Revision history for Perl extension Maplat.

0.995 Mon Feb 07 11:00:00 2011
     - Add option to backup as different user
     - Worker can now do backups
     - Fix command handling for commands without arguments (column = NULL)
     - Added Admin Report
     - Added File manager for VNC
     - Added VNC subsystem
     - Added basic tablefilter, added "acronis agent" flag
     - Removed unused vars
     - Also show PBP page number for Perl::Critic
     - Added WebApps, switchable small tools and toys (currently implemented: Snow and Weather)
     - Changed hard tabs to spaces
     - Basic MapMaker function for computerdb
     - Made graphical computer location work (alpha status)
     - Fixed editing computers
     - Use db instead of hardcoded domains
     - Fixed cost unit mask
     - Added is_active flag to globalprodlines mask
     - Modernized user/admin handling of commandqueue
     - Bugfix - return false on unknown user
     - Bugfix deref
     - Added multilanguage support
     - Force "use English" to work properly
     - Adapted perlcritic settings to correspond to my darkpan default
     - Re-instating dynamic loading of modules
     - Disable helloworld test by default. Depending on host configuration, this might block.
     - Automatically require Net::SSLeay
     - Added basic HTTPS support
     - Add support for files in the root directory
     - Add some missing mime types to StaticCache
     - Prevent certain XSS attacks
     - Merge plugin ComputerDB into main framework
     - Merge Maplat::Logging into the main framework
     - Add "loading" graphic
     - Fixed perlcritic (heredoc terminator must be quotet)
     - Fixed bug with undefined EXTRAINC
     - More jquery magic, more forms. Also moved to its rightfull project
     - Update to new jquery-ui 1.8.6
     - Bugfix: Wrong handling of local copy of variable
     - Switched back from YAML::XS to YAML::Syck - YAML::XS seems to have problems with complex reference structures
     - Fixed missing "rollback", added more debug info
     - Fixed lexical variable reuse
     - Added optimized handling from memcachedb to session_settings
     - Fixed POD coverage
     - Bugfix: Return success on set if yamldata hasn't changed
     - Lower the number of updates in memcachedb (only update if value has actually changed). Use YAML encoded data in realmemcache to do the checking.
     - Fixed handling of lifeticks in MemCachePg (now pass-through wrapper to real memcache)
     - Bugfixes for forking mode

0.994 Sun Oct 17 20:40:00 2010
    - Pass Perl::Critic level 3
    - Perl::Critic Allow a max. of 7 arguments in function definitions (although varargs aren't counted)
    - Allow newlines in strings (used mostly for SQL commands). In this, i disagree with Perl::Critic. 
      While newlines in strings aren't pretty, they are WAY better than those awfull heredocs
    - Fixed lexically reused variable names (found by Perl::Critic)
    - Ingore Perl::Critic policy Variables::ProhibitPackageVars. I completly disagree with Conway on that, as long as they are used as defined interfaces.
    - Allow "set" as function name in Perl::Critic (for our case, it isn't ambiguous)
    - Fixed Perl:Critic "Capture variable used outside conditional"
    - Use non-capturing groups where capture not required in regexp
    - use croak() instead of die()
    - Fixed "hard tab" issue for Perl::Critic
    - Fixed ref problem
    - Fixed debuglog
    - Fixed FTPSync
    - Fixed missing "use"
    - Disable usage of broken HTML::FormatText. This might brake our online office modules
    - Fixed POD format
    - Added basic support for includes in config files
    - PostgresDB can now include auth info from external XML file
    - Fixed display of version/buildnum in web
    - Switched from YAML::Syck to YAML::XS
    - Updated copyright date
    - Added MemCachePg support for workers
    - Migrated webfrontend from Storable to YAML
    - Fixed file endings to unix in all perl files

0.993 Mon Aug 09 07:15:00 2010
    - Fixed SendMail/sending of zipped files
    - BF example
    - RFC 2616: Fix status codes for unimplemented/unknown request methods
    - Use texts from RFC 2616 as default for the HTTP status codes
    - RFC 2616: Add Content-Length header, required for caching
    - RFC 2616: Disallow body generation for some HTTP Status codes
    - RFC 2616: BF for HEAD request
    - RFC 2616: Respond properly to unsupported request methods.
    - RFC 2616: Support HEAD request (§9.4) by disabling sending of the body

