.

	- Rewrote Mail::Box::scanForMessage() in search of a bug reported
	  by [Shagren] concerning Mail::Box::find()  But it was not the
	  cause.  Still, the method has improved.

	- Changed  split /(?<=\n)/  into  split /^/  everywhere.

version 2.026: Mon Oct  7 23:39:07 CEST 2002


	- Default package for $msg->send was broken.  Reported by
	 [Jeremy Banks]


	- Mail::Message::Field::wellformedName() produces better results,
	  thanks to [Emmet Cailfield]

	- Many more tests are succeeding under Windows, since
	  [Greg Matheson] sent me the output of the tests based
	  on Test::More.  Thanks Greg!

	- Mail::Transport::SMTP warns when send(To => $to) is used where
	  send(to => $to) is needed.  [Jeremy Banks]

	- Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup::set(field)       added
	  Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup::createReceived() added
	  Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup::destinations()   added

	- Mail::Message::Construct::bounce() now adds Resent-* lines
	  to the first Received line, if available.

	- Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup::new() creates a received
	  field if not defined.

	- Mail::Message::Head::Clone uses $head->addNoRealize i.s.o add(),
	  and thereby does not re-fold the headers anymore.

	- Deleting or resetting a non-existing field in the header will
	  not flag the message to be 'modified'.

	- Implemented Mail::Box::Search::SpamAssassin, a spam filter

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Wrapper::SpamAssassin, a wrapper
	  used in the new spam filter.

	- Implemented authorization for SMTP, based in work by
	  [Michael de Beer]

	- X-Spam-* headers are not disclosed for transmission.

version 2.025: Mon Sep 23 13:11:57 CEST 2002


	- Accidentally left debug-printstatements in Mail::Transport::SMTP

	- Fixed "from" address used in Mail::Transport::SMTP.


	- MIME-Version header line automatically added to constructed
	  messages (rfc 2045). [Matthew Darwin]

version 2.024: Sun Sep 22 23:06:55 CEST 2002


	- SMTP sending accidentally only included the headers *not* to
	  be disclosed :(  The check has the correct negation in
	  Mail::Message::Field::toDisclose() now.
	  Reported by [Matthew Darwin]

	- Generated messages without message-id must get one assigned.
	  Reported by [Matthew Darwin]


	- All tests converted to use Test::More, which produces better
	  feedback on failures. Hopefully, failures on Windows will
	  start disappearing now.

	- Mail::Box::Dir::Message's take their size from the real
	  file (unless they are modified)

	- Mail::Box::Mbox now derived from new Mail::Box::File

	- Mail::Box::Mbox::Message now derived from new

	- Set the shape of the message-id with

	- A message constructed without data will be an empty text
	  message, not an empty multipart :(

	- Mail::Message::Construct::build() now calls buildFromBody()
	  to prepare the whole message, instead of doing it itself.
	  You can also specify field objects to buld() now.

	- From and To fields are no longer required to construct a
	  message.  They may be filled-in later.

	- Mail::Message::Construct::bounce() now uses the
	  MM::Head::ResentGroup object, which much improved outcome.

	- Made a start with Mail::Box::Search::SpamAssassin.

version 2.023: Sat Sep 14 11:11:03 CEST 2002


	- t/65search.t failed for some Perl versions, dependent on the
	  hash implementation.  Mail::Box::Search::Grep::inHead did
	  not use MM::Head::orderedFields() yet. Discovered by
	  [Blair & Liz & Greg & Conrad Heiney]

	- Mail::Box::Mbox includes IO::File with () to avoid colission
	  between constant definitions in IO::File and POSIX.  Fixed
	  by [Marcel Gruenauer]

version 2.022: Mon Sep  9 18:55:01 CEST 2002

	Detailed checks against RFC2822 is in progress, which means that
	some changes have to be made.  The API had to be changed on some
	places, but on most places could be kept unchanged.

	Application breakers:

	- $msg->from now returns a list fo addresses!  Mind the context!
	  required by the RFC.

	- stringified $body->type returns whole Content-Type body.  Use
	  $body->mimeType!  Example:
	     if($msg->type eq 'text/html')     # breaks now
	     if($msg->mimeType eq 'text/html') # works as always

	- a header field stringifies to "body; comment", not only
	  the body.


