Revision history for Perl extension Math::Combinatorics.

0.01  Tue Sep 21 19:06:32 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AXn Math::Combinatorics

0.02  o Bugfix to permute() method, reported by Marc Logghe.
      o Combinations/Permutations now calculated using iterator.
        Uses less memory for very large sets (David Coppit, Tye,
        Christopher Eltschka).

0.03  o Added reference to Set::Scalar, Set::Bag
      o new() accepts a 'compare' option.
      o new() presorts the set by this ('compare' value is a sorting
        subroutine code reference).  this addresses a combine/permute
        bug when using a set of references, identified by Ying Yang

0.06  o Added multiset, string, and derangement methods for OO mode
      o Corrections to documentation examples

0.07  o Fixed syntax error under 5.8.7
0.08  o Eh?
0.09  o Optimized re-implemention of derange() by Carlos Rica