Revision history for Math-Brent

	26 December 2015
	- Include Van Wijngaarden-Dekker-Brent method for finding zeros
	  of an function. 
	- Of course add a test file for that.
	- PODify the subs instead of putting all documentation on top. Clean
	  up the POD and the examples.

	14 September 2015
	- Replace Math::Fortran use with Math::Utils. Changed calls
	  to Math::Fortran's sign() to Math::Utils's copysign().
	- Upped the minimum perl version needed to 5.10.1. This
	  also allows use of the //= operator.

	7 August 2015
	- De-Fortran some code, including the elimination of one
	  of the goto statements.
	- Add tests.
	- Improve POD, add references (including a link to Professor
	  Brent's web page).
	12 May 2015
	- Get package up to more-or-less current standards using
	  Module-Starter. Tests and documentation updates come
	  with the next release.
	29 January 2013
	- Fixed Bug #39753, error in the Synopsis of the documentation.

0.01    29 December 1995
        First version by J. A. R. Williams