	- Messages which of unknown Content-Type (unknown by MIME::Types)
	  could cause segmentation violates.  Solved by [Darrell Fuhriman]

	- In Mail::Box::Manager, the method foldertypes() was called, which
	  should have been folderTypes(). [Swapnil Khabiya]

	- Mail::Message::Construct::replyPrelude produced warning when
	  from address of originating message dit not defined a user's
	  name.  Now it has a fallback. Reported by [Jon Thomason]


	- new method Mail::Box::Message::moveTo()

	- new method Mail::Message::sender()

	- Mail::Message::Convert::selectedFields() retuns fields now
	  (in the right order), not field names.

	- Mail::Reporter::log() now also as class method.

	- Mail::Reporter::defaultTrace() to set program global defaults
	  for logging and tracing.

	- New class Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup with tests in

	- Mali::Message::Construct::printStructure now accepts a filehandle.

	- reply() takes return address from: Reply-To || Sender || From
	  (Sender added)

	I have re-read specification rfc2822, and reimplemented the three
	Mail::Message::Field* objects.  The next changes are made to
	these objects:

	- field data is only stored in folded form to improve performance
	  during parsing and reduce memory consumption (which is quite
	  high for headers) but also to be able to handle structured fields
	  better.  This introduced two new methods:
	  The body(), comment(), and content() are quite different now,
	  although return the same results.

	- toDate() without argument returns an rfc2822 valid date
	   representing the current local time.

	- new() accepts attributes.  The OPTIONS are only available
	   for ::Flex fields.                                    

	- attributes handle escapes of quotes in quoted strings.

	- new method length() which returns the total field length.

	- new method toDisclose() which tells
	  Mail::Message::Head::printUndisclosed whether the header should
	  be visible for extenal receivers.

	- new method stripCFWS() removes comments and folding white space from
	  header lines.  This should only be used on structured header
	  fields.  Tests in t/11cfws.t

	- new method dateToTimestamp converts a date in RFC2822 spec into
	  a timestamp.

	Also Mail::Message::Head got revisited.  The order of the fields
	is protected stronger.

	- new method orderedFields()

	- new method addResentGroup()

	- new method resentGroups()

	- new method removeField($field)

version 2.021: Tue Aug 20 17:42:24 CEST 2002


	- Requires HTML::TreeBuilder release 3.13 or newer, if you want to
	  use Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormat*.pm, because 3.12 contains
	  a serious bug.  Resolved by [Blair Zajac]

	- A mistake in the previous release could cause that parts of
	  multiparts where lazy.  This is not correct: all parts must be
	  extracted at once.  Detected by [Jost Krieger]

	- Another bug introduced with the previous release was the
	  removal of automatic body-to-messagepart coercion.

	- When a nested body was checked on encoding, it accidentally returned
	  its nested content, in stead of itself.  Detected by [Blair Zajac]

	- Mail::Message::isMultipart triggered the body, which is not needed
	  because the info is in the header as well.

	- pod2html translators are terrible.  Put more sofistication in
	  my html-polisher.


	- Carp is stringifying objects, which is terrible in combination with
	  overloading stringification on message headers and bodies.  Therefore,
	  a special exception for stringification is added to return a
	  different result to Carp.

	- The Mail::Box::determineBodyType is simplified.

	- Multiparts and Nested (rcf822) message are now also delayed when
	  their size is not known (often the case) or too large.

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Part::buildFromBody() to assist the
	  improved Mail::Message::Part::coerce()

	- Testing cloning of complex messages in t/58clone.t

version 2.019: Thu Aug 15 09:46:42 CEST 2002


	- Parsing messages could destroy $_ and IN/OUT file-handles from
	  the user's program.  Found a few places in Mail/Message/Body/*.pm
	  Problem spotted by [Jerrad Pierce]

	- Mail::Message::Head::Delayed extends a Mail::Message::Head, not
	  a Mail::Reporter.

	- Using an Index with MH folders caused each message header to be
	  triggered: a considerable slowdown.


	- [Blair Zajac] donated a large set of documentation fixes.
	  Even some hidden bugs got fixed this way.

