$Id: NEWS,v 1.6 1998/04/05 17:21:53 kjj Exp $

Version 0.7

Added dependancy on MIME::* package in Makefile.PL

get_header, get_mime_header, get_message, get_mime_message,
get_message_file, refile, and dup now generate a fatal error if a
folder isn't open, or if the message number being retrieved isn't in
the folder

Mail::Folder::get_header now returns the header if it's already in the
header cache.  This is for folder interfaces writers.

Mail::Folder::Mbox no longer uses globbing when removing file in tmp

Mbox folder locking doesn't keep retrying if failure to acquire a lock
was due to permissions.

Renamed register_folder_type to register_type.  Also, the method only
takes one argument now. (Nick.Ing-Simmons@tiuk.ti.com)

Fixed incorrect calculation of Content-Length (doh!)

Various bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Various doc tweaks.

Updated module requirements in Makefile.PL

Added a new method 'get_fields'.  Suggested by Nick.Ing-Simmons@tiuk.ti.com.

Version 0.6

Added DefaultEmptyFileFormat class variable.

Temporarily turned off flock locking in mbox interface.

Added NFSLock option.

Added DefaultFolderType option.

Added some documentation about folder locking.

Reduced race condition in emaul folder locking.

No longer uses File::BasicFlock.

Fixed a bug in the use of escape_from in mbox.

Reduced race condition in mbox folder locking.

Added ability for nntp interface to understand NNTPSERVER env variable.

getpop.pl now does 'use strict;'.

Added NotMUA option to folder opening in getpop.pl.

Added 'Modify => 0' to Mail::Internet object creation in getpop.pl.

Promoted _detect_folder_type to detect_folder_type.
Version 0.5

Added xmailfolder.pl to examples directory.

Added NotMUA options to 'new' method to avoid updating persistant
labels and persistant current_message if it's set.

Added ability to optionally autodetect the folder type.

Added documentation about use of Mail::Folder against folders in the
system spool directory.

Added get_mime_header and get_mime_message methods.

Added Content-Length processing.

Added documentation about certain times when a dup of a header should
be passed instead of the original header.

delete_message and undelete_message now accept a list or a list ref
passed in as arguments.

POSSIBLE BREAKAGE: message_list doesn't sort the list it is going to return.

Added 'qty' method.

next_message and prev_message now default to being relative to
current_message is a message number is not passed in as an argument.

Added inverse_select method.

If list_labels is called in a scalar context, it returns the qty of
labels associated with the given argument.

POSSIBLE BREAKAGE: list_all_labels no longer sorts the list it is
going to return.

If list_all_labels is called in a scalar context, it returns the qty
of labels that are associated with the messages.

If select_label is called in a scalar context, it returns the qty of
messages that have the given label.

Rearranged a lot of the documentation related to writing folder interfaces.

Added documentation about envelope handling.

Added is_valid_folder_format function.

Changed email address and updates copyright dates.

Added Timeout option to 'new' method.

Switched from FileHandle to IO::File.

If we are root, we don't use things like -w.

Renamed methods and functions are are internal to be prefixed with '_'.

In sync, if current_message is marked for deletion then slide
current_message until we land on an message not marked for deletion.

Mail::Internet objects are created with the Modify option set to 0 and
the MailFrom option set to 'COERCE'.

The sleep duration for lock attempts is not 1 second.

We now use select instead of sleep.

Fixed a bug in _collapse_select_list that caused it to not complete
collapse the list.

We now require File::Sync because of how we write maildir files.

We parse the info portion of maildir filenames.

The renamed the 'delete' flag to 'deleted'.

We now update the info portion based on the state of various labels.

Many bug fixes in maildir interface. Geez, was the regression test ever

maildir file writing has autoflush set to 1.

maildir file writing uses fsync.

The mbox 'open' method now reads in and caches all of the headers.
This was so that status information could be processed.

Created files should all be readable only by the user now.

The mbox interface now does 'Status' field processing.

