webscrape.t still failed on Strawberry Perl if LANG=ru_RU.utf8 - fix

webscrape.t fails if LANG=ru_RU.utf8 - fix

webscrape.t "top" and "retr" tests failing on some arch: use "is" to
get actual output from CPAN Testers network.

Put testp3.pl into scripts - useful POP3-talking test script.
Change dependency on Email::Stuffer to Email::MIME in conf/jobserve.conf
and t/webscrape.t - far fewer dependencies, better fit for requirement.
New scripts/ entry - mailbox-test, which exercises a mailbox class from
a given conf file.
New scripts/ entry - webscrape, which exercises *::webscrape from a
given conf file, allowing development/testing of that class.

Use another tmpdir instead of "out" in t/testcommon.pl's server config
so an "out" directory is not left in the source directory after tests.
Rename *::Folder::virtual::jobserve to *::Folder::webscrape
make t/webscrape.t

3.03 2013/12/31
Moved tests to t/*.t. Changes for Win32: if Win32, don't install SIGUSR1
handler, don't try to use IO::Select->can_read, don't call getgrnam

3.02 2013/12/28
Updated tests to reduce duplication and hardcoding.

3.01 2013/12/27
To make it pass tests (and actually build), stopped using ".inst_dir"
in distrib directory to build the scripts, since it was not being created
and therefore was causing immediate failure. Instead used hardcoded value.

3.0 (from 2.* by Mark Tiramani) 2002/08/09
Turned Mail::POP3Server into Mail::POP3 - redesigned it to be as follows:

Mail::POP3::Daemon does the socket-accepting.
Mail::POP3::Server does (most of) the network POP3 stuff.
Mail::POP3::Security::{User,Connection} do the checks on users and connections.
Mail::POP3::Folder::* classes handles the mail folders.
Mail::POP3::Folder::virtual::jobserve presents a jobserve search
  (using the username as params) as a POP3 mailbox.

This involved turning the previous Mail::POP3Server "inside out", since
it more or less only had as an interface a "startserver" method.