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Body::Multipart::file(), because
	  it is required for Mail::Transport::SMTP.  Spotted by
	  [Marty J. Riley]

	- Mail::Box::Tie::ARRAY and ::HASH simulate real arrays and hashes
	  better with respect to deleted items.

	- Mail::Box::Message::Dummy is renamed into Mail::Message::Dummy,
	  which inherit from Mail::Message, not Mail::Box::Message.

	- Mail::Message::Dummy's now follow the standard pattern of

	- The Mail::Box::Thread::Manager is now also an extension of a

	- The Mail::Box::Thread::Node is now also extends Mail::Reporter.

	- Added extra doc to MH::Message to avoid confusion between seqnr
	  and filename (which is a number as well).  Needed by
	  [Jerrad Pierce]

	- Mail::Message::Part::clone is not a special case of clone at all.

	- Mail::Message::Part::coerce() was much too complicated: most work
	  is already done in Mail::Message::coerce()

	- The documentation and sometimes also the location of code in
	  Mail::Message::Head* packages has been improved.

	- Improvements in text of Mail::Box-Overview.

version 2.018: Wed Jul 10 23:03:08 CEST 2002


	- Parser will immediately study multipart en nested messages,
	  because otherwise it will get stuck in nasty multi-level
	  situations.  Discovered by [Francois Petillon]

	- More picky with quotes in header field attributes...  Continuing
	  story with weird multipart boundary strings.  This time,
	  [Blair Zajac] forced some improvements.

	- Empty headers were not properly skipped.  Usually this went
	  undetected...  however not in a very rare case [Blair Zajac]

	- For read-only folders, the manager always complained about
	  "closing changed folders".  Reported by [Blair Zajac] and fixed.

	- [Greg Matheson] tries to get Mail::Box running on the Cygwin
	  platform, which will benefit everyone, because it is stricter
	  than UNIX in some cases.... for instance, the Perl parser 
	  objects left the file-handle open....

	- [Blair Zajac] detected that double messages in a read-only
	  folder cause "Changes not written to read-only folder"
	  messages.  Not anymore: the doubles will not be flagged for


	- Filenames sometime contained double /'s between folderdir and
	  foldername.  Removed.

	- Foldernames can be specified like this:
	  which is broken into separate arguments in a very early stage.
	  This is especially useful when the name is passed in $ENV{MAIL}

	- Start of implementation for Mail::Transport::POP3.

	- To make space for ::POP3, which is a message receiver, the
	  message senders are now derived from Mail::Transport::Send.
	  New options are added which certainly improve the interface.
	  New packages:
	- Foldernames via $mgr->open() may be specified as URL, for instance

	- $mgr->close($folder) and ->closeAllFolders() accept the
	  normal options for $folder->close(OPTIONS).

	- $folder->appendMessage($msg) now returns the coerced message.

	- Mail::Box::Dir::messageId() should not trigger headers to
	  find unparsed headers with the id: that's the task of
	  Mail::Box::find().  The code was not consistent with the docs.

	- Removed Mail::Box::Dir::readAllHeaders()... it contained a
	  bug, so was apperently never used.  And that's a good thing.

	- Small set of additions to Mail::Box::Net and Mail::Box::POP3
	  Still in the early stages of development.

	- The parser will complain about files which were modified while
	  it was working with it.  Some cases where the parser accidentally
	  stayed open were closed to resolve the complaints for the tests.

version 2.017: Fri Jul  5 17:06:08 CEST 2002


	- Thanks to [Liz Mattijsen] for the detection of some flaws in
	  the QuotedPrintable encoding.  Fixed it.

	- Nested (rfc822) message clone() did not work.  Detected by
	  [Blair Zajac]

	- [Greg Matheson] is fixing the test suite for Windows.  Very good
	  work.  Changes made in t/65search.t


	- Deleted parts will not be returned in $multipart_body->lines

	- Deleted parts will not be counted in $multipart_body->nrLines
	  and ->size

	- Deleted parts will not be cloned.

	- For efficiency reasons, $multipart_body->foreachComponent
	  will skip deleted parts as well.

	- Mail::Box::messages() accepts
	     range:       $folder->messages(3, 100)
	     non-deleted: $folder->messages('ACTIVE')
	     deleted:     $folder->messages('DELETED')
	     labeled:     $folder->messages('seen')
	     labeled:     $folder->messages('!seen')
	     code:        $folder->messages( sub {$_[0]->size > 10000} )
	  limiting the default result being all messages.

