Revision history for Perl module Mail::CheckUser

1.24  Sat Nov 26 22:00:00 2016
	- Prevent inadvertent CBL blocks during test.
	  (Use to remove)

1.23  Sat Nov 26 21:00:00 2016
	- Make sure all tests pass.

1.22  Sat Nov 26 12:00:00 2016
	- Add Treat_Grey_As_Fail feature.
	- Patch by Rob Brown

1.21  Thu Sep 18 12:00:00 2003
	- Fix cufilter to handle bounce messages better.
	- Avoid cufilter redundant checking.
	- Handle special wildcard gTLD bogus domains.
	- Patches by Rob Brown

1.20  Mon Sep 01 12:00:00 2003
	- Run the forward lookups of MX records through the
	  Net::DNS resolver object to detect slow lookups
	  within the timeout restricted.  The normal
	  gethostbyname did not honor the timeout.
	- Taint cleaner.
	- Add procmail filter example.

1.19  Sat Mar 08 12:00:00 2003
	- Correct syntax for Net::Ping::ping and nack.
	- Avoids a problem when the MX entry does not resolve.
	- Prevent this crash: "Usage> nack($failed_ack_host)"
	- Bug reported by (Peter Beltemacchi)

1.18  Tue Dec 10 20:00:00 2002
	- Latest version broke MAIL/RCPT check. Stupid, stupid, stupid
	  me - it actually caused failure of one test in test suite
	  but I misinterpreted it and though that mailboxes at cannot be verified by Mail::CheckUser
	  anymore. Note to myself - never release anything in hurry.
	  Reported by Kevin Cassidy and fixed independently by Rob
	- Added $Treat_Full_As_Fail config variable and new check code
	  CU_MAILBOX_FULL to report full boxes (Rob Brown).

1.17  Sat Nov 30 23:02:20 2002
	- Be polite with SMTP servers - try to issue QUIT command
	  before disconnecting. Suggested by Tom Allison.
	- Workaround Perl bug (#18784) which causes userpart regexp
	  matching failures with correct userparts in Perl 5.8.0.
	  Patch by Rodger Bagnall.
	- Remove notice that MAIL/RCPT check works with mailboxes
	  on from documentation. It seems it is not
	  true anymore.

1.16  Wed Nov 18 09:30:00 2002
	- Add $Mail::CheckUser::Net_DNS_Resolver feature
	  to allow customizeable Net::DNS::Resolver object.
	- Utilize udp_timeout feature in Net::DNS
	  to avoid excessive dns delays (Rob Brown).
	- Do not allow "special" characters in username.
	- Break RFC by allowing domains with "--"

1.15  Fri Nov  8 00:02:23 2002
	- Minor documentaion and code fixes.

1.14  Sat Oct 19 23:59:00 2002
	- A little more robust for when some mail servers are down.
	- Uses Net::Ping to determine remote reachability.
	- Added setting $Mail::CheckUser::Skip_SYN
	  to retain the old 1.13 functionality.
	- Patches by (Rob Brown)

1.13  Sat Mar  9 23:59:00 2002
	- I had to bump version because of corrupted CPAN upload.

1.12  Sat Mar  9 23:50:33 2002
	- Fix die if all SMTP servers for mail domain are found as
	  unreachable during SMTP checks. Thanks to Michal
	  Weinfurtner for bug report.
	- Added additional status code CU_SMTP_UNREACHABLE which is
	  set if all SMTP servers for mail domain are found as
	  unreachable during SMTP checks.

1.11  Thu Mar  7 19:13:29 2002
	- Fix example in POD documentation.

1.10  Wed Mar  6 01:25:28 2002
	- Added subroutine 'last_check'. Based on patch from Cloyce
	  D. Spradling.
	- Use for test suite.
	- Do not treat email address as invalid if SMTP server replies
	  with error on MAIL FROM command.
	- If email is undefined check_email dies instead of
	  omitting warning.
	- A lot of documentation fixes: grammar and spelling
	  clean-up, rewritten section 'IMPORTANT WARNING'.
	  Thanks to Cloyce D. Spradling for patch.
	- Changed my email address from to in module documentation.

1.02  Fri Jul  6 14:51:06 2001
	- Fixed minor bug in sample code snippet in pod documentaion.
	  Thanks to David Olszynski for correction.

1.01  Tue Jul  3 15:40:40 2001
	- Fixed bug which allowed to pass email addresses with two or
	  more '@' chars as correct.

