Revision history for Map-Metro-Plugin-Map-Gothenburg

0.1004 2016-01-23T23:11:02Z UTC
 [Line Changes]
 - Stations 'Torp' and 'Kålltorp' have both changed name to 'Virginsgatan'.

 [Other Changes]
 - Rebuilt using current Dist::Iller::Config::Author::CSSON(::MapMetro).

0.1003 2015-01-21T16:27:28Z CET
 - Improved synopsis.
 - Linked to ::Lines documentation.

0.1002 2015-01-21T14:31:41Z CET
 [Bug Fixes]
 - Added missing stations on line 13 (Korsvägen->Sahlgrenska)

 - Changed to Lines.pod (fixes $VERSION problem).

0.1001 2015-01-20T15:18:08Z CET
 - Rebuilt with podweaver.

 - Added github info to meta and pod.
 - Bumped Map::Metro requirement (to 0.2206).
 - Now uses @Author::CSSON dist zilla plugin bundle, expanded.

0.1000 2015-01-03T23:47:09Z CET
 - Initial release