	- Mail::Message::parts() accepts
	     non-deleted: $msg->parts('ACTIVE')
	     deleted:     $msg->parts('DELETED')
	     nested:      $msg->parts('RECURSE');
	     code:        $msg->parts( sub {$_[0]->size > 10000)} )

	- Mail::Message::Body::Multipart::parts accepts
	     non-deleted: $body->parts('ACTIVE')
	     deleted:     $body->parts('DELETED')
	     nested:      $body->parts('RECURSE');
	     code:        $body->parts( sub {$_[0]->size > 10000)} )

	- Mail::Box::allMessageIds() renamed to messageIds(), but old
	  name still available.

	- Add suggestion to close() without writing changes.

	- Avoid testing of maildir folders for Windows.  They are not
	  supported, because maildir uses characters in filenames which
	  are not acceptabled for the Windows file-systyem. [Greg Matheson]

	- Added Mail::Box::POP3, Mail::Box::POP3::Message
	  Mail::Box::Net, and Mail::Box::Net::Message as first steps to
	  a POP3 implementation.

version 2.016: Tue Jun 25 16:24:54 CEST 2002


	- [Edward Wildgoose] was very persist in pushing me to test
	  return codes in Mail::Transport::SMTP.  Late transport failures
	  are reported back now.

	- [Jeff Squyres] attributes in header fields must be matched

	- $folder->writeable --> $folder->writable, but old method
	  kept for backwards compatibility.

	- [Andreas Piper] AIX also requires r+ on a file to get locking
	  via FLOCK to work.  I made the detection 'compile-time'.

	- The folder to be locked was optional, but used in error messages.
	  Now if is not optional anymore, thanks to [Andreas Piper]

	- Simulated sub-folders in Mbox were not correctly automagically


	- Document fixes in Mail/Transport/SMTP.pm by [Liz Mattijsen]

	- Recursive copying of whole folders, which may include
	  conversions with Mail::Box::copyTo() with tests in t/66copyto.t

	- Interface change:
	    $mgr->addMessages,   $folder->addMessage,
	    $mgr->appendMessage, $folder->appendMessage,
	    $mgr->moveMessage,   $folder->copyMessage,
	  now all return the coerced message(s), because that is much
	  more useful than the message which are passed into the
	  method call, the folder, or the class.

	- Mail::Box::Manager::open() is rewritten, and a such much improved.

	- Much stricter handling of folder closing and folder deletion:
	  when a manager is used, folders are removed before global
	  cleamup commences.

	- Mail::Box::Manager::registerType is not requiring all known
	  folder types anymore.  This means that adding folder types
	  is without cost now: they are compiled only when used.

version 2.015: Tue Jun 18 19:41:45 CEST 2002


	- Duplicated messages without subject or to fields will
	  not produce errors anymore.

	- Duplicated messages produce NOTICE now, not WARNINGS.  Same
	  for empty fields and other minor things the parser detects.

	- Multiparts where not correctly processed when read from STDIN:
	  the body type was '::Lines' only. Bug reported by [Evan Borgstrom]

	- Bogus message-IDs  <>  caused problems, but these situations are
	  avoided now.  Problem found by [Jost Krieger]


	- message/rfc822 messages are handled now via a
	  Mail::Message::Body::Nested.pm, Tests in t/21p9rfc.t
	  This all because [Max Poduhoroff] asked for it  ;-)

	- Removed all tests for Inline::C parser....

	- Mail::Message::Body::AUTOLOAD handles errors better, which
	  should provide nicer error-messages.

