Revision history for perl distribution Mandel

0.29 2016-01-07T10:05:22+0100
 - Fix all_document_names() will skip non-document classes

0.28 2015-10-22T10:22:09+0200
 - Fix adding already saved object to belongsTo relationship #27
   Contributor: Huo Linhe
 - Fix adding already saved object to hasMany relationship #27
   Contributor: Huo Linhe

0.27 2015-04-15T08:14:26+0200
 - Deprecated plain "use Mandel;"

0.26 2015-04-14T10:53:52+0200
 - Add coercion support to fields #24
   Contributor: Huo Linhe

0.25 2015-03-01T17:56:17Z
 - Fixed Document->get and Document->contains

0.24 2015-03-01T17:52:44Z
 - Compatible with Mojolicious 6.0

0.23 2014-09-11T13:04:45Z
 - Fix pushing object to ListOf relationship
 - Change return value for BelongsTo get accessor: Now returns the saved
 - Change return value for HasOne get accessor: Now returns the saved
 - Mandel::Document will cache objects

0.22 2014-09-10T16:40:05Z
 - Fix missing dependencies
 - Run perltidy on the codebase

0.21 2014-09-10T15:50:50Z
 - Fix document extends Contributor: Alexey Neyasov

0.20 2014-05-08T19:26:11Z
 - Add "builder" support to field.
 - Remove "_build_data" from documentation.

0.19 2014-04-26T18:28:58Z
 - Fix DBRef in database: "$ref" did not have the right collection name

0.18 2014-04-22T07:44:14Z
 - Add EXPERIMENTAL ListOf relationship

0.17 2014-04-14T17:14:45Z
 - Improved DEBUG mode.

0.16 2014-03-22T13:48:14Z
 - Change use Mandel; will be deprecated
 - Fix annoying perl warning on "use Mandel"

0.15 2014-03-12T18:35:49Z
 - Add more blocking methods Contributors: Joel Berger and Alexey Neyasov

0.14 2014-03-05T06:57:04Z
 - Add Mandel::Document::TO_JSON() Contributor: Sebastian Riedel -

0.13 2014-03-02T16:25:48Z
 - Add missing exception handling in HasOne relationship Contributor:
   Sebastian Riedel -
 - Fix $col->remove() received $doc instead of $err in callback
 - Fix documentation error Contributor: Alexey Neyasov -

0.12 2014-02-20T14:28:55Z
 - Add _build_data() for $document->data() default values
 - Improved documentation

0.11 2013-11-18T10:52:59Z
 - Change Mandel::Model->field(): %meta need to be a hash-ref
 - Change Mandel::Model->field(): Can retrive meta data for field
 - Add Mandel::Model::Field

0.10 2013-10-14T20:20:10Z
 - Change Mandel::Collection::patch() works on search() arguments
 - Add Mandel::Document->patch for updating partial documents

0.09 2013-10-13T18:29:40Z
 - Improved blocking support
 - Fix Document->remove() and ->save(): Forgot to pass on $err

0.08 2013-10-09T21:44:53Z
 - Add support for setting belongs_to accessor to oid
 - Fix Model->name() was not set when built from documents on disk

0.07 2013-10-06T14:46:55Z
 - Rename Model::add_field() to just field()
 - Rename Document::_raw() to ::data()
 - Relationships are now objects
 - Change related documents are stored using a dbref

0.06 2013-10-05T15:43:51Z
 - Add support for isa. This also will force numbers to be coerced from
   strings to actual numbers.
 - Add support for perl -Mandel -e'...'
 - Add support for blocking method call

0.05 2013-10-05T13:02:14Z
 - Change has_one/has_many documents point back to the "owner".
 - Add belongs_to relationship

0.04 2013-10-01T17:08:53Z
 - Add support for has_one() and has_many('/json/pointer')
 - Add support for MANDEL_CURSOR_DEBUG=1
 - Add Model::new_collection()
 - Rename Model::collection() to Model::collection_name

0.03 2013-10-01T12:39:20Z
 - Fix default collection name on custom document base class
 - Add Mandel::Collection::patch()

0.02 2013-09-28T12:02:38Z
 - Add Mandel::Collection::save()
 - Add Mandel::Document::contains()
 - Add Mandel::connect(), remove ::uri()
 - Add Mandel::model_class()
 - Add Mandel::storage(), remove ::mango()
 - Add builders for attributes, which makes it easier to customize in
 - Add support for custom base class for documents

0.01 2013-09-27T18:55:40Z
 - Released alpha software
 - Add document model
 - Add document base class
 - Add collection managment
 - Add cursor
 - Add support for basic relationship: has_one and has_many