Revision history for Map-Metro-Plugin-Map-Athens

0.1102 2016-01-27T17:14:11Z UTC
 [Other Changes]
 - Rebuilt with current dzil plugins
 - Be consistent with required Perl version.
 - Fix kwalitee issue.

0.1101 2015-01-26T16:56:49Z CET
 - Added command line example to synopsis.
 - Rebuilt with podweaver (cleanup).

 - Now uses @Author::CSSON dist zilla bundle, expanded.

 - Bumped Map::Metro requirement to 0.2206.

0.1100 2015-01-05T17:47:25Z CET
 - Added a graphviz image of the network.
 - Added line and station documentation.

 - Changed dist.ini to use @Iller

0.1000 2015-01-02T12:30:36Z CET
 - Initial release