0.015 - 2016/12/18
- fix signing/validation: only a single header (starting from the bottom) should
  be checked for each entry in [h]eader.
- option `h_auto` to automatically create a useful [h]eader entry when signing
- fixed problem with breaking long lines which made mail header invalid (missing
  space in folded line)
- new scripts/sign.pl for signing mails
- no more endless loop on broken input mails in scripts/validate-emails.pl
0.014 - 2016/06/14
- leave arguments for next as they are, i.e. don't work on alias for(@_) and
  thus inadvertantily change the buffer in the caller
0.013 - 2015/12/16
- make parse_taglist public
0.012 - 2015/11/20
- added filter argument so that for example only signatures matching the domain
  of the From header will be checked
0.011 - 2015/11/18
- make interface more similar to Mail::SPF::Iterator, i.e. everything is done
  through a single method C<next>
0.010 - 2015/11/17
- initial release