0.992 Fri Jun 04 13:00:00 2010
    - Emergency bugfix: test scripts fail because some functions
      are not correctly documented (podcoverage)
    - Fixed: Perlcritic fails due to "no critic" placed on incorrect line
    - Fixed: Perlcritic tripped due to missing "return" at end of function setmylocaltime

0.991 Fri Jun 04 09:20:00 2010
	- Added some helper modules for cleaner code in main modules
	- Added accesslog for webinterface
	- fixed return codes according to HTTP specs
	- Added database-backed version of MemCache called MemCachePg
	⁻ Fix possible bug with un->finish'd DBI statement
	- Added function to add offsets to ISO date
	- Added workaround for wrong timezones on a few windows machines. This is basically only required when running as windows service, as far as i can tell.
	- Changes to headers to try preventing clickjacking
	- TemplateCache: Add function for HTML entity quoting
	- Moved some templates to the correct plugin
	- fixed some tests (that actually broke cpantesters tests)

0.99  Mon Mar 17 14:00:00 2010
	- Fixed missing requirements in Makefile.PL

0.98  Mon Mar 15 13:00:00 2010
	- Changed DBI/DBD::Pg tests to author tests
	- Added Author test for Perl::Critic
	- Modules now pass through Perl::Critic level 5 "gentle" (with a few changes to account for local policy)
	- Modules now pass through Perl::Critic level 4 "stern" (with a few changes to account for local policy)
	- Added support for jQuery-UI
	- Added basic support for themes
	- Slightly changed the way additional modules are handled (better support for future plugins)
	- Disabled dynamic module loading via eval/require. Too much trouble with that one 8-)
	- Fixed contact email address
	- calculated buildnum is now stable across multiple calls within the same program run (state variable)
	- TemplateCache now supports multiple directories (warning: config format change!)
	- Fixed some LogoCache bugs
	- Fixed StandardFields XML parsing
	- Fixed configurability of "INSERT PROJECT NAME HERE" via XML/StandardFields
	- Use MemCacheSim on helloworld tests
	- Disabled prompt for pg_config binary in Makefile.PL (cause database tests don't run except explicitly enabled)

0.97  Wed Jan 20 15:20:00 2010
	- Fixed tests to also work on PostgreSQL 7.x (without enums)
	- more internal testing for upcoming prefork version (currently WWW::Mechanize seems to be buggy)
	- some changes on how a mail with multiple files is send (now creating a ZIP-File on the fly)

0.96  Wed Jan 13 10:00:00 2010
	- This is a bugfix release
	- Add missing requirements to Makefile.PL
	- Fixed some tests (tests were broken, not the modules)

0.95  Sun Dec 19 16:00:00 2009
	- This is a bugfix and "more tests" release
	- Added POD syntax test
	- Added POD coverage test
	- Fixed POD in all modules (but have mostly still minimal documentation)
	- Added memcached tests
	- Added static web tests
	- Added database (DBD::Pg) tests and test database
	- Added dynamic tests incl. Authentification and user managment
	- Added simple stress test

0.94  Fri Dec 11 14:00:00 2009
	- This is a bugfix release
	- Fixed multiple multi-threading/PreFork issues in Web::
	- Fixed broken Web::UserSettings module

0.93  Wen Dec 09 16:00:00 2009
	- This is a bugfix release
	- Fixed bugs with ActiveState perlapp (compiler) under Windows
	- Added example for Maplat as Windows service

0.92  Mon Dec 01 18:20:00 2009
	- This is a refactoring release
	- Added (mostly untested) support for using Maplat::Web as preforking server
	- Added (mostly untested) support for using SSL
	- Removed Maplat::Server and switched back to HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI

0.91  Mon Dec 01 14:18:00 2009
	- This is a bugfix release
	- Fixed some POD errors
	- Fixed a template error (don't sessionrefresh on login/logout screens)
	- StaticCache and TemplateCache now work even if only
	  serving default data (without the local dirs existing)
	- LogoCache is still broken (can't use default data)

0.90  Mon Nov 16 11:58:59 2009
	- first public release on CPAN