	- Updates on MH/Maildir messages will first be created in an
	  'invisible' name, to avoid accidental access to partially
	  written messages Mail::Box::Dir::Message::create()

	- Mail::Message::Parts can be deleted (ignored for printing and
	  sending).  $part->deleted, $part->deleted(0), if($part->deleted)

	- timestamp() prefers time from last Received field over first
	  [Jost Krieger]

	- Mail::Transport::SMTP:
	    contactServer()  --> contactAnyServer()
	    new method tryConnectTo($host, @options);

	- $msg->printStructure for debugging purposes
	  (see Mail::Message::Construct)

	- Now requires MIME::Types v1.001

	- Mail::Message $msg   implemented $msg->string, ->lines, ->file
version 2.014: Tue Jun 11 16:26:13 CEST 2002


	- Forgot to implement the 'delete' method for a header field.  The
	  'reset' method was available to achieve it, but harder to discover
	  for unexperienced programmers.  Now 'delete' simply calls 'reset'.
	  Spotted by [Mark Weiler]

	- A coerce() from Mail::Message to Mail::Box::Message has to clear
	  the deleted flag (to avoid errors).  At the same time, the
	  modified flag is cleared.  Detected by [Max Maischein]

	- create option to Maildir's works now.

	- Signature separator '--'  ==> '-- '

	- [Gilles Darold] found that  m!(['"]?)([^\1])\1!  doesn't work.
	  apparently, [^\1] is not working.  Temporarily fixed with [^'"]
	  in Mail::Message::Field.


	- Mail::Transport::SMTP is working now.

	- The 'clone' operation on a message will return a Mail::Message
	  object, which avoids complications with copying message between
	  different kinds of folders.

	- Maildir messages are moved from 'new' to 'cur' with the new
	  method 'accept'.

	- Mbox, MH, pure Perl parser, and modules status "Released" 
	 (was "beta")

	- Maildir status "Alpha" (was "under development")

	- Added some docs to Mail::Transport about receiving messages
	  via POP3.  This code may appear in the near future.

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Convert::TextAutoformat, t/90textaf.t

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormatText, t/90htmlft.t

	- Implemented Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormatPS, t/90htmlfps.t

	- Initial coding of Mail::Message::Convert::Html, t/90html.t

	- Mail::Message::Head::grepNames() now accepts regexes as well.

	- Mail::Message::Field::wellformedName method added which returns
	  preferred capitization of a field's name.  The name() method
	  returns the lower-cased name.  Tests in t/11field1.t

	- Mail::Message::Field::content returns both body and comment
	  part of the message header line.

	- added Mail::Message::Body::charset() to simplify code.

	- removed useless Mail::Message::printUndisclosed().

version 2.013: Thu May 23 11:30:35 CEST 2002


	- Create MH directories when asked to. [Greg Matheson] reported
	  the problem.

	- Mail::Box::Locker::new "timeout" and "wait" options where too
	  confusing to be implemented correctly.  So they didn't work
	  as described.  Now, they are called "expire" and "timeout".
	  Thanks to [John B Batzel] for pointing-out the problems.

	- Messages with empty bodies where not accepted at all.  This
	  combined with a mistake in treating these errors in Mbox
	  folders gave <undef>s when asked for a body.


	- Maildir implementation runs all its tests.  Still there are
	  some support functions lacking.  Reports are that sub-folders
	  are to be implemented differently.

version 2.012: Mon Apr 22 15:53:05 CEST 2002


	- [alex] found-out that remove_when_empty and save_on_exit
	  could not be set to false for Mail::Box'es.

	- [Cory Johns] examples/reply.pl closed the folder but
	  later still used one of its messages.  This is not
	  permitted, but may be allowed later.

	- [Robin Berjon] multiple improvements to the Maildir
	  implementation.  Not finalized yet.

	- Mail::Message::Construct->build
	  called          Body->new(filename =>
	  which must be   Body->new(file =>

	- Two fixes in Base64 encoding....  Problem reported by
	  [Bernd Patolla]

	- Forgot to use File::Copy in Mail::Message::Body::File.
	  reported by [Andre Schultze]


	- Creation of new message-files for Mail::Box::Dir::Message
	  extensions implemented by a create($filename) method which
	  tries to be very smart.

	- [Mark Ethan Trostler] Mail::Message::Field::attribute
	  with value of <undef> gave complaints.  For now, these
	  calls with <undef> will be ingnored.  In the close future
	  they will remove the attribute.

	- Removed references to HTML.pm from all files...

version 2.011: Sun Mar  3 23:51:41 CET 2002

	Improvements:    -- one day of rapid development ;)

	- Mail::Message::read was confusing many users.  Therefore, it
	  has been renamed to readFromParser.

	- Now read() became unused, it is used to implement
	  my $msg = Mail::Message->read(\*STDIN);
	  Please use it sparsely.

