===== ChangeLog of distribution Mail-Box version 3.*

verison 3.005: Sun Mar  4 21:48:38 CET 2018

	- code trusted on "perl -w", but now added many "use warnings".

	- spell fixes rt.cpan.org #12400 [Damyan Ivanov] (Debian)
	- remove license file: now in README.md
	  rt.cpan.org#124057 [Petr Pisar]
	- remove Mail/Box-Shorts.pod: already consumed somewhere else
	  rt.cpan.org#124056 [Petr Pisar]
	- converted to GIT, publish to  GitHub
	- check produced pods

version 3.004: Fri 22 Dec 09:46:28 CET 2017

	- minor change in Mail::Message broken regression test [cpantesters]

version 3.003: Thu 29 Jun 15:18:15 CEST 2017

	- change license back to "perl" after accidental change
	  rt.cpan.org#120319 [Jitka Plesnikova]

version 3.002: Fri 31 Mar 14:22:17 CEST 2017

	- repair test on Windows again :(
	- error while global destruction of locker
	- show installed version of POP3, not POP4 (of course)
	  rt.cpan.org#120651 [Kent Fredric]

version 3.001: Mon  6 Feb 17:07:53 CET 2017

	- test on windows, cause the path syntax differences
	- posix lock on BSD [Slaven Rezic]
	- SEE ALSO links broken.
	  rt.cpan.org#120119 [Christophe Deroulers]
	- do not test multi-lock on BSDs

	- Mail::Box::Locker* cleaner OO
	- ::Locker::Multi uses FcntlLock, not POSIX by default

version 3.000: Thu  2 Feb 15:50:36 CET 2017

	- split Mail::Box 2* into separate distributions:
		Mail::Box             basic and simple mail folders
	    Mail::Message         only message handling
	    Mail::Transport       sending messages
	    Mail::Box::IMAP4      net-imap folders
	    Mail::Box::POP3       pop3(s) folders
	    Mail::Box::Dbx        Outlook express folders (unpublished)
	- simplify structure of tests
	- do not ask questions during installation
	- shared footer