The pack method in the mbox interface now reduces gaps in the
numbering sequence and tweaks current_message accordingly instead of
being a no-op .

get_message now sets the 'seen' label.

from.pl now accepts a list of folders on the command line.

from.pl now autodetects the folder type.

Various cleanups, optimizations, and cosmetic changes.

Version 0.4
Now requires 5.003. It might work with 5.002 - anyone feel adventurous?

Requires newer versions of MailTools.

No longer requires File-Tools package.

We now 'use strict'.

Has a first stab at a Maildir (ala qmail) folder interface.

Various fixes for 5.002->5.003 syntax changes.

The mbox interface now splits thte folder into individual temp files.

Rearranged the regression test directory.

Added a 'Content-Length' option to honor the 'Content-Length' header
field if present.

Added a 'DotLock' option for Mbox folders to control whether .lock
files are to be used when locking a mbox folder.

Added a Creator variable to the Folder object and associated code to
prevent a child process from nuking the temp files out from underneath
the parent process if the child exits before the parent.

Added get_message_file method.

Added undelete_message method.

Added debug and debug_print methods.

Folder::delete_message now returns the result of it's own call to

Mbox folder can now use either dotlocking or flock.

Documented remember_message and forget_message functions.

Now use FileHandle and DirHandle instead of local(*FILE) and local(*DIR).

Append_message and update_message now append a dup of the $mref that
it was passed.  This was necessary because of internal changes and
because some folder interfaces might make 'cosmetic' changes to the
message (like de'From 'itating).

Emaul now always delete 'From ' line when appending or replacing a message.

Various cleanups, optimizations, and cosmetic changes.

Version 0.3
Added an %options argument to 'new'.

Added readonly attribute to folders.

Added a Create option to automatically create folder if it doesn't exist.

Added message labels. Added {first,last,next,prev}_labeled_message methods.

delete_message now uses 'delete' message label instead of it's own

register_folder_type is now done implicitly.

mbox now uses /\n?\nFrom / as the message separator instead of /^From /.

Added a 'create' method.

Added persistant storage of message labels to emaul.

Mbox now also needs the following modules: TimeDate and File-BasicFLock.

Mbox now uses flock instead of '.lock' for folder locking.

Mbox now checks to see if it thinks the file to open is a valid folder.

Mbox now synthesizes a envelope 'From ' if necessary.

In some of the smaller methods, eliminated use of 'my' and went
straight to members of @_.

Removed a call to stat in open method in Folder.pm.

Improved the cleanup in close method.

superclass pack now always returns 1.

update_message sets 'updated' label.

0 is now the official message number for a failed operation for
methods that are supposed to return a message number.

Consolidated several members of object into Message member.

Added documentation on some of the mechanics of writing a folder interface.

Fix a lot of pod formatting problems.

Added getpop.pl and from.pl example scripts.

Version 0.2
Added an mbox folder interface.

Added dup method that copies a message to a given folder.

Added a Header assoc array member to the Mail::Folder object.  The
cached header is now no longer stuffed into the Messages assocarray.

Added a SortedMessages array to Mail::Folder object and added a
sort_message_list method for folder interface developers to allow the
sort only when needed (eg: after a set of bulk updates like in the
open method).  This should help for large folders.  The message_list
method used to sort the message list every time it was called.  It now
just returns the contents of the SortMessages member.  Besides, the
list_messages used to have a sort in it that references $a and $b;
this was interfering with the sort in the sort method (ugh).

remember_message now takes one less arg than before.  This is due to
adding the cache_header method.

Added a call to an init method to new in the base class.

Added several convenience methods for folder interface developers.

All of the methods that would alter the folder now require a sync to
commit the changes.  Emaul doesn't honor this yet, but will soon.

next_message and prev_message now take an optional parm to specify a
relative starting point.  next_message and prev_message used to scan
the entire list of messages.  They now start at the current message or
at the given parm passed to them.

Various strategic uses of map and grep.

Various bug fixes uncovered when implementing Mail::Folder::Mbox.
Version 0.1
Initial alpha release.