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Revision history for Perl extension Makefile::GraphViz.

0.20 2011-11-29
* bugfix: dot complained about the "edge;" syntax error when no --edge-len
  option is not specified while running the "gvmake" utility.
  thanks Jasmin Jessich.

0.19 2011-08-18
* updated docs with new author name, author email address, and new git repository address.
* updated tests for Makefile::Parser 0.214.

0.18 2008-06-20
* now we use Getopt::Long rather than Getopt::Std for command line option handling and.
* we've added two new options --debug and --edge-len (for neato).

0.17 2008-03-16
* added support for double-colon rules.
* now we require Makefile::Parser for support of double-colon rules
  and multiple single-colon instances.

0.16 2007-03-16
* minor POD fixes
* bumped the Makefile::Parser version we require here to 0.16

0.15 2007-03-12
* lowered the version number for the building prerequisites
* bumped the Makefile::Parser version to 0.14

0.14 2007-03-10
* minor POD fixes
* requires Makefile::Parser 0.13 now

0.13 2007-03-03
* fixed a bottle-neck in sub plot_all (the roots method is now called instead of the targets method)
* updated the tests accordingly.

0.12 2007-03-03

* index script/ as before
* minor POD tweaks

0.11 2007-03-03

* implemented the plot_all method mentioned in the SYNOPSIS (RT bug #24828)
  (Ken Williams)++
* added t/plot_all.t to test this new method
* improved the POD a bit
* added the -a option to gvmake to plot all the goals in the input Makefile
* used "#!/usr/bin/env perl" in gvmake to improve portability.
* updated the author's email address
* added missing files to MANIFEST (make distcheck now passes)
* Makefile.PL now requires Test::More 0.62
* updated Test::Cover report in the POD

0.10 10/28/2005
* Move the repository to
    The OpenFoundtry seems to have been down for weeks.
* Update the POD doc accordingly
* Changed the colors used in the output inspired by Jack Shen's works. Jack++
* Updated the samples accordingly.
* Put the ~ in front of standard output file names, so TortoiseSVN won't skip them.
* Updated the tester accordingly.

0.09 10/20/2005
* Remove blib from the repository.

0.08 10/17/2005
* Make the pictures cmintest.png and doc.png used by
    samples.html up to date.
* Move the sample pictures to a new folder named samples,
    and update the links in samples.html accordingly.
* Updated META.yml to the current version.
* Tested against Makefile::Parser 0.11 and all tests passed.

0.07 10/16/2005
* Update the version number to 0.07
* Remove the .pl extention from the gvmake script. Slaven++
* Add TODOs to gvmake
* Update the SYNOPSIS section in gvmake's POD doc
* Fix a bug concerning CR in test files in Cygwin. Now
    file comparison in the tests ingores all the CR, LF, and
    \s characters, leading full passing rate under Cygwin.

0.06 10/15/2005
* Force this module to use Makefile::Parser 0.09. A serious
    bug concerning suffix rule parsing is fixed in
    Makefile::Parser 0.09
* Add more tests for Makefiles that uses implicit rules

0.05 10/15/2005
* Fix a tiny bug in script/, suppressing a stupid
    warning caused by the default Makefile name.
* Fix a bug in trim_cmd. It now functions properly
* Append ``...'' to trimmed command so as to make a difference
    in appearance.
* Force this module to use the lastes Makefile::Parser 0.08 so
    as to get support for implicit rules.

0.04 10/5/2005
* Force this module to use the latest Makefile::Parser 0.07
* Host this module to the SVN server at OSSF.
* Strip CR from t/* and use File::Compare::compare_text to
    compare files.

0.03 2005-10-4
* Add options "end_with" and "exclude" to the ->plot method,
    giving even more control over the size of the rendered tree.
* Rename option "vir_tars" to "vir_nodes".
* Add option "normal_nodes" to rewrite the default behavior.
* Add to /script directory
* Use DOT format instead of PNG in the test script,
    reducing space requirements significantly.

0.02  10/4/2005
* Fix the CR/LF problem in the test file, making the module
    working on Cygwin and other platforms.
* Add command node to the output graphs.
* Provide "trim_mode" option to the ->plot method so as to
    determine whether plot command nodes.
* Provide various options to ->plot, such as "edge_style",
    "normal_node_style", "vir_node_style", "cmd_style",
    "init_args", "vir_tars", and "gv". So the users get a
    much more controls over the output graphic format.
* Fix the back-slash problem in GraphViz labels.

0.01  Fri Sep 30 21:12:10 2005
* original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
  	-AX Makefile::GraphViz

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