2017-03-01 v0.17 pjacklam

 * Improve the logic in blog() to determine how to call objectify(). The old,
   simpler logic didn't handle an undefined base correctly.

 * Fix bexp() which was objectifying one argument too many.

2015-11-30 v0.16 pjacklam

 * Use ExtUtils::MakeMaker rather than Module::Install in Makefile.PL

 * Add from_bin(), from_oct(), and from_hex().

 * Add test files t/from_bin-mbl.t, t/from_oct-mbl.t, and t/from_hex-mbl.t.

 * Remove INSTALL file. The information is in the README file.

 * Correct minor errors in README file.

 * Update the BUGS file.

 * Explicitly set required version of Math::BigInt in Math/BigInt/Lite.pm.

 * Remove author information in LICENSE file.

 * Inform that the TODO file is not up to date.

 * CHANGES now has same formatting as the other Math::BigInt-related

 * Remove unused variables in Math/BigInt/Lite.pm.

2015-11-25 v0.15 pjacklam

 * POD nits

 * Remove trailing whitespace.

 * Consistent indentation in POD.

 * Reorder change entries into chronological order.

 * Better use of the functionality in Test::More.

 * Sync test files with the Math-BigInt distribution.

 * Correct method bdiv() to do floored division.

 * Add method btdiv().

 * Remove Math::BigRat as a requirement. We don't use it.

 * Update required version of Math::BigInt to 1.999801.

 * Change required version of Test::More to 0.47.

 * Code reformatting.

 * Update files NEW, README, and TODO.

2010-09-14 v0.14 rafl (3202 tests)

 * Add a test for a blog() failure caused by a Math::BigInt bug

 * Depend on Math::BigInt 1.94 to fix the above failure

2010-09-10 v0.13 rafl (3200 tests)

 * Fix tests with Math::BigInt >= 1.90 and depend on it.

2007-05-27 v0.12 Tels (3194 tests)

 * add round-mode "common"

 * add support for bexp() and bnok()

 * tests from Math::BigInt v1.86

 * require Math::BigInt v1.86

 * require Math::BigRat v0.19

 * bundle and use Module::Install

 * add POD tests

2004-01-06 v0.11 Tels (2879 tests)

 * fix perl -Mbignum -le 'print 10->blog()' (did die with error)

 * added method broot(), bmodpow() and bmodinv()

 * streamlined overload code and some of the no-op operations

 * tests from Math::BigInt v1.68

 * fixed a bug in brsft() (used $x,$x instead of $x,$y)

 * fixed is_one() to handle sign parameter

2002-06-05 v0.10 Tels

 * fixed bug in bfac() that appeared with BigInt v1.57

 * export_ok objectify for "use Math::BigFloat with => 'Math::BigInt::Lite'"

 * fake HASH read accesses to sign (Math::BigInt::Lite->new(12)->{sign} works)
   (Thanx to Benjamin Goldstein for the trick!)

 * test that Math::BigFloat with Math::BigInt::Lite really works

2002-0?-?? v0.09 Tels

 * ?

2002-03-25 v0.08 Tels

 * config() was missing

 * fixed isa() (we arent a BigInt, nor a BigFloat nor a BigRat)

 * ficed bdiv() to upgrade when Math::BigInt upgrade is set

2002-03-17 v0.07 Tels

 * upgrade_2: separate version for mul

 * stray new() calls to $class->new()

 * routines now use _upgrade_x() to check params and overflow

 * round() works now

2002-03-15 v0.06 Tels

 * passes all tests, yeah!

 * tie accuracy/precision/round_mode to BigInt's vars

 * upgrade_2: handle $class->badd(4,5) style calls

 * assorted fixes all over the place

2002-03-17 v0.05 Tels

 * as_number() does no longer upgrade Lite's to BigInt

 * fixed a bug in mul

 * bgcd() and blcm() work now by handing their work to BigInt

 * fixed bneg(), babs() and bnot() to return $x (and not to leave -0)

 * bigintpm.t fails 66/2181 tests

2002-03-08 v0.04 Tels

 * digt/length work now

 * bigintpm.t fails 118/2166 tests

2002-03-06 v0.03 Tels

 * bigintpm.t fails 313 tests

2002-03-06 v0.02 Tels

 * bigintpm.t tests runs trough, but fails 545 tests

2002-03-05 v0.01 Tels

 * first release

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