0.12  2007-02-01

- Tweaked the internals so that it will work with either mod_perl 1 or

0.11  2005-07-18

- Clarified and improved the docs (I hope).

- MasonX::WebApp::ApacheHandler->request_args() now requires an
Apache::Request object unless args_method is set to "CGI".

0.10  2005-07-17

- The handler() sub provided by MasonX::WebApp was broken, as was the
version in the docs.  Reported by George Hartzell.

- If your subclass did not call $class->ApacheHandlerParams() and set
some parameters, then MasonX::WebApp's default handler() would fail.
Reported by Lee Carmichael.

- Fix handling of MasonGlobalName.  Reported by George Hartzell.

- Shut up annoying "subroutine redefined" warnings from

- Added some real tests

- Require Perl 5.6.0+

0.09  2005-05-25

- Documented RequireAbortAfterAction declarative parameter.

- Added overridable method _is_valid_action() to allow for more
fine-grained control over what methods are exposed via URIs.

- Made ActionURIPrefixRegex public.  This allows for more control over
what can come before an action name in a URI.

0.08  2004-08-16

- Added abort() and abort_status() methods, to allow you to abort
processing without redirecting.

- The redirected() method is now deprecated, as it has been
re-implemented to use the new abort() method.

0.07  2004-08-11

- Allow the error parameter to _handle_error() to be an array
reference of error messages.

0.06  2004-08-06  (from Taiwan to you)

- Arguments given new() besides apache_req and args are now passed
through to the _init() method.

0.05  2004-05-29

- The handler method was broken.

- Added a warning about being careful to make sure that the app object
goes out of scope at the end of the request, because if you make it a
global via the Mason Interp object's set_global() method, it can
persist across requests.

0.04  2004-05-13

- Calling clean_request_args() on the ApacheHandler object at the end
of the request is no longer needed.  Thanks to Ken Williams for
suggesting that I use $r->pnotes().  But why didn't I think of that?

0.03  2004-05-12

- _LoadActions was broken, and didn't work at all.

0.02  2004-05-12

- Fix a dumb syntax error that broke the session_wrapper() method.
Reported by Michael Alan Dorman.

0.01  2004-05-11

- First release.