	- Implemented Mail::Box::Maildir->writeMessages and
	  Mail::Box::Maildir->appendMessages.  Tests in t/44mdir*.t
	  Still small things to fix.

	- Mail::Message::clone() includes labels now.

version 2.010: Sun Mar  3 16:05:16 CET 2002


	- Fixed serious mis-calculation for delayed bodies in MH folders.
	  The 'fail-safe' approach did safe the programs till now, but
	  it is much better now: correct 'Content-Length' headers will
	  safe you time now.

	- Improved quite some doc-issues in Mail::Box::MH::(Label|Index).pm

	- Prototype of Mail::Message::Body::_data_from_lines was @_, which
	  is a silly typo checked by bleadperl... [Marcel Gruenauer]

	- Mail::Box::Parser::Perl line 87, binmode without filehandle...
	  reported by [Marcel Gruenauer]  But now it is causing problems
	  with perlio in 5.7.2 ...

	- Minor changes to scripts/takemail by [Tassilo v Parseval]

	- Mistakes in the docs of Mail::Box::Search::Grep, found by
	  [Tassilo v Parseval]

	- Accidentally took only non-delayed messages in Grep: wrong
	  default.  Detected by [Tassilo v Parseval]

	- The METHOD INDEXes ended with a list of links to related
	  manual-pages which where not expanded correctly by pod.
	  Therefor is was changed: now the INDEX starts with the
	  man-pages which will have correct links this time.


	- Changed encoders/decoders status from ALPHA to BETA.

	- Removed organization option to new() for Mail::Boxes: it is
	  not modifyable.  The method which shows whether the folder
	  is DIRECTORY or FILE organized will stay.

	- *PARTIAL* implementation of Maildir folders, which did have large
	  implications for the MH implementation.  The maildir implementation
	  is NOT READY yet.

	  New class structure:

	    is a Mail::Box::Dir            <-- new
	    is a Mail::Box

	    is a Mail::Box::Dir::Message   <-- new
	    is a Mail::Box::Message
	    is a Mail::Message

	    Mail::Box::Maildir             <-- new
	    is a Mail::Box::Dir            <-- new
	    is a Mail::Box

	    Mail::Box::Maildir::Message    <-- new
	    is a Mail::Box::Dir::Message   <-- new
	    is a Mail::Box::Message

	- Massive changes in label management, required to facilitate
	  Maildir labels which are in the filename.

	- Added /usr/lib to the safe_directories are searched by
	  Mail::Transport for binaries [Slaven Rezic]

	- Any Mail::Box type may implement an 'updateMessages'.  When
	  $mailbox->update is called and 'updateMessages' exists, the
	  folder tries to figure-out changes in the folder which were
	  made by external programs.  External programs may add messages
	  to the end of the folder without applying a lock, which is

version 2.009: Wed Feb 20 09:03:56 CET 2002


	- Forgot to update METHOD INDEX

	- t/65search1g.t tests Mail::Box::Search::Grep, which found
	  some problems in the implementation which are fixed now.


	- Mail::Box::Manager::threads() now also works when the folders
	  are not used as named parameter:
	     $mgr->threads(folders => [$inbox, $outbox]);  # was
	     $mgr->threads($inbox, $outbox);               # added

	- Default output file-handle changed from STDOUT to the selected
	  file-handle (see perldoc -f select)... usually this will
	  return STDOUT.

version 2.008: Mon Feb 18 16:11:52 CET 2002


	- [Alan Kelm] proved me that the other perl modules are wrong,
	  wrapping the header-lines more often than the RFC permits.  So,
	  wrapping on ';' and '.' is removed.  Wrapped headers are always
	  accepted, so there is no difference when reading a folder.

	- Added 'use Mail::Address' to Mail::Message::Field
	  [Walery Studennikov]

	- [Andreas Marcel Riechert] Added -I flag for {net|open}bsd with
	  mailx in Mail::Transport::Mailx

	- The parent of a Multipart body after reading accidentally was
	  a body, not a message.  Fixed in Mail::Message::Body::Multipart.


