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Revision history for Perl extension Math::Base::Convert

0.08  Mon Jan 27 11:59:58 PST 2014
        modify Makefile.PL to bypass missing 'pod2text'

	correct documentation typo

0.07  Tue Jan  8 13:47:58 PST 2013
  revise Shortcuts 0.02 srindx table use to mask after shift

  floating point error detected ONLY in 
	fail   2012-12-30T20:29:47 v5.16.2/127e
	fail   2013-01-03T03:49:32 v5.12.5/a2da
	fail   2013-01-03T05:24:45 v5.14.3/127e
	fail   2013-01-03T05:43:01 v5.17.6/127e
  64 bit perl compiled with -Duselongdouble

  wrap base calculation with int( ... +0.5) in Shortcuts.pm
  $bp = int(log($base/log(2) + 0.5)

  MANY thanks to Andreas Koenig <andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR@franz.ak.mind.de>
  for all the help he provide in tracking this bug down and to 
  David Cantrell <david@cantrell.org.uk> for providing a guest account
  on his system to do the testing.

0.06  Wed Dec 26 00:08:52 PST 2012
  changed Bases.pm array returns from arrays built in the sub
  to arrays built in the package and already blessed scalars

  add ascii lookup table

0.05  Sun Dec 23 22:46:42 PST 2012
  initial release

0.04  Sat Dec 22 21:07:56 PST 2012
  \Q \E metaquoting escape sequence to disable all 
  metacharacters in later versions of Perl

0.03  Tue Dec 18 17:44:58 PST 2012
  archive before TO <-> FROM switch

0.02  Wed Dec  5 17:56:47 PST 2012
  separated math into CalcPP.pm

0.01  Wed Dec  5 13:59:41 PST 2012
  first development package

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