1.00  Wed Jun 27 19:03:20 2001
	- Added more tests for email address syntax check.
	- Fixed spelling (with ispell) it this file :).
	- Replaced 'validness' with 'validity' in docs. I'm sorry -
	  English isn't my native language. Thanks to Dudley Cadet for
	  this correction.
	- This is 'offical' stable release. Now I'm already working on
	  new rewritten version of this module which will have some
	  new features: OO API, access to DNS resolver object (so it
	  will be possible to set DNS servers for hostname resolving)
	  and many others useful things.

0.92  Fri Mar  9 15:11:34 2001
	- Minor fix: don't get records of type 'IN' in hostname checks
	  via DNS.
	- Value $Mail::CheckUser::Helo_Domain option variable wasn't
	  respected if SMTP server is verified with combination of
	  MAIL and RCPT commands.
	- Added disabling warnings that comes from Net::SMTP in
	  timeout conditions.
	- Incompatible change: Removed old VRFY check. Probably nobody
	  even notice it.
	- No longer putting rfcs into distro.
	- Some minor pod doc fixes.

0.91  Fri Jan 12 19:06:29 2001
	- Added section IMPORTANT WARNINGS to pod documentation. I'm
	  really tired to answer same questions :) Hope this will help.
	- Added $Mail::CheckUser::Helo_Domain parameter. This allows
	  to specify domain name used in HELO query. It can help if
	  SMTP servers doesn't like default domain used in HELO query.
	- Added LICENSE section to README and similar info to
	- Changed resolver behavior: now all domain names are checked in
	  root zone. It means thats email addresses like
	  will not be accepted as valid anymore just because your local
	  computer resolves domain and have 'search' in his /etc/resolv.conf.

0.90  Thu Nov 16 16:31:10 2000
	- Removed some tests because some my test mailboxes have became
	- Some minor pod doc fixes.
	- Marking this release as 0.90 since I believe it has reached stable
	  state now.

0.17  Mon Sep 25 21:06:06 2000
	- Added workaround against annoying warning under Perl 5.6 in
	  Net::DNS module which is used by this module.

0.16  Mon Sep 11 22:44:11 2000
	- Add another check: now module can verify user on SMTP servers
	  using combination of MAIL and RCPT commands. This check can detect
	  validity of mailboxes on more SMTP servers then VRFY check. By
	  default module now uses this new check. Old VRFY is still
	  supported but can be possibly removed in future because it seems
	  there is no need in it if we have MAIL/RCPT check (thanks for idea
	  to Marc Jauvin).

0.15  Tue Aug 29 15:40:28 2000
	- Added some notes about third email address validity check into
	  README and pod documentation.

0.14  Sat Aug 26 21:10:08 2000
	- Added more tests for emails address syntax.
	- Fix for bug with verifying user on SMTP servers that support
	  multiple domains (thanks to Karen R Sabog).

0.13  Mon Aug 14 19:20:16 2000
	- Added into distro rfc 821.
	- Changes in regexp which handles emails syntax (it doesn't allow
	  space in username anymore).
	- Added more tests for emails address syntax.

0.12  Wed Jul 19 20:33:29 2000
	- Fixed bug in SMTP return codes handling (thanks to Rolf Beutner).

0.11  Fri Jul 14 03:16:45 2000
	- Added global variable $Mail::CheckUser::Treat_Timeout_As_Fail.
	- Updated documentation.

0.10  Sun Jul  9 04:50:59 2000
	- Added missed README file to distribution.

0.09  Sun Jul  9 02:51:36 2000
	- Documentation fixes.
	- Makefile.PL have better compatibility with CPAN.
	- First release on CPAN.

0.08  Sat Jul  8 20:46:49 2000
	- Added more verbose debug logging.
	- Added requirement for IO::Handle 1.21: earlier version has
       	  problems with timeouts handling.

0.07  Wed Apr  5 17:32:41 2000
	- Documentation fixes: there was mentioned check_mail instead

0.06  Tue Nov 16 03:51:03 1999
	- Fixed bug with handling DNS request timeouts.

0.05  Mon Nov 15 19:29:15 1999
	- Script was split into four tests scripts and they
	  were moved to 't' directory.

0.04  Sat Nov 13 16:03:01 1999
	- Documentation for Mail::CheckUser expanded a bit.
	- Some syntax fixes in Mail::CheckUser documentation.

0.03  Fri Nov 12 22:02:43 1999
	- Documentation fixes for Mail::CheckUser.

0.02  Fri Nov 12 21:56:59 1999
	- Added global variable $Mail::CheckUser::Skip_SMTP_Checks
	  which enables/disables connection to mail server to check
	  if user exists on it.

0.01  Tue Nov  2 04:34:00 1999
	- First working version.