	- New modules Mail::Box::Search and Mail::Box::Search::Grep, however
	  they still need testing.  De docs have to be updated too.
	  Mail::Box::Search::Spam must be a piece of cake now.
	  Example in examples/grep.pl

	- Replaced -w flag in test-scripts by 'use warnings'

	- Centralized definition of folder-files in t/Tools.pm to
	  simplify implementation on Windows.

	- t/00windows.t to convert t/mbox.src to t/mbox.win with CRLF

	- moved Mail::Message::Body::Encode::eol to
	  Mail::Message::Body::eol because is always needed and
	  hence triggered the parsing of Encode..

	- Mail::Message::Body::eol option NATIVE will be translated into
	  LF, CR or CRLF.

	- Mail::Message::Body::*::size will return the size of the
	  message as stored in the file, so taking care of \n which
	  becomes CRLF on some systems.

	- Croak when $mgr->copyTo/moveTo is used with a message which
	  is not part of a folder yet: appendMessage should be used instead.

	- Mail::Box::Thread::Node::threadMessages() collects all messages
	  which are in a thread.

version 2.007: Mon Jan 14 10:07:09 CET 2002


	- [Alan Kelm] found a mistake in Mail::Box::Locker::DotLock::_try_lock

	- [Alan Kelm] updated some docs about locking.

	- [Alan Kelm] folder->new keep_dups option.

	- [Alan Kelm] fixed a stupid bug: messages printed to MBOX folders
	  did not get an empty line after them (before the from-line).
	  changed  print('') into print("\n") in Mail::Box::Mbox::Messages.pm
	  Mail::Box doesn't need that line, but other mail-agents might.


	- Avoid colissions between two messages which falsily share
	  messageID.  One will get a new number.

	- Start implementing understanding of CRLF / CR and foreign

	- Implemented stricter checks.  When a body is created, it is
	  not trusted until the data is checked.  This is lazy again ;)
	  Specify the checked option for the body is you are sure the
	  data is correct.  Also for the folders: when they are `trusted',
	  all bodies will be created `checked', which boosts performance
	  when used with the Perl parser.

version 2.006: Wed Jan  2 08:27:21 CET 2002


	- Accidentally typed   (@_)  as prototype of some methods.  Found
	  by [Jeffrey Friedl]

version 2.005: Sun Dec 30 14:25:22 CET 2001


	- Because of a bug related to weak references in the 5.6.0
	  Perl core, 5.6.1 is required now...


	- Rewrote Mail::Box::Parser::Perl, to avoid use of unget_line.
	  At the same time, the detection of the folder's line mode is
	  simplified.  However, not seek is sparsely used... maybe as
	  next improvement this could be avoided as well.

	- The performance is improved considerably when the folder
	  is trusted.  However, a little slowdown can be experienced
	  for untrusted folders, because better CRLF handling.

	- $mboxmsg->fileLocation returns only begin message in scalar

	- readHeader returns ref-array for each field i.s.o. four
	  elements in a list.

	- Mail::Box::Parser::inDosmode is now called
	  Mail::Box::Parser::lineSeparator.  Although a start has been
	  made to support Windows and non-native folders, it is not
	  fully implemented yet.

	- Updated the Mail::Box::Parser manual-page.

version 2.004: Sun Dec 16 22:53:06 CET 2001


	- I didn't know yet, but you can do things like:
	    $reply->head->add(To => $orig->head->get('From'));
	  because of stringification ;)

	- $message->from also may return the content of the Sender header.

	- Mail::Message::Construct::quotePrelude renamed to
	  ::replyPrelude, which is more consequent.


	- Added Mail::Message::Construct::forward() and ::forwardSubject.
	  With tests in t/57*

	- Replies are even more flexible now.

version 2.003: Sat Dec 15 00:47:50 CET 2001


	- Moved stuff from Mail::Message::Head::read to
	  Mail::Box::Parser::readHeader to improve parser indepency and

	- [Marcel de Boer] showed me that labels were not treated
	  right in Mail::Box v2.  Moved from Mail::Box::Message to
	  Mail::Message and Mail::Message::Head.

	- [Marcel de Boer] also found a problem with cloning of multi-
	  parts which got solved: a Mail::Message::Part is cloned to
	  be a Mail::Message!

	- Quite a speed improvement too.

	- Changed version policy

version 2.002: Fri Dec 13 17:46:01 CET 2001


	- Better (less complaining) recovery of bad header parsing.

