Revision history for Math-Derivative

	15 Aug 2017
	- Move Math::Utils dependancy from 1.06 to 1.10. A test
	  was failing in 21-secondd.t because the older version's
	  pl_evaluate() wasn't handling lists back then.
	9 Aug 2017
	- Add tests, more POD clean-up, send to CPAN.
	18 Jul 2017
	- Add references for the central and forward difference
	- Have not been able to find a reference for the second
	  derivative difference method, annoyingly.
	- Minimum perl version set to 5.10.1.
	17 Jul 2017
	- Added a forward difference approximation method (bug was filed
	  for this as user Maitraya Baliyan was expecting it instead of
	  the central difference approximation method that Derivative1()
	- Added names forwarddiff() and centraldiff() for export.
	  Derivative1() is aliased to centraldiff(), so as not to break
	  old code.
	- Likewise, seconddx() is now the exported name of the second
	  derivative difference method, with Derivative2() aliased to it.
	- There is now an EXPORT tag, ':all'.
	- POD is more descriptive, has more examples, and uses the
	  new names.
	13 Jul 2015
	- Whitespace and POD clean up. Functions are described
	- Added error checking for the array lengths.
	- Modernized the use of EXPORT, added a minimum perl version, etc.
	26 May 2015
	- Remove pod-coverage.t from the test directory.
	17 May 2015
	- Get package up to more-or-less current standards using
	  Module-Starter. Tests and documentation updates come
	  with the next release.

0.01    26 Dec 1995
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.