Change information for Mail::Procmail.

Version 1.08, released Sep 19, 2004

 * Documentation and example changes.

Version 1.07, released Sep 19, 2004

 * Added pm_gethdr_raw, to get headers unprocessed.

 * Added pm_body, to get an array ref to the lines of the message body.

Version 1.06, released Aug  5, 2003

 * pm_init now takes a 'fh' attribute to have it read the message from
   that file handle. Thanks to Tom Metro.

 * The self tests now use Test::More.

Version 1.05, released Apr 26, 2003

 * The logging messages now include the message size in the log file. 
   The pm_stats utility reports the sizes in the summary.

Version 1.04, released Apr 24, 2003

 * Small fixes w.r.t. pm_dupcheck. Thanks to Frederik Eaton.

 * Document procmail problems with big files.

Version 1.03, released May 8, 2002.

 * Make self-test more robust.

 * Provide (experimental) perl-Mail-Procmail.spec to build .rpm for
   RedHat 7.x. Note that this requires Mail::Internet and
   LockFile::Simple to be installed as RedHat packages as well. Spec
   files are provided to build these packages; you know where to get
   the sources...

Version 1.02, released March 21, 2001.

 * Just some small typos.

Version 1.01, released January 24, 2001.

 * Explicitly seek to the end of the file when doing a mailbox
   delivery. This seems to be necessary for some older systems.

Version 1.0, released January 17, 2001.

 * First 'official' release after several months of testing.

 * pm_pipe_to: Fix catching of broken pipe errors.

Version 0.91

 * Starting Beta phase.
 * Allow pm_gethdr to be called in array context, to deliver all
   occurrences of a header.
   Also, allow an optional 2nd argument, to select a specific occurrence.
 * Add pm_dupcheck to check for duplicate message IDs.
 * Correct call to gethdr in pm_deliver, in the case of maildir
   delivery. It should have been pm_gethdr.

Version 0.04, released Sun Aug 27 19:47:42 CEST 2000

 * Add pm_report routine to produce summary reports.
 * Enhance documentation.

Version 0.03, released Fri Aug 11 15:45:29 CEST 2000

 * Add pm_command routine.
 * Enhance documentation.
 * Strip examples.

Version 0.02, released Wed Aug  9 10:25:28 CEST 2000

 * Retrofit to Perl 5.005.

Version 0.01, released Tue Aug  8 21:24;59 VEST 2000

 * Initial release for Perl 5.6.