	- Removed a back-reference from a locker object to the folder,
	  by which the folders where kept alive although out of scope.
	  "circular reference".  According the errors I got when
	  removing this one, there should be no strong refs left.

	- replaced many "warn"s by "$self->log(WARNING =>"s in

	- Improved handling and creating folders in the Mail::Box::Manager.

	- A header may be empty, but then it will be 'false'.  This is
	  needed to correctly recover corrupted mbox folders.


	- Mail::Message::Field::Fast implements a fast but dirty way to
	  store the header information.  Tested in t/11field1.t
	  It saves about 10% memory and 7% performance.

	- Mail::Message::Field::Flex implements an extendible but slower
	  way to manage the data.  Tested in t/11field2.t

version 2.00_19: Wed Dec 12 22:13:56 CET 2001

	Most work about sending messages.  Slight extension of the
	interface for some other packages.


	- Removed Tassilo's header parser optimization in favor of
	  split again, because it breaks on empty fields.

	- [Tassilo v Parseval] added some 'binmode OUT' lines to
	  make 98% of the tests succeed on Windows!!  But I am not
	  sure that is the right answer.  More on that later.


	- Added to/from/cc/bcc/subject methods to Mail::Message, to
	  hide Resent- header lines which overrule these fields in the
	  header.  Required for correct rfc822 support.

	- Added destinations() to Mail::Message.

	- Added isResent() to Mail::Message::Field.

	- Added addresses() to Mail::Message::Field, which returns a list
	  of addresses as specified by the header line.

	- Added pod reference to Mail::Message's service methods on header

	- Added Mail::Message::Head::Complete::printUndisclosed() and
	  Mail::Message::printUndisclosed() which is the same as print()
	  but leaving the Cc and Bcc headers out.

	- Added Mail::Transport::putContent($message)

	- Added Mail::Transport::SMTP shaped after Net/SMTP, but much more
	  facilities and real Perl 5 code!  Not ready yet.

version 2.00_18: Mon Dec 10 22:19:44 CET 2001

	- Added some requires for package FileHandle.

	- Added Mail::Transport::Qmail (cannot test it, but expect it
	  to work)

	- Reorganized (and improved the docs) on all Transport modules.

	- Added POSIX fcntl locking.

	- [Tassilo v Parseval] demonstrated the fastest way to split
	  a header, determined by benchmarking 6 variations on the theme.
	  Used in Mail::Box::Parser::Perl.pm

version 2.00_17: Sat Dec  8 23:10:06 CET 2001

	- Moved scripts/web/* to scripts/

	- Header line options in Mail::Message::Construct::reply start
	  with capitals too.

	- Added Mail::Message::Body::Multipart::stripSignature

	- Simplified Mail::Message::Construct::reply a little

	- Fixed problem with the resulting body-types where delayed bodies
	  where used to be encoded and decoded.

	- Extra checks for From-line in mbox folders, to help incorrectly
	  formatted folders.

	- [Tassilo v Parseval] discovered the problematic recovery for
	  erroneous headers.  Some recovery is tried.

version 2.00_16:  Sat Dec  8 16:56:53 CET 2001

	First beta of Mail::Box version 2

	Most import changes:

	* Replaced all use of MIME::Parser, Mail::Internet, and MIME::Entity,
	  althought the foreign message types are still useable in some

	* All code has been changed.  Simple things, like opening a folder,
	  reading messages and such are the same.  However handling of
	  messages is really different from the MIME::Entity/Mail::Internet
	  implementation.  Your message handling must be body-oriented ;)
	  tranforming a body into a new body, into a new body, and
	  finally create a new message from it.  See Mail::Box-Cookbook.

	* Moved code to use 5.6.0 features, so no support for 5.005
	  anymore.  This is required for Inline::C and Unicode support.
	  Mail::Box releases below 2 will be supported for some time
	  for people with `old' perl.

	* Parsing in Inline::C or plain Perl

	* folder->open(take_headers) removed
	  folder->open(extract) replaces folder->open(lazy_extract) to
	  avoid double negation in your program.
	  listFolders became listSubFolders
	  allMessages became messages(); so $folder->messages always
	  returns all.

	* Unfolding of headers considered stupid: headers which are